Fortuna Police Use Spike Strips to Stop Suspect in Attempted Child Abduction Case

spike stripAbout 8:45 p.m. Tuesday, Humboldt County Sheriff deputies received a report that man had attempted to abduct a child in the Bear River Rancheria area, according to spokesperson, Samantha Karges. A BOLO put over the scanner indicates that he offered drugs and demanded the girl get into his car.

Karges, Humboldt County Sheriff’s spokesperson said, “Upon further investigation, it appears no physical attempt to abduct the minor occurred. Rather, the suspect reportedly drove alongside the minor on Brenard Rd. and demanded that the minor get in the car. The minor refused and was able to get help.”

Dispatchers put out a description of the man and his vehicle. A Fortuna Police sergeant said that officers from his department recognized that the vehicle was one similar to that described in a reckless driving incident through a Rio Dell neighborhood. They were able to locate the vehicle.

According to a statement on the Fortuna Police Facebook page, officers pursued the suspect vehicle as the driver fled through town. The “[s]uspect yielded after spike strips were deployed on Main St.,” the page stated. Patrick Delaney was arrested.

Delaney has not yet been proved to be the man who allegedly accosted the child.

The mother of the 13-year-old victim writing on the 707 Humboldt Classified’s Facebook page said that man was released from the jail. Booking logs confirm that the man was “refused by medical.”

Karges, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office said, “We are still investigating and have not formally charged anyone in relation to this case…We do not believe there is a threat to the public at this time.”

The mother of the child stated on the 707 Humboldt Classified’s Facebook page yesterday, “My baby tried to make herself look ugly last night, she said she didn’t want to be here anymore…she keeps asking “[M]ama, what if I wasn’t…[b]ig and I couldn’t run fast…[W]hat if it was a little girl?”




  • Oh poor baby. I’m so glad she’s safe.

  • “We do not believe there is a threat to the public at this time.”

    Really? Seems like a clear threat to me.

  • Get that child to a therapist for this trauma. Poor thing. No child should feel unsafe walking in their own neighborhood.

  • Really?!! The weirdo pos was released from custody?!! Sheriff’s Department is a mockery.

    • It’s the laws that need to be rewritten and so this to be enforced. If we had a mandatory hold for these people who seem predatorial in nature maybe the Sherrifs department could keep them. It’s the laws need changing not the sheriffs failure. You need to understand this

      • its interesting that most every other County in CA interprets it different than Humboldt. the division is so deep between the left and right that profession judgement is tainted. Humboldt has 100s of these monsters today just like yesterday and will be the same tomorrow. meth and heroin needs to be public enemy #1 and yeah its going to affect the local friends and family plan. measure Z isn’t going to get renewed without a sunset date.

      • Heybuddy I disagree with you , that was clearly an attempted child abduction, and they also could have kept him for fleeing from an officer , our cops suck plain and simple oh but that’s just my opinion oh yeah and offering drugs to a minor , yeah they should have kept him .

    • Farce is right on.

  • Oh my gosh!! Our 🌐is getting so gross and disgusting.. I feel so bad for that girl..

  • This is a really important story, and she is asking good questions. What is the meaning of the brackets around some letters? That seems distracting.

    • Brackets indicate where the editor has made a grammatical change in order to increase the ability of readers to understand the quoted statement, where the quoted speaker/writer made a typographical or grammatical mistake.

  • We need to get rid of the sheriff. He thinks a psycho trying to abduct and possibly rape/kill a thirteen year old girl ,” is not a threat”. Sounds like the sheriff is a threat to our community. How many petifiles and sexual abusers has he let out? They are the biggest threat to our most vulnerable. Step up or get out.

    • Anti troll league

      That is generally code for the victim knowing the perpetrator and the incident being a continuation of a problem between them. It doesn’t mean that the incident will be disregarded but that it is not likely to involve others than the people who already know each other. Which the police know but are prevented from saying publicly.

    • Petifiles? So it’s not bad enough pedophiles are after children now petifiles are trying to molest our pets?

  • This is horrible!!!

  • It really only takes a split second for something horrible to happen, so glad she’s safe💓

  • It sounds like they have insufficient evidence that the reckless driver was also the child annoyer. You can’t just toss someone in jail with the only evidence being driving a similar vehicle.

    Kym: None of the links in the article work. The first returns a blank page, and the second two tell you the group is closed. Instead of linking to non-public pages, maybe a screen capture or cut+paste would be better?

    • The Fortuna Police page is public and the link works for me. And, I didn’t realize the 707 Classified’s page was not public. They must have changed it.

    • He was down here in Scotia and Rio Dell harassing children one behind Hobys and a mother and child on Davis st before he went to Loleta. His vehicle matches the description given by the children accosted. I did read that he was beaten within an inch of his life after being released.

  • Good on you, Kym, for printing the perp’s name. If he can’t be arrested (yet, I hope), at least the public is warned to avoid him.

    • I want to be clear. The person arrested has not been arrested or charged in connection with this. He was just in a vehicle that was very similar to the one that a person suspected in the attempt to lure a child into a car was driving.

      • But, the fact that he RAN from the police, certainly should at least, make one suspicious!!!

        • Because he was drunk? The police pursued the wrong man because the vehicle was similar. He ran because he was drunk and thought that was the reason for stopping him. I imagine he was plenty surprised at the police being so detemined to stop him.

      • hi kym is this the same Patrick d Delaney thatvis a sexually violent predator out of Massachusetts?if it is he was convicted of rapping two women in 2007!

  • I believe the jail also just let out another sex offender arrested for a new sex crime by Eureka police, there was an article in LoCO on it a few days, a week ago… craziness. Drive without a license get a month in jail but try to rape a kid and get released with a ticket. Ya California! Ya Humboldt County!

  • This would be a good story to have some follow-up on. I think there are details they are not sharing with us. Maybe along the lines of some sort of history between the parties involved. Did the girl and the mom positively identify this man as the one harassing the girl? If they can do that, AND there’s no connection between her and the accused which point to a likelihood of false accusations, then certainly the man should be charged and tried.
    Humboldt Co. is appallingly lax on crime and sentencing–but that wouldn’t make it right to accuse, convict, and punish when there’s no proof–and i mean proof as determined by an impartial jury, not a bunch of pitchfork-wielding vigilantes.
    Much as i would be 100% sympathetic if this story were true, and entirely on the side of the victim… if it weren’t true, i would of course be on the side of the accused. So how do i know which is true?

    • Good comment, Laura. Too many people get wound up from too little information. Seems like a lot of these questions could be answered by law enforcement; instead, all we get are bare-bones press releases, fueling the fires.

      What say, Sheriff? Chiefs? How about a little more information before some torch and pitchfork wielding vigilantes take out the wrong person based on your misleading releases?

  • Just another day in Humboldt KKKounty. Good ole boy goes shopping on the rez, police get him and medical refuses to book him???? The child positively id’d this perp. So disgusting but what do you expect in an area teeming with pedophiles – filthy from the top to the bottom. Fortuna PD if a child gets raped or abducted by this creep or imitators who know they can get away with it, that’s on you. It’s attempted kidnapping! Too bad that burning SUV wasn’t his – guess that was wishful thinking on my end. Parents, be vigilant.

  • No vigilantes are packing torches, it’s fire season.

  • im Lost for words, everything I think to say will get deleted….
    I hope the little girl is ok and gets some help to get those memories less painful.

  • [edit]
    people who hurt or attempt to hurt children are SCUM, and he was operating his truck drunk 🙁

  • I think people get confused too… when I read this… I read that he was refused at the jail for medical reasons… not that he was just let go.
    Either way…. the pack mentality of this community is starting to scare the hell out of me…. people post something about someone and suddenly it is “true” and others are saying they are going beat, kill, take care of… the alleged person… I am well aware we have staggering crime issues and we as the public do need to help, be aware, stick together…. but its seems to be getting a bit out of hand

  • Well, someone killed him, good job on keeping the hate going.

  • It seems he was sentenced to death. Do you think maybe the sheriff’s office might have known they were sending the alleged chomo, child annoyer, dui cop evader to his certain death at the hands of the “torch and pitchfork wielding vigilantes”
    Its quite terrifying to read the comments to this blog/article up above.
    Be careful what you wish for, i guess

  • Well he’s dead now. You happy?

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