Over Half Pound of Heroin Located After Tip

Cesar Cabrera-barragan

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Acting on a tip from local citizens in the Eel River Valley, Special Agents with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force conducted a traffic stop in the 500 block of Hawks Hill Road, Loleta.

On August 15, 2018, at approximately 3:00 p.m., agents contacted the driver of the vehicle, Cesar Cabrera-Barragan (age 34). Upon on initial contact, Cabrera-Barragan attempted to dispose two bindles of suspected heroin and was subsequently detained. Agents then located just over ½ pound of suspected heroin in Cabrera-Barragan’s possession.

Cabrera-Barragan was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for possession of a controlled substance for sales, transportation of a controlled substance, and driving on a suspended license.

Anyone with information related to this investigation or other narcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-25 39.





  • Good deal!!! Now go find HIS supplier, get ALL that shit out of here & the Meth as well!!! If they would put half of the time & money into cracking down MORE on Meth & Smack this county would be a LOT more pleasant to live in!!! As opposed to those growing the “Heathen Devil Weed” without paying through the nose for the privilege!!!

  • ‘Bindle’. There’s a word I haven’t heard in a couple decades.
    Wonder where the “tip” came from. A ‘wronged’ client or business associate? An angry ‘ex’?

    • How about neighbors that are fed up with these people?

    • I don’t care for junkies.

      Obviously the tip came from the female heroin king pin that got posted a day or two before on RHBB, those junkies start talking when they know they are about to be sick sitting in jail and not getting high good ridence to all of them they are wasting our resources and air.

    • big balls in the sky magee

      Bindle, aint heard that used on the outside. Tips means rats been squealin. ‘Tips’ usually come from the last mule who got busted hauling, the next level dealer who got busted, or the combo all of the above platter.

  • From what I have heard; Some, if not all of the ‘H’ found here locally is both grown, made, and processed here locally, Del Norte, Trinity, Humboldt and Mendocino Co. Is this true and have others also heard this?

  • Be sure and call Ice

    • What, precisely, in this article, gives you the idea he is an “Illegal Immigrant”, besides his obvious nationality???

      • You meant of course his Latino name, not his “obvious” nationality, because the whole of your chastizement is that he may not be an illegal or, in this case, in violation of the terms of his visa by engaging in criminal activity. So, unless he is an American citizen, ICE is exactly who should be called. Too bad that citizenship is not routine information supplied by the police. Might end many a fruitless discussion.

        If you are going to climb onto the horse of virtue, you best know which is the proper horse.

      • Who gives a shit??? He had half pound of heroin!!! He should be treated like a possible terrorist!!!

  • Now day any one and every one will nark.if ya dont even do any thing wrong ,it dont mader cause some one will make up a good lie & nark on ya anyways. It sure wasnt like that back in the benzadrain & coke days thats or sure! People didnt go being narks thiefs rip offs,back stabing,coniveing spitefull,wesles.or some one would just take them out to woods & give them ajustment that fits,& they walked back in to town,& all is right with the world again!(well most gota ) (touch our kids,didnt come back) all is still right with the world!

  • Yeah, never a mention of immigration status in these PC statements. Sick.

  • This is what the tax dollars should be being spent on not the extortion and stealing from the poor rural residents of Humboldt ,who were already barely hanging on before the rip off county decided to rob all of us for everything we worked for,for years.attack are way of life and trample on our Constitutional rights.steal our property rights,steal our water rights,steal our privacy(with there spy sattilites,) extort us,and eventually steal are property with high dollar liens,kangaroo courts,a and high dollar scare tactics.is this the united States still????

    • careful, don’t anger the greenwashing corporate commis in charge of congress… they are clamping down on the competition thanks to 64!

  • More drugs than ever on the streets. How is that war on drugs working for you? Incarceration is not working that policy is a failure, education not incarceration.

  • He’s already bailed out and headed back to Mexico because law enforcement did not check his immigration status probably has no papers and adios amigos

  • Supply and demand
    We wouldn’t have such a problem if we didn’t have so many junkies living amongst us.
    If they don’t get dope from the cartel, they get pharmies from the locals.
    Don’t feel sorry for Junkies, get rid of them!
    They’re the problem.
    No demand, no need for the supply!

  • What would the chump think .

  • Focus Your RESOURCES

    Focus on Hard drugs, you have our full support!! This is the start. FOLLOW THE SUPPLY ROUTE BY FOLLOWING THE MONEY…. Time for the Sheriff Department to divest energy from the Humboldt “Pot Busts” and put the same 10 agents to work infilterate the local HEROIN METH & PROSTITUTION MOTELS, INFILTRATE THE LOCAL BAR ” HARD DRUG SCENE”… this crowd is busy from San Fran to Oregon all along the Highway 101 corridor, bars and cheap maggott infested drug hotels, look at Ukiah and Willits and Garberville and Eureka. Every community along the 101 corridor has a prostitute meth and heroin motel. Focua attention here, these motels and bar scenes are why nice people, visitors and tourists do not stay longer than a night, drug scenes with heavy drugs scare pot heads away from our Cannatourism, start running plate checks and running background checks on who checks into our small towns, use a database to track heroin dealers working our local motels and bars. Put undervovers in all the bars on the weekends enabled by body cams and id software to identify hard drug dealers selling heroin and crack and meth and molly. Go get them, follow the money, bust their suppliers, promise them easy time for turning over their suppliers. The sheriff department had full community support to end these hard drug dealers careers and lock them up to stop their poisoning of our youth, young people, and communities. Focus the Manpower on cleaning up these cracked out communities. You have our full support.

  • There too busy ripping off old harmless hippy’s that no no other way to make it here.scaring them to death with threats of taking all they have,there land,that they’ve worked for to grow old on for the last 40 years.

  • Good take these jerks down. I work in public health and I’m so saddened by all of the young local addicts in all of our Northern California communities…SIGH our youth are just being trashed by these creeps from outside the area. People that come in selling heroin they decimate communities with drugs. But could really care less what happens to the future of that community. All these babies born to mothers using, babies dying from mothers neglecting them, Daddy’s dying from overdose, not working because all they can do is lay on the bed all day it’s just ridiculous. Thank you LEO’s for getting this s*** off the street keep going!!! ❤
    P.S. look at his nose it looks like somebody’s whacked him in the head quite a few times in the past.

  • Arrest them All Shipem out

    Finally the Sheriff Department is puttimg manpower on the Heroin Epidemic, for too long all the resources went to eradication while our teens and young adults were recruited by meth heads, heroin junkies and polly poppin rave promotors. Our young people were put on the back burner by our county and the local task force- Sheriff Department. So many young people on oxycontim, meth, heroin, pills and molly. The time to act is now, not in another generation, how many young lives lost because the county wastes law enforcement resources going after pot while completely ignoring the meth and heroin elephant standing in the communities. First place to start is the Meth Motels and Heroin, Cocaine and molly bars. The same criminal gangs you find in these bars are the same ones selling the hard drugs, review bar video tape, use undercover infiltrators, promise easy sentencing for prosecution of suppliers. Work the chain all the way up to the inporters, which very likely with heroin is the US Government.

  • Hypercriticism not needed Namaste. Oftentimes these posts are passionate. Folks trying to get their opinions heard, their perspective seen, their subject known. Pointing out the small stuff is part of the problem excessive criticism (especially of children) squashes motivAtiOn, breeds mental illness and really solves nothing in the long run. NAMASTE ❤ Thank You Kym! ❤

    • Hyper criticism. Not hardly dear. I could have been a lot more critical. Just getting my opinion heard as you indicated everyone else is. Maybe you are being a little overly critical of me. I assume these are adults typing on this blog?! Right?!

    • Then..hypercriticism causes poor self esteem and the babes blossom into addicts. Resiliency is a nurtured trait the majority of the crowd is lacking. Sure bet this guy”s childhood was whacked. Grew up with little options and made sure in the end other folks suffered too. Coming full circle. Love and support can prevent addiction. ❤

  • California doesn’t care if hard drugs come across the border…they want open borders.
    It’s more important to ban straws and cow farts. making us the joke of the whole Country.
    Now the Nanny State wants to tell you what your child can drink at a Restaurant.
    You know…. they are on top of the important stuff, not little things like heroin, meth, etc.
    They only go after pot cause they can confiscate a lot of assets and impose a lot of fines, fees and penalties. An illegal bringing in heroin brings nothing to take, no home, truck, land, just the shirt on his, her back and a backpack.

    These problems have left us in the position where a responsible adult with no drug history can no longer get a couple Vicodin for an abscess tooth, while druggies flood the streets.

    I was Born and raised in California but I hardly recognize this State anymore. I’m glad I’m not a youngster.

  • By taking the drug away are we getting to the root of the problem? Why is it an epidemic in the first place? Just because you walk into a candy store does not mean you have to eat the candy. Perhaps addressing the societal problems would help too.

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