Convoy Heads East Again on 36 This Morning

raidThere they go again,” reported a reader about 6:30 this morning describing a convoy of law enforcement headed east on State Route 36 towards Dinsmore.

According to the witness, there were around seven Humboldt County Sheriff’s vehicles, two Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles and several other state vehicles, and a woodchipper.

For the last several mornings, convoys of law enforcement have headed east on 36. The first raid on Monday was located west of Hyampom in the Blake Mountain area. The second raid on Tuesday was in the Rancho Sequoia area not far from Alderpoint. We don’t yet know where they headed Wednesday though since the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is usually prompt about releasing information the next day, we should get information later today.




  • Big deal. They get 1 grow each day. Highly inefficient. A drop in the ocean. Almost comical.

    • future land auction bidder

      Comical until they are coming up your lane. I don’t believe that they are trying to pull every illegal plant in Humboldt, just enough to collect some mad tax money in the form of fines and send a message to the people who take the time and money to be legal.

    • Yeah they only bust a small amount of people with heroin and meth every week too , they should stop doing that it’s almost comical

  • Fair question. What do all these HCSO deputies do in the winter?

  • Hmm guess they’re being paid by big tobacco to get all the grows in the area out of operation. Cuz we do know who is buying up all the land in the emerald triangle right?

    Sherriff is thinning the competition so the corporations can come in and fleece those who need medical Cannibis.

    • I keep hearing this line being put out about “big Corp buying up all the land.” Almost seems like Alex Jones type reporting. Have you seen county records? Do you know people who’ve sold their property to actual Philip Morris? I mean has there been a parcel , let’s say, off Burr Valley or out by Zenia that’s been recently sold to a corporation? Not saying there hasn’t, just wondering where you see this

      • I don’t understand the logic. If a big company came and offered cash for land, people are supposed to be saying “not until the HCSO raids me” as opposed to just taking the money?

      • Waaahnt, waah, waaaaa

        The owners of Corona Beer just invested a bunch of money in Canopy, the Canadian pot company. They’re not in Humboldt as far as I know. Big Tobacco is busy growing tobacco. Big money investors are big money, and they’re around, you just don’t know they’re names…

      • In the Central Valley…..

    • Please. Why would big tobacco or big anyone else want to take over land up muddy roads in the middle of nowhere when they can set up down in the flatlands near transportation, suppliers, markets and can grow this shit in a totally controlled, automated situation with a robot workforce?

      Really glad to see the criminals driven out of our beloved Humboldt and I know there good folks hoping to hang on growing organic weed out there but tough changes are here. I wish those folks luck but they did take a gamble investing their lives into the production of an illegal crop.

      • It’s not an illegal crop, where have you been?

        • Been watching this scene since 1969. Legal dope was a pipedream for decades, now the reality of it bites hard.

      • 24/7/365 indoor grows in controlled conditions are the future. Nevada got it going on.

      • I grew up in the emarald triangle. Mendocino. Most the boys in my class stayed and grew pot. It is the economy here. Humbolt seems to have a little more diverse economy but still relys on it. I watched Mendocino go from logging to pot. Because there isn’t much else. There is going to be a cost when most the small farmers are pushed out of business. And if anything breeds criminals it is poverty. The local government should stay out. Growers are going to be priced out soon enough anyways. nor Cal politicians are not helping there community by speeding up the process. People need time to react. They should at least leave the smaller farms alone.

      • Bingo.

        The game is changing. No need to hide corporate grows in the hills.

        • A good place to hide, the very thing that made Humboldt a preferable place to grow, is now a severe liability. Nobody wants to grow outdoors in a remote location with poor security and limited water. At best they will get some Humboldt clones and blow it up indoors, near the dispensaries, with legal workers.

          The bathtub gin guys went belly up when prohibition was lifted and the focus turned to legal mass production.

  • More thievery and extortion by the county.why haven’t we started a recall on our elected officials that sneakily schemed this extortion racket up behind closed doors.violations of the Constitution,bill of rights!!!! Our forefathers would be yelling the redcoats are here,the redcoats are here!!!!?

  • Great news! Keep it up. Hell yes, bring in the corporations to grow in an appropriately zoned and administered location. Those crying about the busts are the mega growers, and yes this may be a small percentage but it is putting the fear and stress on the other mega growers that are not playing by the rules.

    Speaking of rules and those that are complaining about them…….shut up!! Now you know what it is like to run a business in highly regulated California, run by Democrats for many decades, Senators, Congress, and Governor.

    • That’s funny even when we pull the correct permits and are on ag land, the overlords in the building dept still decide who can and cannot grow… But hey they said they want all those illegal grows to come in compliance, b.s.. They just want a few special folk to grow, everyone else get out…..Election time is coming 18 then against in 20… Good luck to all who have lied to us…..

    • Why would corporations want to grow in the hills?

    • The mega growers have no fear and are not crying! They are bigger than ever and paying off the officials. All illegal. Somewhere in Eastern Europe…..some one is living like a king

  • It reads. ” We the people” not we the corporations, or ” we the corporate weasel sellouts”

  • They can’t wait for 90% or better of us to be working for minimum wage at the new Walmarts of weed going up while CEO’ s are clearing over 6 figures and corrupt little worms( local politicians) are accepting campaign contributions,and bribes.they want the money but don’t wanna work for it!!!!!

  • No ones buying land in this shit whole when u can have a paved road to your grow operation in the valley u guys are dreaming the economy will come back it won’t

  • I provide a service for a mega legal grow giant giant green houses inside giant giant greenhouses amazing yet they are paying minimum wage mostly Filipino workers . They tell me they are bankrupt

    • More whining.

    • That’s because the legal market is fucked before it started. You can’t sell tons and tons in CA.. we used to supply the whole country with our product, and now are being forced into selling only in state? Anyone who signed into this, has only themselves to blame for not seeing the obvious issues inherent in this process.

      • Sounds like being born….when you start living, is when you know you dying.

      • But they are getting around that issue by being very very slow about track n trace. Huge permitted gardens are not in that system yet and will be dumping everything on the national market. Ones that are in the system will be back-dooring large amounts they will declare as “ruined” “damaged” or “moldy”. The state of CA and especially the county of Humboldt are complicit in this scam. But the same scam is being done on a grand scale also up in Oregon. Anybody playing by the actual rules will, as usual, get crushed. It is a farce promoted by politicians and bureaurocrats who stand to lose nothing as they play with peoples’ lives.

      • At this point, for at least now, legal prices are increasing and people are selling.

  • People can grow the same shit u grow at 25$ a Lb in the valley 20 min from the interstate who’s going to buy your “humboldt branded bullshit in 2 years” no one. Better start saving every coin u got. An look around look at local buisness’s by Christmas they all will be closing there doors for good! Bye humboldt green rush hello herion rush an meth rush. Good luck to your kids. Let the pills get the best of them

    • $25 a pound to grow? ehhhhh maybe more like $5 in any volume big or small with the right conditions, starting with adequate water. It is amazing how many green rushers thought that 64 was going to make them richer than Oil Sheiks.

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