Two Arrested After EPD Officers Say They Observed Them ‘Openly Smoking Methamphetamine on the Boardwalk’

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:



On August 16, 2018, at about 12:30 p.m., an Agent with Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) working in partnership with the Eureka Police Department’s Community Safety Enhancement Team (CSET), observed a group of subjects openly smoking methamphetamine on the boardwalk near the foot of C Street.

CSET officers responded and contacted the subjects. During the investigation, Lloyd Hughes

Lloyd Hughes

Lloyd Hughes

(65 of Eureka) was found to be in possession of just under one ounce of methamphetamine.

Hughes was arrested for possession of methamphetamine for sales. Pete Dibean (50 of Eureka) was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.


Pete Dibean

Jeffrey Frizzell (30 of Eureka) was cited and released on a Municipal Code Violation warrant.

Although CSET makes frontline connections with homeless individuals in order to improve their lives and connect them with partnered services, this type of criminal behavior will not be tolerated and will result in arrests.



  • I’m sure it’s probably all good.

  • Junkies and drug addicts are all were known for anymore.
    Come visit the redwoods….
    Have your car robbed….
    Get spanged….
    Smell the urine and vomit….
    Humboldt and Trinity counties are worse than the tenderloin now.
    It’s total bs!!

  • Saw someone shooting up last time I was there. again.

  • It might be medicinal meth.

    • Besides everyone has the right to choose which laws are bad ones and which ones they will obey.

      • lotta loggers, gang bangers, and fast food workers high on meth reading this right now would agree with you mr. Guest… Weed isn’t the gateway drug, it’s the replacement drug for addicts who need to find a higher power.

      • Out in the state of guest Texas

        Cop troll: bro you have to prove harm for your argument to work. Not all growers harm the environment (hashed out a million times over in the comments). Who gets to decide what is morally worthy enough to break laws? The status
        Quo? If theres no harm there’s no foul. If I see you on the highway you better have cruise control on at all times else you are a hypocrite. Even that is unsafe. LEO and their fellow citizens must practice discretion at all times. That’s life. Wake up.

  • I’d say recreational meth.why doesn’t the planning department charge these guys 10000 dollers a day for meth abatement. Lol

  • Bring back the bicycle patrol in old town.. if these people had an officer approach them on a regular basis they would move on.

  • Thanks for posting this story.
    Whenever I am in old town for auto repairs, I stroll old town and hit the boardwalk with some coffee to see the Bay sights, and unfortunately, it’s pretty much posted up with local and visiting bums trying to make a place and pass the day.
    I am not your average visitor, but I cannot imagine why a common person would want to visit when it’s obviously a bum roost, and I can’t understand how a city can spend so much money to build a beutiful waterfront trail, only to allow it to be colonized by people who are contributing hardly nothing to the economics of society. I’ve never been harassed by them, but I am not female, and my eyes say danger, so they don’t bother me..
    Regardless, the board walk wasn’t built to be a lost soul waiting room

    • Well spoken and right on Mr. Oak!

    • Yes, that is well said, Canyon Oak. “The boardwalk wasn’t built to be a lost soul waiting room…” This is true. I wish there were one… wish we would just build a suitable, supervised, well-maintained homeless camp somewhere between Arcata and Eureka. Until we do, i would feel unjust in telling people to scoot. But if there were a reasonable place for them to go, i would not feel there was anything wrong with police (on bikes, horses, or any way) saying, “You need to leave here and go to the camp. If you linger, you will be arrested for –” whatever, loitering, trespassing, littering, likely drugging.
      I am fairly sympathetic to the homeless and in general find them to be polite and gentle. Worn down people who say “God bless you,” and “Thank you Ma’am,” a lot. But it’s true that when i go down to Old Town early in the morning (having car work done!) there often seem to be people with anger issues and mental unbalance wandering around or hollering. I steer clear and don’t worry too much for myself, but i imagine some visiting family and their young children having to deal with that multiple times… doesn’t work.

  • I road my bike from the start to finish and back of the new waterfront trail that they spent $26,000,000 to build- I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I never road it again and would never take my kids there. The city needs to move these transients along to the county line.

    • Are there any restrooms along the trail besides the shrubbery?

    • Fuk social parasites and there life choices.

    • most of these locals you call transients went to Zoe Barnum. do you think there is a link? maybe we should focus on that and maybe in 20 years this problem will be less of a problem. the current calculations indicate this problem is going to get much worse. the trail also didn’t cost 26 mill.

  • I started to say it’s a bit harsh to bust “users”, but it seems they had more than personal.

  • >”… the trail also didn’t cost 26 mill.”

    Probably a million bucks a mile. About $6 million (or so).

    Hard to find accurate statements of the ‘costs’ online.
    Wonder why it’s so ?

    • both sections added up to about 10 million. if the rail could have converted like everywhere else in the US the cost would have been half or much less if the price of steel was up. both had an engineer’s estimate of about 5 million. I wonder how many change order’s MF racked up.

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