Tourism Panel on September 7 in SoHum

Press release from the Southern Humboldt Business and Visitors Bureau:

LEt's talk tourism poster



  • U want a tourist! Set up a train ride; make sure it goes through a redwood grove, an abandoned saw mill, close to the river, then up around a closed pot garden, then down the coastline, then around a dairy, throw in some s curves around a cheese factory and end at a fish processing plant. ? Yes. Exploring Humboldt and it’s history can be a gold mine, I always thought… I want royalties if anyone profits off this idea, thanks.

    • Sounds like its time to fire-up the Squirrel…

      • Ed, do you know if the Squirrel still exists?

        • Sorry, I don’t. It was owned by Roy Schmunk. It was only around a couple years, then it was gone…

          • I like stars too!

            I think most of the squirrels are right out there, smoking dope in the streets in front of the stores and tourist traps…

            Who would tour a excrement-hole like Garberville/Redway?

            Mostly, only people who like the “creepy guys” who inhabit Garbageville and Redway with their unleashed mongrels, and who are liable to lurch out at any minute muttering “dogs fucked the Pope, no fault of mine, spare change? or some such epithets… Motor vehicles, meanwhile, operated by world class addicts and professional-grade drunks race around and are likely to crash randomly into buildings, people and other vehicles, trimmers live in front of Rays and Shop Smart begging for “cheese sandwiches” and organic fruit. Smart ladies congregate at Signature Coffee and compare tattoos and babies, breasts flashing in the sunshine, cowboy growers roar by in their diesel Dodges, ignoring everyone and spilling potting soil and bags of garbage in their smoky blue-gray wakes, weaving between the zombies in the intersection of Redwood Drive and Briceland Road without lifting off the throttle, deftly feathering through the sliding rear end and never, ever a flash of brake lights, 60, 70, 80 down the hill to the bridge… Shop Smart’s parking lot, the most dangerous place to drive in California… And nary a motel room available, “Long Term Only” sign flashes in the window, except in Garberville, where any drug in the constellation of drug disorders is served up piping hot, including 25I-NBOMe, $400 pounds are available 24/7, and where you can get high, laid, dosed with clap, shot, stabbed and delivered to the Death Zone, the ER at JPH! Cash only!

            SoHum is a truly despicable and epic picture of chaos and social ill, a wonderful Disney-land of drugs and druggie-ism, a perfect environment for the average tourist seeking to explore beyond the edges of normative behavior and risk life, limb, marriage, career and happiness for a few minutes of the “hippie-lifestyle” that the bedraggled and the be-dreadlocked folks of “lower Humboldt” seem to enjoy so much!

            Let’s welcome the tourists! Beautiful tree-less Garberville awaits, bring your scythe, join the harvest!

            Complimentary Meth and Smack to the first 300… No danger here! You won’t get hooked! I know what I have here! Pure fuckin’ scag!!

            Tourist promotion for SoHum, now you are really cracking me up!

            Apologies to Hunter S. Thompson, RIP, and Alexander Shulgin, RIP

            • As much as I agree, the Southern Humboldt Business & Visitors Bureau has a different slant to your vivid, candid and gonzo journalism:

              “Southern Humboldt is magic. Unspoiled, vibrant, waiting. This natural playground offers visitors the beauty of California in all its majesty. Giant Redwoods, wild rivers and streams, Pacific Ocean vistas and access that most only dream about. Hiking biking, fishing, great weather, and the unparalelled bounty of fresh fruits, vegetables, grass fed beef, and organic natural food at all turns.”

              “For those who wish to elevate the magic, this is the place. Counter Culture was born here and with it, a lasting legacy that resonates today. Southern Humboldt awaits with open arms those who seek an authentic cultural experience from Americas cannabis heartland. This is the place where all the magic happens.”


              All I can say is Wow. I had no idea the “Counter Culture” was “born” in Southern Humboldt, did you? What year was it “born”?

              If this is how the Cannabis Tourism Industry is selling and marketing Southern Humboldt, it explains allot, they really need to stop smoking what they are growing…

              • “…those who seek an authentic cultural experience from Americas cannabis heartland.”
                Can’t say they didn’t warn ’em when they….have a bad trip,man.

                • EXACTLY! These people who only represent themselves, e.g. Southern Humboldt Business & Visitors Bureau; would have you believe Southern Humboldt is equal to Mecca! That Southern Humboldt is the birthplace for the cannabis culture? Just to set the record straight, Southern Humboldt only became a black market underground cannabis economy. And lets talk about Genetically modified organisms and cannabis. Maybe this panel could educate us all about how much GMO weed is grown and sold in Southern Humboldt?

                  For as many people in Southern Humboldt “Culture” say, they want no part of corporations stepping in and taking over. Well, corporations have been running Southern Humboldt “Culture” for decades, i.e. Mateel Community Center (C0965558) & Southern Humboldt Community Park (C2379303) are corporations, and now Southern Humboldt Business & Visitors Bureau (C4055601)!

                  And just like in the Wizard of Oz, they do not want you to see what’s behind the curtain.




                  And speaking about Southern Humboldt Corporations; does anyone know why Redwood Community Radio Inc. aka KMUD (C1139576) is currently suspended by the California Secretary of State and delinquent with the Attorney General’s office of Charitable Trusts?

                  It would seem, the Mateel is not the only Southern Humboldt Corporation in a world of hurt! I guess KMUD can blame it all on the “Counter Culture” train wreck too…

              • I like stars too!

                Exactly so, Ed… You can always tell a stoner because they whine excessively about how unfair everything is, they make excuses for themselves constantly, they are all disabled from some nebulous condition, and, they think everyone is out to get them!

                Gee, all you have to do is stop smoking that shit for 30 days and you will feel SO much better… Try it!

                As far as the tourist thing is concerned, it looks to me like the boys promoting it are the ones with the most to gain, and that they are also the ones who profited the most from the “gold rush” of the “pot thing” in SoHum… Don’t they have enough Krugerrand buried in the back yard?

                I really don’t think Garberville/Redway can be saved until they bust up the homeless camps, export the trimmers, destroy the hold of Meth and then stop gouging everyone for everything!

                Guys! In real tourist operations they accept Debit Cards as payment! Not getting all your proceeds in cash will feel unpleasant at first, and you will have to report your earnings, all your earnings, on your taxes, but you will get used to it!

                Next, get some stores. Don’t just sell that hippie shit, used clothing, $15 sandwiches, Hemp T-shirts etc. Kick out the Blue Moon junk store genre and study some tourist operations in Arizona, like Jerome and Sedona!

                Go to Hawaii. Look at how they do things.

                Get the “creepy guys” off the streets! Clean up! Don’t let people smoke dope outside, urinate in public, abuse the visitors or allow loose dogs! OH and you might try closing the Drug Supermarkets in your Motels…

                Hire some police officers, incorporate your town, and, clean up that goddamn hospital, wow, it’s really bad! Maybe, build something new, tear down the Veteran’s Hall, inspire the townies to clean up their properties and get the folks in Redway to get rid of those fences!

                Quit smoking that dope! Act like civilized people!

                The past is over. Time to get ready for the next phase of evolution!

                Wake up! Get real! Pot will not save you. People can get good dope anywhere in California, and soon, everywhere!

                In Trump language, SoHum could be beautiful again, but you will need to make it less crazy and drug-addled.

                I could have helped you, but I got disgusted and moved away.

                Go study a REAL farm community. It might impress you.

                • Obsessed mumh? You moved away but are on here always commenting on our local issues. Doesn’t sound like your life progressed much, I thought you have things to do in your new life? So I why are you here constantly? I find is unusually strange, is that you Paul?

                • I like stars too!

                  It seems inconsistent that you want visitors, want your “community” to develop, want the “economy to improve” and desire a more comfortable place to live, when you so vehemently hate outsiders, routinely attack people who come into the community, and have so little ability to direct yourselves and your neighbors in accomplishing anything at all…

                  Some things, you can’t control. I am one of them.

                  Roll a fattie, tool out to the “Gyppo Ale Mill”, tie one on. You’ll feel better.

                  Some day, hopefully, you will wake up and realize that there is more to life than getting AFU.

                  Try an AA meeting. What do you have to lose?

                • Hi Paul. You assume more than my Grandmother. I’m as sober as it gets love. Nice try though. I don’t ate you. I do dislike your assumptions and obsession on a place you no longer live. Must be lonely not having someone to talk to. At least that’s my assumption as to why you always come back to these comments, guns a blazing. I’m not a quitter, I stayed here cause I believe things can get better, even with haters abroad as yourself. Take care.

                • groba dude trustafarian osnt

                  And then there is the fact that pot is becoming recognized for what it is: a major public health problem…


                • “Unapologetic!”, let me get this straight; you are opposed to another persons opinion only because that person no longer lives in that “place”? And by “place”, do you mean SoHum, Humboldt County, California, USA or all the above?

                  So according to your logical fallacy, a person cannot question or speak on issues in a “place” he or she is not currently living, right?

                  Does that mean those people in your “place” should not accept grants or funding from public agencies, foundations, organization or government entities who do not live in your “place”? Or from goods and services provided in your “place” from people who do not live there either?

                  Given what you stated, the Lost Coast Interpretation Association should not have their Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Garberville, given the fact all those films are concerning rivers and film makers who do not live or are located in your “place”?

                  Same goes for KMUD; how dare they speak out about issues and the rights of people who do not live in your “place”?

                  And last, but not least, Redheaded Blackbelt; how dare she publish articles and news feeds concerning people, events and allow all people to make comments, that do not live in your “place”?

                  I hope you find your happy “place”, because everything on this earth is connected…

                • Now your just being silly Ed. You don’t live here but I admire your effort to help. You express your dislike for things in our area with valid points vs biased trash talk assumptions. Huge difference in your comments compared to Paul’s comments. Sorry if you took that personally upon yourself, it’s not what I meant, but see how you could have taken that personally. I don’t think your sad, commenting to save a river, where you don’t live, I admire it. I think hes sad, spending so much time, commenting only distaste w no solution, with only one motive, but burn sohum burn. That’s a lot of time & energy spent on hate vs help. He just wants to see this place burn , while you wish to save the river. I can respect that kind of out of town opinion vs one that’s just meant to further hate and divide a sm community further apart, than it already is. He comments here to hurt a community he is longer a part of. You comment to make a difference for the better, in a community, I consider you still a part of because your love for The Eel River. So yes, I speak out my opposition of his biased opinion, anyday of the wk. I never said sensor him, but I will always speak out against his motivted biased hate.

                • Well, as “silly” as that might seem to you, how about we agree we all live in a “place” called the United Stated. And in the United States, freedom of expression is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. BTW, you don’t have to live in the United States to be protected by those freedoms…

            • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

              Though the issues are quite serious @ I Like Stars Too, your writing is a riot and spot on descriptive.

              “I know what I have here! Pure fuckin’ scag!!” LOL

              Good Stuff!

              PS: I talk to a lot of people who come through here on business and this impression sticks. Most say they felt unsafe, unwelcome, are never coming back and plan to warn their friends.

  • I’m here, unless I die… That is Awesome. Gillig bus topless convertible. Please don’t tikle me pink it looks it’s fire engine Red.

    • Here’s another one, it’s closer to the real color. Allot of history and pain about that school bus, before it was turned into a Avenue of the Giants tourist attraction. It never did as well as they thought it would. It was always parked next to the gift shop at the Tree’s Restaurant in Garberville.

  • How about businesses, open earlier than 10 am and later than 4or 5pm, considering hotel check in times are 4pm and check out times are 10am. Most folks stay in one town a day on their vacations. Its too bad they never see what we have to offer, unless they stay more than one day. About half or more hotel patrons, never get to check out anything open.

  • The next step is to clean up the downtown areas so folks can have pride in their town,and not be embarrassed when out-of-town visitors are here.

  • Eureka Visitors Center.

    Is their advice going to be: place a jail and social services in the very center of town,spend $26m on a bum trail,build more bars,don’t dredge the bay for cruise ships,paint the historic buildings with goofy murals,put the freeway through downtown 30mph so everyone can see the homeless on their new corner benches,mething on the barren boardwalk.

    I have been in the visitors center…it’s a bar.

  • Ruined Communities

    Humboldt and Mendocino can have tourism panels all day and night, but until someone Cleans up the meth and heroin scene in our local Motels and Bars along the 101 corridor nobody will be staying in the area. Lets face it the local small motels are just plain scary drug infested hubs of criminal elements. Mendo and Humboldt have done NOTHING TO CLEAN UP THE HEROIN AND METH MOTELS. The counties just sit back and watch the downtowm areas turn into drug infested communities of street people. The economy is shot and people do not want to visit drug towns. Clean it up as it is a current sinking ship. These communities from Eureka to Ukiah have turned into meth and heroin magnets and law enforcement does nothing but eradicate rural cannabis farms, completely ignoring the real problems our communities face from the street druggies selling dope to our youth all along the 101 corridor from Eureka to San Francisco

    • Concerned Business Owner and Resident


      COULD NOT AGREE MORE @ Ruined Communities!!

      Can’t just fix this with a panel of self-important people in Humboldt flapping their gums on a panel. It’s time for vigilance!

      It’s also not about compassion. Have the COMPASSION for your communities and your livelihoods to SAVE THEM.

      People shooting up and wasting on the street could give a shit about the community. They do not deserve charity and are not entitled to disrupt and crap all over our towns!

      Residents and business owners have to clean up the scene.

      Stop being so passive and tolerant. We had older and more conservative residents and one time that I think helped keep this place in check along with good community people who wanted a safe place to have a life in the country and in the counter culture.

      It balanced out. This current situation is way off kilter and a problem in So Hum and throughout CA.

      North Coast CA is in FREE-FALL and WE ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Humboldt is small enough that motivated people can make a difference!

      Clear those camps, end the handout campaigns in town, utilize law enforcement and stop being tolerant of idle, vagrant, drug addicted, deplorable behavior in the community.

      Southern Humboldt used to be safe, beautiful and enjoyed by residents and tourists alike but that can’t happen when the streets, the lodging and the businesses harbor decay.

      I practice zero tolerance in regards to my personal and business property – no loitering, no camping, no hanging out, no parking — JUST NO! Dealers and street vagrants are told to get lost or be greeted by the police — and guess what? It works!

  • How about some stores actually stay open, realistic hours? I work 9-5 and never get to shop local in So Hum. Nothing is open prior or after but the grocery store/gas. Almost nothing is open on the wkends, so Eureka always ends up with my $ vs here, where I live.

  • Since the “Moderator” for this panel is also; Director Of Operations|Founding Board Member at Southern Humboldt Business & Visitors Bureau? I thought “Moderators” were impartial, not a partisan player?

    And speaking of “Southern Humboldt Business & Visitors Bureau”, who else on this panel is a “Founding Board Member”?

    Just seems to me, everyone on this panel, including the moderator, is either a private developer, private business owner or private pay to play investor. No one is representing the public benefit or the best interest of natural resources, open space or habitat conservation! All except Rio Anderson, who is a Board Member/Public Servant for the Garberville Sanitary District, i.e. which provides public drinking water and septic/wastewater services in Garberville.

    Why didn’t the “Southern Humboldt Business & Visitors Bureau” ever get around to register as an non-profit or tax exempt organization like they said they were? They are just another private corporation, claiming to represent the public:

    I guess SoHum out grew their own Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center and needed another one to take up the slack?

    • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

      “They are just another private corporation, claiming to represent the public”

      Thanks Ed for pointing that out — I think it’s an important point. Without real public involvement, campaigns like this won’t have the steam they need or the cooperation of the public.

  • Thank you for your warm invitation, I will certainly attend.

  • Aesthetics, Anyone?

    If a tourist comes in the spring time, the river is nice, except for the drive down Sprowel Creek Road to get to Tooby Memorial Park to swim. The first impression is of acres of giant military water bladders and curling black tarp (where there used to be a beautiful meadow) next to a huge, ugly, industrial gravel mining operation with all its environmental devastation.
    And how about Redway, a town of asphalt? There is no there there.
    I guess the bunch above are only interested in marijuana tourists, who might have their sights set on one thing, but people can get pot just about anywhere in California and seem to do so other places with little fanfare.
    But as a historical allegory of the end of counter culture, maybe Southern Humboldt is the place to see.

    • Thank you for talking about those “giant military water bladders” and big black plastic, always empty pond. Funny fact about this rainwater catchment pond and water farm; somehow, with no rain or rainwater catchment, all 16 of those water bladders fill with NO rain? I guess they use reverse osmosis and pull the water out of the air? I guess they think no one is watching or paying attention?

  • sponsored by miller light

    “Wine & Weed Tours: A Legal Way for Wineries to Benefit from the Green Rush”

    Bring back the Squirrel! I remember it parked at the Silver Spurs restaurant.

    • My concern is how you keep threatened and endangered aquatic species in the South Fork Eel River during the summer and fall each year? What this panel is calling “Tourism” is another word for development, which includes the use and consumption of more water from the South Fork Eel River. Not exactly “sustainability” if you ask me, given the water quality and low flows during the summer, fall and ongoing drought.

      Let me give you one example of this, since he is on this panel, and I will try and make it brief:

      As you know, the Garberville Sanitary District (GSD) provides water and sewer services to Garberville. It diverts water from the South Fork Eel River and sells to their customers.

      Back in 2014, GSD was approved and allowed to expand its jurisdictional boundary by 60% and water rights place of use by 40% to provide more water and sewer service connections. This process is called annexation. In this annexation process, GSD included parcels that they stated were “Undevelopable” with No Impact to the environment. Its one of these parcels I want to talk about.

      APN 032-141-010 was deemed “Undevelopable” in the adopted GSD Annexation and approved by Humboldt LAFCo; this APN is noted on Figure 6a and Attachment 2, page 2-1, click link below:

      Now with that being said; how did APN 032-141-010 go from being “Undevelopable” with No Impact to this:

      11,096 square foot 15 unit Lifestyle Hotel; that includes an 1,113 square foot live-in caretakers unit, outdoor pool, spa, sauna, outdoor showers, 852 square medical cannabis dispensary, 27 parking spaces, new 8″ waterline, new 6″ sewer/wastewater line, on-site fire hydrant and GSD has submitted a will serve letter to that effect. Here are the Humboldt County staff reports for APN 032-141-010 with detailed descriptions of the approved development:

      APN 032-141-010 was never included in the GSD Annexation for water consumption, or included in the CEQA initial study review process, either by GSD or Humboldt County, i.e. it was deemed “Undevelopable” with No Impact and exempt from CEQA.

      I for one would like to know how much this new Hotel and cannabis dispensary will take away from wildlife species in the South Fork Eel River, during the rivers lowest flows and GSD highest (no pun) demand.

      How did this property go from “Undevelopable” in front of the public and in less than 2 years become a new major development project in private outside of public meetings? In other words, this project was kept from the public, because the South Fork Eel River cannot support this development and all the players know it…

      How many more future development schemes are being proposed like this and the public has no clue until they are approved and your only recourse is a law suit, in a very small window of challenge?

      Is this project the ugly side of the greater good, greater good for whom? Is this what you call “Tourism”?

  • tourist from all over the world come for the trees, not the history of logging but the actual remaining old growth. no trees = no tourism. the rest doesn’t really matter.

  • Tourists are a notoriously uncertain group. Catering to the moneyed types to make it attractive enough to create reliable income is not going to include glimpses of rivers or tall trees. Frankly the tourism industry in Napa offers a sanitized, chi chi magazine vision of an artificial life style. The urbanites don’t transplant to homeless populations of drug addicts nor does pot have the cache of wine snobbery.

    First you’d have to create pot snobbery then sell it as a destination. After you’ve created the destination and gone broke waiting for the snobbery to develop. So then the next generation buys out the first and reaps benefits. Maybe. Tourism is a rough and aggressive business. Somehow pot does not seem to be conducive motivator of that kind of effort. It seems to be mostly favoured by either partying youth -too poor to be useful- or to isolating anti socials – not likely to leave home and spend money when they can just order pot in.

    I envision pot sales through Amazon to be the market of the future for Humboldt pot growers.

    • Tourists are very hard to fool these days with Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, and such. Hence they require 110% satisfaction. A few bad reviews and you’re dead. Pot will never be a sole attraction for tourists.
      Jamaica has good weed that complements the incredible beaches.
      Amsterdam has good weed that complements the hookers.
      Humboldt has good weed that complements the redwoods.

      • the Santa Cruz mountains has good weed, and redwoods, but is less than an hour from most areas of the Bay Area. to think our tourism is going to change with prop 64 means someone isn’t doing their homework. people go as far as they have to for something, if you want big trees you go to Mariposa or Humboldt Co. I don’t see anyone coming to Humboldt for weed tourism and the majority of tourist that come from all around the world don’t use cannabis, or at least not in public. our typical tourist is a baby boomer and they avoid Garberville and Eureka.

  • One great example is the Southern Humboldt Community Park’s “Fall Splendor” fundraiser. They had a great 7 year run and very successful events held at the Mateel Community Center. They say they packed the place, sold out and raised allot of money. This was a very elegant, extravagant, well attended and well produced event; claiming they generated allot of income for local business from people coming from out of town and was always scheduled after the local harvest has been processed…

    Funny thing about this very successful event in Southern Humboldt, it moved to Eureka in 2017. So why did it move out of Southern Humboldt?

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