[UPDATE:] Girl Reported to be ‘Swept Under the Rocks’ on North Jetty; Rescue Underway

A little before 1 p.m., a medical rescue is underway south of the Coast Guard Station on the North Jetty of Humboldt Bay. An unknown age girl was “swept under the rocks.”

Samoa Fire, City Ambulance, as well as the Coast Guard are responding to the scene.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 1:14 p.m.: Cal Fire is also responding. The Sheriff’s Office is on scene also.

UPDATE 1:17 p.m.: The patient is with emergency personnel.

UPDATE 1:47 p.m.: According to the scanner, an autistic female fell into the water. She is being treated for hypothermia but is otherwise reacting normally.

UPDATE: Successful Water Rescue Frees Woman and Man Stranded on RocksNote: The woman rescued was originally reported to be a juvenile.



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