(Listen) Kitchen To Plead Guilty, ‘Josiah’ Update, Brewery Adds Eureka Location, Other Top Stories

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Humboldt Last Week, Episode 93

  • Alleged Drunken Killer Of Two Teenagers, Marci Kitchen, Reportedly Intends To Plead Guilty Over Two Years After Incident (7:41)
  • Local Brewers Add Eureka Location (7:21)
  • Police Chief Indicates Charges In ‘Josiah’ Homicide Possibly Coming In 6-8 Weeks (5:22)
  • ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actress To Perform With Band In Humboldt (2:05)
  • Bike Rentals Now Available In Old Town
  • Online Thread Suggests Most That Moved From Humboldt Regret It
  • New Film Trailer A Game Of Name-That-Humboldt-Thing
  • Man Driving Vehicle Matching Description Of Alleged Attempted Child Abductor Arrested And Released
  • Former Fortuna High Athlete Profiled By ESPN
  • Some Eel River Valley Cities Oppose Proposed Cannabis Deliveries
  • HSU-Alum NFL Player Holds His Own In First Preseason Game
  • Eureka Looking At Allowing On-Site Cannabis Consumption
  • Eureka Needle Exchange Will Continue With Advisory Board
  • Mother And Son Plead Not Guilty To Eureka Murder, Victim’s Family Shares Statement
  • Marker Scribbled On Republican Building In Eureka
  • Funny Money Reportedly Passed Around Southern Humboldt
  • Cops To Drug Users: Using On The Boardwalk Will Get You Arrested
  • Other Top Stories

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  • Thank you for this great summary of the news, and also some details I’m not able to get anywhere else.

  • Was there ever an update on Jennika Suazo?

    Almost two years and nothing? Why doesn’t she get justice? Do you have to be a open racist commiting a violent crime while you die to receive justice around here?

    • Testes, testes, one two...three?

      It’s proof that people react to what the media decides to broadcast, and very few people do more. It’s not our fault, we’re the audience. Media movers and shakers, locals just the same as nationals, carry the weight of deciding what’s worth bringing to our attention. It’s proof that issues hyped under the race/religion/sexuality hashtag, so to speak, are still tried and true distractions that make for lots of reactions, because even impersonally, everybody can “relate”. It’s pathetic.

    • Last winter I saw EPD was waiting on DNA results from the Department of Justice. As you know, that can take a long time. I’m also interested in an update on that one and will look into it.

  • I think the podcast is awesome thank u kym .

  • I just hope they charge the right person on the Joshua stabbing
    I talked with some youngsters who are good freinds with kyle and word on all that is when he went to get the phone back he was attacked by alot of the kids at that party and Joshua was stabbed by one of his own but was actually meant to stab kyle .how can a white kid under attack by a bunch of black kids be considered a prejudice hate crime .i .it seems to me the prejudice hate crime was against kyle not the black kids that attacked him .i just hope the truth comes out and and they get the right person i can see them using kyle as an escape goat to get this problem resolved and the scrutiny away from the city of arcata and tbere police dept

  • And one other thing I CANT BELIVE THEY ARE GOING TO MAX OUT MARCI KITCHENS AT 11 YEARS?.THAT IS A PILE OF CRAP AND A JOKE . She ran over 2 teenage girls drunk .ran from the scene.tried to cover it up took em 2 months to make an arrest becauase of all that .i kno somebody in lake co accidentally hit a tree killing 2 occupants in that car .didnt run .wasnt drunk and got 18 years.i understood the max for manslaughter to be 9 years each count not 5and a half .that lady should be doing atleast 20 years at 85 percent .accidently hitting someone with a car and killing them doesnt make someone a criminal but doing it drunk and leaving the scene and trying to cover it up DEFINATLY DOES MAKE HER A CRIMINAL .THere should be more charges against her then just manslaughter and a special allegation or 2 .11 years WAT A JOKE .she getting away with murder literally. i would have alittle compassion if she didnt run and try to cover it up .she killed 2 teenagers and all she cared about WAS HERSELF .she needs to go to jail and stay in jail .11 years she probably be out in 5 thsts stupid wat a joke

  • Does anyone know why Marci Kitchens boyfriend who helped her cover up the crime was never charged?
    Didn’t he help her hide the vehicle and lie to the police?

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