[UPDATE: Found] Cat Missing in Eureka

From a reader:

On Friday (August 17th) at 3:30 PM, our lovable older senior cat Foo Foo managed to escape out of our cat cart on 9th and K street in Eureka. We were in the process of relocating her to a new home when the escape happened. Foo Foo does not know anything about the area that she is currently in which means her survival depends on the generosity of the many cat owners in the area.

Foo Foo is cinnamon brown colored with short legs. She weighs approximately 3-to-4 pounds. Street smart and lightning quick. Gravitates towards food and other cats. Foo Foo is naturally skittish but if you are friendly to her, she will return the love in kind.

If you can help out Foo Foo and her heartbroken owners, please contact Zach at 707-845-6042.

UPDATE: Foo Foo was found.



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