24-Year-Old Chico Man Arrested in Connection With Deaths of Victims Found in Vehicle Fire Near Ettersburg Junction

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Vehicle fire containing the two bodies was captured in a photo. [Photo by Estelle Fennell]

A suspect connected to two suspicious deaths in the area of the Ettersburg Junction has been arrested in Chico.
Ulisses Rodriguez, 24, of Chico, was detained by the Chico Police Department on Aug. 20, 2018, at about 7:25 a.m., following a traffic stop near the intersection of Esplanade and East Eaton Road in Chico. Rodriguez was later arrested and booked into the Butte County Jail on a no bail warrant for two counts of homicide, criminal threats and exhibiting a firearm, in connection to the Humboldt County deaths. Rodriguez will be transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for prosecution.

The two victims, a 31-year-old female and a 32-year-old male, are pending positive identification through DNA analysis. To protect the integrity of the investigation, the two victims’ cause of death will not be released at this time.

Humboldt County SWAT and Sheriff’s Office investigators also served a search warrant on Aug. 20 at a property on China Creek Road in Southern Humboldt to gather evidence related to the deaths. The investigation is ongoing.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Chico Police Department for their assistance in apprehending Rodriguez and accommodations as investigators continue their investigation in the Chico area.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

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  • Does anyone know or suspect who the victims are?

    • We are not telling.

    • Fuggedaboudit.

    • Just common criminals that knew the odds of the game. Came up snake eyes this time.

      • General Turgidson

        7 – craps!

      • [edit]That’s tantamount to saying that they deserved to die. Hopefully you don’t get in a car wreck while speeding and wind up paralyzed from the neck down. It would shameful if somebody made a similar comment and referred to you as a common criminal, for speeding, that came up snake eyes. [edit]


        • Sorry for your loss Shamrock.

        • I think we can blame kym for the lack of editorial sensitivity in allowing that comment through, I have had my comments not posted by before that were just factual and honest, but she needs to edit the ones where there are dead family memebers and rude internet trolls just poking for a reaction from people having a hard enogh time, why not just ban the a$$hole troll kym, its obvious many are here just to destroy the conversation, they are a parasite on the Redhead Blackbelt blog…… Kym, why havent you d3ciphered the trolls and rabblerousers from the community memebers, clean up shop already!!🔥

        • Alt right the turd reich

          To bad dude got caught. Tweaking thieves think their is no repercussions. All my friends growing are family guys trying to make a living in our shitty local economy

      • Wow, heartless, maybe you know something about this, involved? Kym has your Ip amd isp##. sinceknow so much maybe you should call HCSO Detectives: (707) 268-2539

      • Are you kidding!!!? what is wrong with your brains? So many rude and stupid comments….Why not …Yes, let’s blame Kym for the rude, heartless, judgemetal, comments made. Yes, let’s blame Kym..for she is the one who reports these horror stories and then must try to live her life like the rest of us. She who often talks to the victum’s friends and families. She is very much in the same position as a first reponder.
        To those who think you are better than the victims and think you know the story. May you never ever look at Kym’s news and see a friend or family here and need to read the horror written here.

  • Exhibiting a firearm? Road rage then?

  • Anything happened in the kitchens court case?? Thank you..

  • Can’t help but wonder would a wall have helped?

  • Hmmm. Sounds like the old “somebody done somebody wrong song”.

  • No hablo

  • Illegals? This guy probbaly was. PC police keeps it quiet.

    • Don't read a book by it's cover

      [edit] this was Mexico less than 200 years ago. there are people with Latin names, and people with Chinese, and Japanese names, whose families have been here in California for many more generations than mine. Dude, there are African neighborhoods in Huangzou China, there are Chinese who’s families have been in Mexico, and Jamaica, longer than my family has been American.
      Then just to speculate…look back at some of SoHums murders. How many were perpetrated at the direction of a “big Boss” by one of the unfortunate minions? At least three I can think of right now.

      • You mean of course that Spain declared their ownership of the whole area based on a single coastal sailing up to Cape Mendocino. Without apparently doing any more than sailing up the coast. At that point the Spain, not Mexico, learned that the coast was continuous and declared ownership of the whole lot and caboodle as far north as they sailed. That no more makes it part of Mexico, which didn’t even exist at that point, than Canada is part of the US.

        Heck, the Russians were the ones colonized as far south as San Francisco, establishing business and residences. In response to the Russians, the then Mexican Empire countered with establishing a fort in Sonoma. But no farther north than that. And the Russians sold their colony south of here to the US, not to Mexico. Saying that Humboldt Co was part of Mexico is just sheer wishful thinking and bluster, as it was when Spain declared their ownership in the first place.

        • It was wild no-man's-land, soon to have ethnic names. there happy?

          Look it up. Monterey was the capitol. it was a colonial set up, then became Mexico after independence. there were more Vacas than Vaqueros, but still. Get over it.You are getting all technical about it if I can’t make the point simply because the murder is in Humboldt. What If the perp had a Russian name? The Spanish did map this area’s coast, but the early maps don’t depict our coast line well, because they changed in the earthquake of January 1700.
          Try and read the old Captain Jack cowboy stories from around Covelo. there’s plenty of Mexicans around.

          • Why yes. If the person had a Bulgarian name, the same people would trot out the same ideas that a person of violence from another country shouldn’t have been allowed in.

            There are a plethora of names of different origins. That does not mean that every one of the citizens of foreign countries have a right to immigrate or simply make use of thecUS. And certainly not attack the US citizens as racist if they object.

          • The Native American should kick us all out. Be like ohhhh a Smith, and a Jones, and a McMasters….oh yuck.

        • Actually the russians sold Fort Ross to john Sutter who was a Mexican national at that time. Many Redwkod Tim ers as well as the Russian Cannons were brought by ship to Sutters Fort on the Sacramento River.

          • If you are a historian you know that John Sutter was born a Swiss citizen, moved to New York, then travelled extensively. When he wanted land around Sacramento, the local proto Mexican authority wanted him to be a Mexican citizen so that his settlement could act as a frontier barrier to the Russians’ immigration and a defence against the native Indians because Mexico had no presence above what became Sacramento. Apparently his goal was to make his settlement French but the Americans invaded before he could do it. He was a Swiss citizen first, an American citizen next, a Mexican citizen next and really at heart wanted to found is own country.

            This is all fun and games discussing history but the point was that Mexico nor the predecessor Spain ever colonized in even the weakest way above Sonoma. The claim that history created the right of Mexican nationals to any part of California they want is as unreal as Spain declaring it was theirs 500 years ago. It’s nonsense and should be looked at for what it is

      • Yes – this sounds like the kind of stuff that is common in Mexico these days…..Narcomantas, beheadings, youtube vids of people being tortured, and yes, cars lit on fire in public places. It was a message…..So glad they caught the guy (if it was indeed the perp) and hats off to the families of the victims. I love Hispanic culture, and have traveled in Mexico with never a problem, but the war on drugs has created a horrendous situation there that may be spreading north. Let’s hope not…
        I think the slow legalization process will eliminate much of this kind of thing. OTOH for all we know, heroin or speed could have been involved. In any case, time will tell, and it’s good to know that LE is on it. If this was Mexico, you’d never hear another word about it….

    • Please grow up and go away, comrade.

  • Oh no the humboldt county sheriffs cant just let this one slide beacuse the perp is from chico.
    Dilly dilly! They’ll actually have to do some work and not postpone like they did for marci kitchen.
    This guys going away for the deaths of two people for a looong time.
    Why is there no justice for the two people killed by marci?

    • The sheriff’s office was not involved in the delays in Kitchen’s case. The prosecutor’s office, the judges and the defense attorneys played that game. Mostly the defense attorneys and the judges but the prosecution must be play their part too.

  • The comments suggest that the pair who were murdered were not the good, tax paying, upstanding, long term, and quasi respectable South County Homesteaders that everyone would get upset over having some guy from Chico (apparently, allegedly) harm in a permanent manner.
    I imagine that someone loved them….

    Damn shame…
    All of it.

    • Oh well, shit happens. Next…


  • Theorizing in public about this does no one any good. Please keep a lid on it. Thank you.

    • Nonsense. It’s a recreational sport. That and eventually someone will likely come in with more information that turns out to be valid. Much of the time more is learned from comments than from any police or media report. Unless you believe that no one should ever know more than the police are willing to give out, it has a chance of doing good. People just need to be cautious in believing everything they read.

      • Yup, what they said

      • Guest, Recreational sport my left foot. I can only hope that you never experience the violent loss of someone you love. And only because I couldn’t wish that on anyone [edit]. Shame on you and may shame follow you.

        • Someone already knows why they were murdered. I’m sure the truth will be kept under wraps. Only .05 percent of murders are for pleasure….. the rest are over money,jealousy,wrath, or drugs. So yes, speculation will fly. This is a tragedy and murder is wrong,but I don’t smell innocence.

        • Onlooker- to put this politely is impossible. You made it impossible. For one thing, you are not in charge of what other people say or do. For another, you may think you can claim virtue in attempting to control what others say because you claim selflessness in doing so but what that usually means is that you prefer control period. Nothing is all about you.

          Without the comment section, the facts that are needed to understand that cases like the murdered HSU student are not as simple as the race based accusations would have it in the press. Marci Kitchen’s case would be a one line report without conveying any understanding. It may be sad that a drunk driver was a DUI fatality or that a person killed was murdered because they engaged in a drug deal but the education it gives the public on the reality of consequences is more important than the raw feelings of their grieving relatives, who may not see clearly themselves. They may prefer silence on things that tell poorly on the deceased but that is both wrong and unlikely to happen. This is not the furneral where everyone should maintain a decorous silence.

          The shame is that some people feel that they have the right to decide what others are allowed to hear. Apparently you are the “church lady” of the comment section, always ready to attack viciously and call it virtue just because sometimes and in some places it might be. A caution on believing everything you hear is reasonable but a demand for silence is not.

      • Selling marijuana and drugs is a recreational sport out here. Thats a path people are always going to suspect in these cases. And yes getting killed during a drug deal or robbery is common place everywhere not just here. If you play that game it comes with consequences. If i were to sell any amount of marijuana i would be prepared for a scenario where i might be killed over it. It happens so often, that not expecting it seems absolutely stupid.

  • Death and destruction and don’t forget the chaos……

  • The perp, sure thought this thing thru. Whats the message? I’m a fool?

  • Estelle should be counting her blessings. Take a close look at the picture she took in Kym’s first report. It looks like an accelerant was used, like it had been doused with an ignitable liquid, some of which went under the vehicle. The fire in that picture is very fresh, not more than 1 to 3 minutes old. Its a damn good thing nobody happened by any sooner.

    • Thank you PSA for pointing out how fresh that fire was what bothers me is why was she that close but not bother to check if anyone was inside ? and why did she have to drive so far away for a land line when this occurred so close to the community reception tower ?

      • Personally I trust the “Illustrous Ms Fennel” about as far as I could pick & throw that burning vehicle!!! I would be exactly this surprised if she were found to be involved!!!

      • Oh, you’re so right, why didn’t Fennel stop her vehicle , ignore the few explosions she already described in her interview that you keep ignoring,….fight through the flames and with her bare hands open the by then melted handle to the back to check for “survivors “. All the time ignoring the roaring flames that’s about to hit the gas tank.
        That’s exactly what you woulda done right?? 😂😂😂Hahaha sure ya woulda.
        plus , where do you live? Cause no one calls it “the community reception tower” cause there is no tower right there.
        Lots of people can get “ cell reception “ at that spot but just as many can’t get any reception at all there. 3 out of 4 in my family cannot get a signal there.

  • This whole thing smells strongly of someone having been burned.

    • Don’t forget meth Michael…..

    • Yeah me he bought my car. You know the Lexus. Off of Craigslist, and he still owes me the last payment. That asshole. True story . Definitely the most wild thing it’s happened to me this year. Though I’m pretty sure I’m getting my car back. As I am still the registered owner. Tow yard in Chico contacted me. Now I’m still waiting for the detective to do the same. So if any one wants to buy a Lexus let me know. No murderers please.

  • To the family of the two young people who’s lives were taken, so very sorry for your loss. Some of the remarks on here are shameful and totally disrespectful but please know that many people are thinking of you and praying for y’all. I hope that justice will be served and that you will find peace and solice now and in the days to come.

  • Recall Estelle (don’t say I didn’t tell you so)

    It’s humorous to see the folks who voted and put the ‘illustrious ‘ former KMUD newsperson into a high ranking county office seat now complaining about her. You got what you deserved. You are the same people that voted that weak kneed Paul Gallegos into office.

  • A touch of class

    Sorry Shamrock Kym Kemp has chosen to give a platform to the worst people in our community. She will hide behind the freedom of speech shield but in reality she makes money from this site. More clicks = more money for Kym.

    • Shamrock gets to have her say here, too. Its a double edged sword this funny little Freedom of Speech thing that I’m “hiding behind”…

      • Anti troll league

        Yes. Yes. Yes. There is altogether way too much value placed on not hearing what is disagreeable. Better to wade through the muck that exists, whether it’s hated or loved, to find a few truths than sink in it because of pretending it doesn’t exist.

      • Step Up the Editorial Kym

        Kym; I think the community is saying that you have created a very good online platform to discuss community happenings, further more; the editorial job and responsibility is also on you to edit comments which are over the top, with this being said, there is a certain element of people who come to this website especially with an agenda to cause problems, hurt other community members who are already suffering and to burn and ruin other community members by dry snitching… Please edit the comments when there is a tragedy and someone is hurting, edit the comments directed towarss the families of loved ones who have been murdered, this is your job as an editor, some of these comments do absolutely nothing but hurt our community and families, please use your discretion and clean some of these hurtful trolling comments up. Thank You for the fantastic job you do Kym.

        • I don’t think the “community” is saying that. I think there is a divide over what is acceptable to say. Shamrock, for instance, appears to be implying that Estelle Fennell may have done something wrong because she took a photo of the burning vehicle. I think that’s extremely unlikely and rather like shooting the messenger because of your own pain.

          However, as long as she doesn’t make outright accusations but only offers her opinion, she is still in the free speech realm. I’m sure friends of Estelle would like me to delete those opinions. Just as Shamrock would like me to delete comments hurtful to her family. But that isn’t the way Free Speech works.

          People get to say ugly or impulsive things that they haven’t thought through. Other commenters get to respond and say what they think about it. Or they can scroll by. Free speech isn’t pretty or comfortable. But we as a society have decided we value free speech over comfort. I think that was a good choice but that doesn’t mean that I appreciate or approve of the way some people use it.

          • Spot on Kym, and worth repeating. The 1st amendment wasn’t crafted to protect polite speech.

            • The First Amendment applies only to government’s actions. A private person can try to suppress anything it wants. The press in general has acted that way in spades for quite a few years, creating places where news is always politically aligned. Apparently social media is busy trying to create that kind of suppression now. There has been a consensus among some of the public that this is a good thing. It’s not. It amounts to thought control if different thought are never to be heard. Even if good is meant, it always results in being used for evil.

              The antidote for that is speaking anyway. Sites like this are crucial in that. Long may Kym endure. Otherwise we might find ourselves at a point where a private conversation that is determined to have contrary opinions from the acceptable ones ends a person in jail. It has happened. In some places it still happens.

          • In any case, I think we can all be happy that progress has been made in solving this horrendous case, and again my condolences to friends and families….

        • Take it from someone who has earned the dubious distinction of having comments removed from this blog: Freedumb isn’t free.

      • Kym just curious how do you determine gender from a post?

        • My bad. Shamrock said “my brother” and apparently my mind went to Shamrock being a sister.

          • I am his sister. And im happy the comment section is here not knowing anything at all is brutally painful when something as senseless as this happens as for the people who say heartless things …., I know people are going to say stupid crap as they hide behind their computer screens safe from how painful this has been for others

    • Clickity click click click.

  • Zoinks!

  • Let’s see if the news lady gets to keep her 80000 a year job after the mass extortion she’s stood behind and schemed up. [edit] My condolences to the family of the victims

    • Anti troll league

      So it’s ok in your book to murder those you have a grudge against? Just as long as they have offended you personally? Weird but not surprising based on previous comments.

      • I’m not sure what you are asking….I think you are referring to Corrupt’s statement that got edited because it was not okay. Note: I do not personally okay every comment BEFORE it appears on this website. If you have made one responsible comment, you may comment and I come through later and clean up. Sometimes that means putting the commenter on moderation–which was done in this case.

        • Yes. The edit makes my remark superfluous. Even non sequitur. It was what I meant. Anger can feed on itself to the point of a mindless conflagration. When it starts down that path, then it is the only good reason for suppressing speech, despite the suppressed person’s seeing it otherwise.

          Dang, this has been an enlightening morning.

          • I’ll throw in the rules again for those who haven’t seen them:

            All civilized organizations or groups have guidelines to encourage productive interactions and discourage unproductive ones. The following are designed to promote civil discussion.

            Here is our periodic reminder of the guidelines used to govern commenting on this website:

            Civility is valued by the moderator.
            Insulting other commenters will get you deleted. Do it too often and you will get banned.
            No slurs–racial, ethnic, gender, political etc. Also, stop calling local places by sneering nicknames, etc. Genuine complaints/opinions okay. Sneers are not okay.
            Try to add value to the website by offering information, art, humor or, most of all, thoughtful discussion.
            Free speech is valued by the moderator and sometimes that trumps civility but don’t push it.
            Also, grammar, punctuation, spelling criticisms should come from parents, teachers, and bosses not anonymous people on the internet. If you can understand what someone says, refrain from telling them how to edit their comments. The one exception to this is me. If I make an error, politely pointing it out is fine.
            Mocking people in positions of authority is acceptable. Mocking children, disabled people, those suffering from misfortune, those in a minority who don’t have power is something a bully does.
            Don’t threaten or encourage violence.
            If there is significant evidence (for instance, being charged by law enforcement) that a crime occurred, I allow accusations of wrongdoing. However, please don’t accuse someone by name of a crime when there is no evidence readily available to a reasonable reader.
            Here’s a quick explanation of how commenting works here. Most people after the first comment are free to comment without moderation. Some people who have trouble following the guidelines above get put on moderation hold. It can sometimes take as long as a whole day for me to moderate—though it usually takes less than an hour if the comment comes in during the day.

            If you see a comment that you feel breaks these guidelines, use my name in a reply to the comment and say something like “Kym, this looks racist.” Or “Kym, this is an insult.” It might take me a full day but usually, I will see and moderate within an hour or so.

    • rebel without a clue

      See that puts you on the same moral plane as the person who lit the car! calm you tits! do you realize that Estelle Fennel is one of many Supervisors? Do you realize that the crazy results of legalization go way beyond local gov.? I’ve been through the “mass extortion” and some of the worst parts are from urbanely myopic bureaucracies, with staff who feel freshly emboldened as wanna be cops…from the safety of an e-mail. Things might have been worse without some of our supervisors….maybe

    • I left my tolling motor in El Segundo

      Harsh, dude, harsh.

  • No amount pf money or dtugs pr anything for any reason is worth a human life .not saying that it was a drug thing or anybody ripped anybody off i dont kno wat happened i wasnt there but i do kno that watever the reason it wasnt worth killing 2 people over ..i just hope those 2 were aleeady dead before he lit that car on fire because burning has got to be a really painfull way to go . That mexican is a sick f???k and needs the death sentence .these were our local kids killed by an outsider who came ger to commit crimes. The mexicans aisian and russians have been responsible for far too many deaths of our local residence.its time to put a atop to this shit and run em out .humbolt co is worse then south central LA these days

    • The industrial cannabis operation next to me is owned by a white guy from Fortuna – he has threatened and bullied me and he rips people off constantly. His crew, however, is mostly of Mexican descent – I feel much safer around them than their boss – they are kind and helpful family men, while he and his white-boy cronies are routinely disrespectful, rude and arrogant. How about we judge people by their actions, not their ethnicity?

  • Why when we mention the condition of Estell’s property and the status of her permits you edit it? Are You protecting her for some reason? While she and the county use a double standard on us.

  • Sad for all. No matter what you express people just love to be nasty and rude it’s sadly a sign of the times. Empathy and class are a lost cause it seems. ❤

  • Yeah how’s Estelle’s fastrack discount permits coming along.bet she ain’t getting held up.meanwhile her buddies are leveling the playing field.does she actually think the price is going to go up for her with Oregon,and the rest of CA plowing fields upon fields.lol good luck

  • Estell’s house was built without permits and has no legal sewage disposal system

  • build the wall to keep people like this out!

    • best ever video, over the wall in arizona and back like it is a 3′ high garden fence. in front of a tv crew crew with the border patrol one block away. this video convinced me that a wall was completely idiotic. if we had real media in this country instead of cnn and fox propaganda this video would have been shown to the public anytime the trump wall was mentioned.


  • Interesting no comments or speculation about this Chico mans story. Was he a “worker” cleaning up the bosses mess? Did he bring the “wrong kind of people ” out for a job and have to handle it himself-then leave or be killed? Or does he own property,like so many outsiders do, in our community/China creek? I think a nice big sign at the beginning of Briceland Shelter Cove rd. should say
    “Go back where you came from!”
    Yep, if you weren’t born here or dont have a bloodline connection, go away.

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