State Invests Over $26 million in Fire Prevention, Forest Health Grants to North Coast Communities

This is a press release from the Office of Senator Mike McGuire:

Mike McGuire

Mike McGuire

Sacramento, CA – California faced an unprecedented wildfire season in 2017 and the 2018 wildfire season is off to an extremely challenging start with the state experiencing the largest wildfire in California history – the Mendocino Complex Fire. Almost 1 million acres have burned across California since January of 2018.

For months, the Legislature and the Governor have committed to making significant investments to enhance both firefighting resources and fire prevention programs to protect our communities from the rising threats of wildfires.

The Northern California Legislative Delegation of Senator McGuire, Senator Dodd and Assemblymembers Wood, Levine and Aguiar-Curry have been fierce advocates to secure funds and invest them where the need is greatest, here in the North Bay and North Coast where wildfires have ravaged local communities.

“California is facing a new normal – the size and scope of wildland fires are getting worse. These grants will better prepare and protect the North Coast by reducing hazardous fuels, removing dead and dying trees and helping communities with fire planning,” Senator Mike McGuire said. “With nearly 1 million acres burned so far this year, these mega-fires have proven deadly and extremely destructive and have also released countless tons of carbon into our atmosphere. The safety of our communities depends on programs like these being implemented across the state.”

Grants in Senate District 2 include: Grants



  • Kissing ass for votes because him , Huffman,and woods all schemed with the supervisors to extort millions from the residents of this county,through any means necessary.through fear pumping,flat out extortion,fraud,theivery,through trampling on the Constitution of the united States of America,through desolation of the bill of rights,through the end of democracy.

  • Acting like he’s dolling it out of his personal account,its our tax money

  • Looks like another government scam to put more private property into government hands to be mismanaged at an extreme cost.

  • What a waste of resources, fucking clowns need to spend real money doing work in the forest. Get the ladder fuel knocked down so that these burns just burn the brush and restore the health of the forest instead of pissing it away fighting these massive mony sucking fires. Both Wood and Mcguire make sure you Smile Pretty for the camera.
    Just a couple Asshats

    • What part of “reducing hazardous fuels, removing dead and dying trees” is counter to your position?

      • Really you think this tiny amount of money will do anything, This is nothing more than getting there picture out in the news (Look what I did for you with your money) might as well be standing over by the Carr fire and trying to put it out by taking a leak.

    • I agree! We don’t need fire prevention education, we need fire prevention and people to clean up the forests. Anyone can go out and clean it up without wasting money on education. Why is Humboldt the only one with no money for just fuel reduction?

      • Mariahgirl – this certainly is a disappointingly thin news article – barely above the level of Troll Chum. But I do know that the recipient of the Humboldt grant (listed as U.C. Ag & Natural Resources, Co-op Extension) is the veritable Epicenter of exciting work on the re-introduction of Prescribed Fire on the North Coast. And, yes, there is a large component of Education involved in re-learning these once common skills. Fire Suppression (a la Smokey) and Prescribed Fire (aka Good Fire) may use the same drip torches and hand tools, etc, but the differences in approach, “head space”, and willing and eager Community Support and Involvement are profound. So, before we throw the baby out with the politicians, let’s learn more about how our tax money might promote fire adapted communities and healthy forests.

        • Well, each of the prior “errors” made in forestry fire policy was the result of interesting opinions of academics at the time so why not just keep on with it.

    • there is a reason why there is an abundant of small diameter fir logs going to china. and the action that produced those logs is being repeated. it is sad to see such stupidity being repeated.

      • Local observer, the abundant amount of small Doug fir you see on the Hiway, is bound for Schmidbauer lumber or MRC/ HRC. China’s lumber market has softened, they are currently buying white wood at competitive prices. They will buy Doug fir, but not pay as much as the domestic price.

  • Grants are just a way of foisting off an agenda without accountability or responsiblity. Counts on locals looking on it as “free money” and who would not want that. Meanwhile,while it looks good to spend some money on things the voters care about and created small pools of dependency to support their re election, politicians continue on their merry way of spending most money on their personal political agenda, which somehow never includes such unglamorous needs such as road maintenance or school supplies for all. Things that make a better life for everyone.

    If the State can’t afford to do what is needed or is simply unwilling, then it should leave the money with the community for them to decide what is best.

  • I wonder how much of that money will end up in Sonoma County? Were his family has grown grapes for Generations.

  • Climate is Destroyed in Nor Cal

    The first thing to do to stop these megafires is to end the practice in our Redwood Belt of logging Redwood Forests and end the process of spraying tan oaks. Both of these processes destroy forest humidity levels not only in the Redwood Forest but for 200 miles inlamd as well according to studies. The mega fires on the East side of Highway 101 are directly connected to the destruction of the Redwood Belt and the 500,000 acres of Tan Oaks with in the Redwood Belt which have been sprayed by logging companies such as Humboldt and Mendocino Redwood Company. Killing these forests have left inland Valleys and Mountains without the necessary humidity and moisture levels. Deforestation is the #1 problem affecting climate change. End the Herbicide spraying and allow the natural humidity levels to come back. Save the Redwoods and Save California from burning down.

    • Travelling the roads inland from the coast, the redwoods forests stop and start according to the distance inland the fog belt reaches. It switches from redwoods to fir as the land rises above the frequent fog belt and changes back to redwoods where the land drops down to the valleys where the fog still creeps in. Back and forth until the fog no longer reaches inland. There the redwoods stop. And did before the advent of man.

      Up north,despite the reach inland of fog, there are no redwood forests. So while it is sounds convenient to try to link redwood logging to fires, it simply is not relevant to any place not getting the summer fog.

  • Wow interesting so his family is part of stealing our river( via Potter valley diversion to t Russian River) and blaming it on the folks wonder our supervisors are slithering down to secret meetings with the Russian River water authority.there just kissing behind to there higher ups

  • Ooooo, lucky us, that’s .113% of what this state spends housing, feeding, and medical care for illegals. Yes, that’s a decimal point preceding the the number 113.

  • Geyserville ~ Largest Rain Maker Site in North America 18:05 August 16, 2018

    • Oh, its a guy on youtube, who knows how to use the zoom feature in Google maps!

      Wow! He must know a ton and have all the facts regarding the super duper secret mission of china/us to modify weather in order to finish the enslavement process of all humans.

      No one knows it – but theyre gonna turn antartica into a desert and arizona into a ocean, because thats how its done in super duper secret illuminati style.

      And dont forget the super duper secret smart plan of using planes with lasers to start fires in redding, where the average summer temp is 107. Only a plane with lasers could start a fire there, obviously.

      Oh, and the fake actors in the the travel trailer are in on it too!

  • How about you add a “1 and two 0’s” onto that $26,000,000 and spread it out over the next 10 years, Mark, then I might think you get the picture. CA job creation. On the ground/in the forest EXPERIENCE is the education that is needed, not your officials driving around the countryside, staying in nice motels/hotels, eating meals out 3x per day, telling the people that live in these communities things they mostly already know. Maybe take a portion of that $2.6 BILLION per year and offer small grants for building new homes without combustible materials on the exterior.

    Take this shit seriously or piss off, but either way quit waving your dick around for the cameras.

  • Fire Prevention from any political party sounds great and beneficial because they’re getting worse & worse every year. It’s much more expensive stopping a huge wildfire that doesn’t care about politics.

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