Fires Near Hoopa Top 600 Acres

Amongst the haze from wildfires covering much of Northern California, a plume of smoke from the Mill Creek Fires (underlined in red) is adding to the choking miasma.

Amongst the haze from wildfires covering much of Northern California, a plume of smoke from the Mill Creek Fires (underlined in red) is adding to the choking miasma. [Image from EODIS Worldview]

Two of the fires burning near Hoopa continue to conquer new ground. Five fires ignited on August 16 in the Mill Creek drainage. Three of those fire are 100% contained but two are growing. According to the Northern California Geographic Coordination Center, these fires combined have reached 600 acres as of this morning. The fires are only 5% contained. And the fires are active.

The Center states, “Mill Creek 1 is comprised of 2 separate fires, the North Fire is 357 acres 2% contained and the South Fire is 243 acres 3% contained…Smoke is impacting the air quality in the Hoopa Valley and Orleans. Fire threatens…150 structures in the Mill Creek/Bald Hills area along with Highway 96, harvestable Timber Reserves, Hoopa Tribal Ceremonial Ground, cultural gathering areas for acorns and other subsistence species, salmon habitat, and residential power and phone lines along Highway 96.”

Hoopa Valley Tribe stated yesterday, “Although we have limited resources, our Fire Department and various crucial agencies are working rigorously to keep the fire from spreading. We are also communicating with numerous other agencies to secure more resources.”

No evacuation orders have been issued. But the Mill Creek Road is currently closed.

Mill Creek Fire heat map.

Mill Creek Fire. Linked to the image is a KMZ Map–Zoom for detail or for 3D imagery, click on the map and download a file that connects with your Google Earth program. [Image created from information gathered about 11 p.m. on August 17]

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  • Latest heat maps show spot fires down to 96, and intense heat along Mill Cr ridge. It doesn’t look good right now. I sure hope CalFire and NFS can pull resources off other fires quick. This one needs more people and air support asap I fear. Thank god the winds arent strong.

    If the heat maps are right, which they usually are, spot fires down to 96 are the biggest concern. The fire would run uphill back towards the main fires on the ridge as well as open up the possibility of spot fires crossing the river and getting into Bald Hills. This could be a dangerous fire to fight. Rugged terrain and alot of fuel. With the Carr fire more or less contained pray that resources are sent our way.

    I have’t found a twitter site for this fire. Maybe later today.

    • Kim and Wildman thanks for the updates!! Wildman sounds like you know your fire science and probably worked fires in the past.
      I am sure that resource orders are now in for crews and they are enroute or arriving. You are correct with all the Carr Fire resources in North Ops zone and the dozer lines and burnouts holding resources will be diverted to other immediate need new starts, such as the Hirz Fire near Lakehead on Shasta Lake and now Hoopa.
      Glad to see that so far the wackos have not started with all the “its all the white man” bullcrap like on the previous thread last night!! They all must be watching CNN right now getting their new talking points for the day, or at an aunty tiffa meeting in Arcata!! 😉

    • Search for this: #MillCreek1Fire and this #millcreekfires

  • Thank you Kim for more info on this fire.

  • Hoopa Is known for using fire to make statement.
    Hoping that these ffres not one of these.

  • Things might be looking better right now. Wind hasnt kicked up. Hoopa fire co. and others may be getting a handle on this thing. Keep your fingers crossed.

  • any indication on how it may have started?

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