[UPDATE 11:05 a.m.] Apparent Double Homicide in Southern Humboldt; Bodies Found in Burning Vehicle

Last night, Supervisor Estelle Fennell called in a car fire on the Shelter Cove Road just west of the Ettersburg Junction. Unbeknownst to her, it contained the bodies of two people.

Last night, Supervisor Estelle Fennell called in a car fire on the Shelter Cove Road just west of the Ettersburg Junction. Unbeknownst to her, the SUV contained the bodies of two people. Note the stick and the burning ground by the open front door.[Photo by Supervisor Estelle Fennell first posted on SoHum Awareness-more photos there.]

This morning, Sgt Samuel Williams of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office confirmed there was two bodies found in Southern Humboldt. He said that his department had received a call from the California Highway Patrol and from Cal Fire to “assist with a vehicle fire near the Ettersburg and Briceland Rd. Junct.”

According to Telegraph Ridge Fire Department Chief Peter Lawsky, he was one of the first on the scene about a quarter mile west of the Junction. One of his firefighters One of the people who called the fire in is a member of the Telegraph Ridge fire district board.  Lawsky said they were worried that the flames could spread but didn’t know about the bodies yet. “A burning vehicle can easily turn into a forest fire,” he explained. “I used the hose I had to knock it down and keep it from spreading to the vegetation…It took a long time to put it out.”

He said that the fire would be knocked down and then reappear. He said, later he was told “there are two bodies in the back.”

He also said that one of his firefighters told him that the vehicle was not in that turnout about 5 p.m.

Today, Lawsky is worried about his crew members who witnessed the terrible spectacle. “I’ll be calling some of my firefighters today and see how they’re doing this morning,” he told us.

UPDATE 8:55 a.m.: According to Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, “We are investigating two suspicious deaths in the area of Ettersburg Junction. We are still on the scene actively investigating the incident. At this time we are not expecting to release more details, but I expect to have more information made available to the public later today.”

UPDATE 11:05 a.m.: A reader, Daymora Beecham, sent in this photo of the vehicle and investigators taken this morning.

Investigators at the scene of a double homicide

Investigators at the scene. [Photo by Daymora Beecham]



  • Sometimes it’s not all fun and games in the dope dealer business .

    • future land auction bidder

      I assume the customer wanted the money AND the weed.

      • This may have been the customers…..

        • future land auction bidder

          OK so maybe the weed dealer wanted both the money and the weed. I sure as heck hope that a few thousand dollars in weed or weed money didn’t cost two people their lives. Just can’t fathom that line of thinking. Now someone ripping off 20 or more pounds of blow, meth, or heroin money seems realistic. With all the cash that rolls up 101 its hard to believe that there aren’t even more brazen highway robberies.

          • All of you people talking trash about a situation you know nothing about.. This is one of my dearest friends sons, and his girlfriend
            Also one of my daughters best friends .. Its a senseless murder that did not need to happen . why can’t some of you people put yourselves in their family’s shoes .. Have a fucking heart !!! Stop talking shit !!

            • I’m so sorry for the loss of these two kids…that is so scary, ….

            • He was one of my best friends in the world. He had a heart of gold. Absolutely, the most horrific way to die. He did not deserve this. No one does.

              • Who is this? I am one of his sisters. If you have any photos of him can you please send them to me via Facebook?? Or email?? We also started a memorial page that I shared into his wall on both of his pages. RIP Jeremy 11/17/1985-08/14/2018

            • I for one am soooooooo sorry for you, your families and this horrid act. Whatever the situation was, this is so wrong. What is wrong these days .. I’m so sad

            • I agree with you kitten have a heart and pray for the family and friends who were murdered.

  • Jeez you think POT has anything to do with this ???

    • No, probably meth.

      • {In a whiny complaining voice}: Ya cuz there are so many meth labs around SoHum, probably down every driveway being disguised as greenhouses full of weed! So Meth heads use Google Map to find them but its so dark on those dirts roads if they forget to steal batteries for their tweaker light and there are so many locked gates becuz of the meth. If they do manage to get through a gate, they have to wade thru so much weed it’s impossible to not get lost, they just steal the weed instead but it’s really the meth! They can trade the weed for meth so they can go looking for more meth to go steal from the evil pot growers! It’s all their fault for every crime and they should be punished! If they didn’t grow weed, there would be no crime because people couldnt steal weed to trade for meth! And they wouldnt steal batteries either!

        Uh…yep, nailed it Einstein!

        • [edit]…..sitting on your judgement chair, acting like you know what happened…shame on you for your evil tongue….sounds like to me you need to smoke a joint…

    • One dollar baller

      I guess it’s more about money.

    • more weed related crime

    • nope, money. if you want someone to set you on fire just mess with their money.

      • Wtf is wrong with all of you. The fucking point is lives were loss. They might not matter to you but people are struggling trying to wrap their heads around this truly horrific crime The whys and hows don’t matter right now Show some respect!!. My heart goes out to the families and friends way to young I’m so sad over their tragic loss. RIP

    • Agree. All the assumption and blame on cannabis is ridiculous. This is terrible for everyone. The families, the community…

  • Thank you Peter and Crew! Brave men! May you be blessed for all you do!

  • Thank you Peter Lawsky and crew.

  • More dead bodies things have really gotten out of hand I don’t know how many people have died in the last week but it’s the way too many how could anyone burn people’s bodies they’re truly sick people great that you have such a good fire department down in your area you save the forest fires starting I’m sure I hope your I hope your men will be able to deal with this it’s a horrible thing to see I wish them nothing but good and pray for them all

    • I live in Northern Nevada and we are hearing about stabbings, shootings and robberies every single day in Reno. And now the big drug busts are starting to pick steam also.

      • I lived in Reno for over 20 years, moved end of last year. Crime has been getting worse in Reno for a while. But I think it’s bad everywhere

  • What is happening in our community?!

    • It’s been happening for awhile now. Where have you been, on vacation? Remember the poor kid killed at the Whitethorn Junction over a deal. That young woman June was killed and dumped outside town. They never found that activist Gauque. Those were all around 20yrs ago now. What about why a Mountain is nicknamed Murder Mountain? That psycho couple? Wasn’t that the late 70’s early 80’s? Or what about that missing woman from the 60’s, finally ruled out as murdered by her serial killer boyfriend, who’s son was forced to help cover it up? No place in the world is necessarily safe or safest, I find it best to always live cautious and keep your head out of the sand. There’s still good in this world, we just have social media to connect instantaneously now.

      • That “psycho couple” in the 70’s/80’s were white muslims. They believed it was their duty to kill witches. The book about them is just as crazy as they were. Both doing life (thanks liberal California that got rid of the death penalty).

        Dope growing brought other drug use. Blame the freakin growers! They act like kings but are devils. Your neighbors grow and you say nothing. In Eureka, crime is so out of control. I hear sirens all the time. Create a criminal drug culture, allow it to flourish, legalize it and pat each other on the back, and you get more criminals and more crime. Horrific, immoral, degenerate society.

        • When they decided to let a kingpin do 8 months jail time no probation mind you after being busted w/ 1 lb of meth , scales , baggies…ect. But if A person is caught with a suspected baggie they are for sure going to spend 2-3 years in a program that keeps them jobless , eventually homeless , 3 yrs or more probation , and this is ridiculous ,…. I can’t believe the powers that be are that blind or just on the payroll

      • Living in the USA

      • Psycho Couple your talking about Robet Yell, are theses two:


      • Psycho Couple your talking about Robet Yell, are theses two:


      • Wasn’t Larry Amsterdam killed up there about 27 years ago during a deal?


    • Umm, really? Well, a bunch of fools voted for a scam “legalization” that gave our #1 economic engine away to corporations. This resulted in our county receiving somewhere around 420 million dollars LESS each year and more as the years proceed. Nobody has enough money to make it. The reality is just starting to hit home. Depression, anxiety, stresses are rising and people are getting desperate. people are unable to pay debts and now they will never be able to pay these debts. because of a hyper-inflated greenrush running unchecked for over a decade we attracted many drug-addicted, alcoholic and mentally unstable people to our community. Now they have no way of sustaining their habits. I’m surprised it’s not worse than it is. But I am pretty sure we are only seeing the beginning. It will get much worse. Many people think their permits will save them. But the writing is on the wall and very few will survive. The permitted farms will be crushed and sold for dimes on the dollar in the next few grueling years. Expect domestic violence rates to rise, broken families and lots of thievery, assaults, murders and vigilante action in response. Congratulations go out to the proponents of “legalization” for wanting our community to be “safe” and “legitimate” by becoming “compliant” and therefore “real farmers”…

      • Yup you are so right…..i feel this exact way….

      • Its all sunshine, unicorns, and rainbows now. What % of Humboldt County growers do you think voted yes on 64?

      • Pot is just as dangerous as any other drug. Spikes in home invasions and murders and a black market. Nobody wants to pay for legal pot. Why pay the government 40% in taxes when you can get it from your dealer for less.

        • People in Uruguay, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Nevada, and a pile of other places are having no problem paying for legal pot. Alaska is raking in tax money beyond their expectations. Nevada estimated tax revenue at $13.6 million in the first seven months of legal recreational marijuana sales, which started last July. Actual numbers have been nearly $23 million.

          The government in Uruguay is dictating the max price which is about half of the cost of the bm product. Why? To move the marketplace into legal compliance to collect tax and destroy the bm growers/traffickers.

          Guaranteed quality is a nice perk of a legal, regulated product. You can give the bm grower/trafficker the 40% tax or the government 40% tax. One pays for schools, roads, and security. The other pays for tattoos, chrome truck wheels, ar-15s, Starbucks crap coffee, bling-bling, and satellite TV.

          • Stubbornly keeping the faith. This transition is scary as expected, but a clean, safe, legal product grown with love and pride is the goal. Living on the land without threat is the dream! So very disappointed in our county and the way our farmers are being treated. We are all in this together! If we can’t support each other through this process – from the top down – we will be giving away forever our beautiful, magical home to big money interests who care only about profits. I’m old enough to remember what the Bay Area looked like before tech – much like here now. Orchards, vineyards, farmland dotted by victorian homes and rustic barns. But look at it now. Can hardly tell the difference between Santa Clara, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego. Same freeway walls, multi-family neighborhoods, designed shopping areas. Not saying it’s better or worse, – that’s a matter of personal perspective, but I think the main reason most of us live here is to live another way. Our elected officials should learn from their own history. When the back-to-landers that revived this place after the last wave of greed are being driven out of their homes by paramilitary action on the part of our own representatives, armed to the teeth behind masks,dividing into us vs. them, what will be left? More of the same. Authoritarianism is raising it’s ugly head even here in Humboldt. It’s time to elect leaders who actually represent we, the people. Get involved! Vote! Looking forward to our future together.

      • we need relief from the economic instability i Califoria and gaps, too many people w no hope, There are community development funds availble to build sustainable villages , private residencies cafes, organic gardens, the dream of life here in the forest is not to stack lumber but to live peacefully, theres human resources, tools and ideas, we need organization and elbow grease to build villages, theres plenty of room, its not about money, its about a PLAN, STAMINA is running out for our people, grass roots efforts to funnel state funding into Village planning instead of constant effort to kill each other

        • No thanks!
          Sell your socialist ideas elsewhere!!

          • The person is asking for others effort to help build a village. That’s as American as Apple Pie as it gets! Where r u from, Russia?

        • Thank you! Please keep the socialist ideas coming. This country is in dire need of a little socialism. Forget these reactionaries, they know little of what they’re talking about.

    • Thank god weed is legal now huh. ? Whole community is going down in flames. Desperete people do desperate things. Won’t be the last. Tweekers ,theives and overseas mafia will soon rule Humboldt County. No money =no business’s. Simple economics. To the firefighters and person smart enough to light the car on fire at 9:00 pm and not 2:00 am due to wildland fire….. thank you.

    • Same as it’s always been….
      But reported more vigorously.

  • Is it a double homicide or not?

  • I can’t even keep track of the body count. Things are NOT like they used to be around here.

  • I’m gonna guess this had to do with drugs and that the people were already dead before it was caught on fire.

    • Theres messed up people out there, not everything revolves around pot or meth or any kind of drug. Not everyone is a drug addict nor a drug dealer. Making assumptions is wrong especially to those who knew him personally. No one deserves what this couple got and endured and its not fair to those who are mourning over it when there’s people making false assumptions. There are sick people out there we deal with them everyday and may not even know it. But making assumptions about someone you didnt even know personally is wrong and not right. R.i.p to these souls, keep your head up silla and lee.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Better get used to it. Things are not going to get any better until the Courts start enforcing the laws that are on the books instead of giving them a citation and kicking them back out on the street. Take them to some Island off of the Coast with a bunch of tents and ‘C’ rations and let them sweat it out there.

  • What happens when a criminals livelihood goes away?

  • This is so horrible…. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Family and all the fire fighters who had to witness such a horrible Tragedy… God-bless you all

  • I hope the investigators are thorough, not hungover or lazy and are absolutely attentive to every detail. While any murder is troubling, it’s the inordinate amount of *unsolved* murders /missing persons in Humboldt that’s most disturbing.

    • yes, this is why the docu-series “Killing Season” has been filming in the area. Maybe someone with driveway surveillance in the area has some leads.

  • What a dumb place to burn a car with dead bodies inside. This was obviously not a very well thought out plan. Anyone with half a brain would have driven that car to a more remote location. Not at or near the community cell service spot ! Thanks to the firefighters for their quick response.

    • Maybe it was to make a point?

    • Jorge. A remote location would have caused a wildland fire. They were actually smart! There are 4 things in life that lead to murder…. money,jealously,wrath and drugs. In the drug business (yes weed is a drug). You have all four.

    • So if the location of the vehicle is next to the community cell tower then why did Mrs.Fennell have to drive so far to contact authoritys ? Is she the only person left in the world who uses a camera instead of her phone to take pictures ?, and if so close to the cell tower why then was a land line needed?Also why is it very much day time in all the pics but this wasn’t reported until around 9pm? and sunset that day was at 8:18pm ?
      Not to mention only the front 1/2 of the vehicle is on fire in those pictures, idk but my first instinct would be to look at the non burning end of the vehicle to make sure it was empty knowing my conscience couldn’t handle finding out I was there and could have done something but choose to drive to the next town over before letting anyone know what was happening, I also dont understand where these “explosions ” were coming from???? all of the windows are in tact the tires are not popped ,AND WHAT DEBRIS WAS SHE SO AFRAID OF I SEE NO DEBRIS IN ANY OF THOSE PICS ??? And anyone else wonder who was driving bc those pic were taken from the passenger side of the photographers truck? and there are headlights in the side view mirror where the hell are those people ? have any of them come forward ?
      That was my brother in there what kind of person with the title district supervisor acts with so much negligence? There are so many things that dont make any sense in these articles, as well as conflicting statements and parts of the original story being edited away?? In my opinion someone who is capable of making so many bad decisions consecutively does not deserve the title they were given! And the familys now get to wonder if this persons negligence made the difference between possibly JUST SAYIN

  • It looks like someone got burned again but this time it was taken literally.

  • Why do these people do these kind of stupid things? They may as well have left behind a signed confession complete with photos and addresses. It seems to be SOP to leave bodies just lying around. Most likely it was more than 1 person involved here so why didn`t they put a little effort into getting rid of the bodies? Humboldt is a big county & lots of remote places. At least they could have dragged the bodies a quarter mile or so into some remote place where they`d be less likely to be found. A few hours work with a mattock and shovel to bury them a few feet deep and it`s unlikely they`d ever be found. Likely it`s one of those mutually exclusive things — anyone willing to work a few hours isn`t likely to kill someone. What is the likelihood the culprits in this have EVER used a mattock or shovel or done any other useful work? Pretty low, most likely.

    • Siri will tell you where the best place to bury a body is based on your location (it’s true) but once you pass the junction…no service…no Google Map!

  • “apparent” double homicide .. “suspicious” deaths … nothing definite yet. Maybe we should wait before jumping to conclusions about what this was? horrific.. yes. A ton of gratitude to Peter and all who took on this beast of a fire and stopped it spreading. Now that is definite.

  • Peter Lawsky, chief, Telegraph Ridge Fire

    Fire fighting is a group effort. Telegraph Ridge had two engines and six firefighters respond to
    this call, and they were the ones responsible for putting out the fire. Cal Fire also had an engine and crew at the scene. Briceland Fire was also ready to respond, mutual aid, when we were able to cancel them. This could have been much worse if it had spread to the wild land. Thanks to everyone who helped.
    One minor correction in the story: The person who called it in is a member of the Telegraph Ridge
    fire district board, not part of the crew.
    It is always difficult on emergency responders when there is a death at an incident.
    Thank you Kym for all the support you give us.

  • Oh come on people, were just growing weed, aint nothing wrong with that. Its all cool man, just be mellow…… Live it up So. Hum, reap it!!

    You brought it on, all the time claiming it was just growing some weed. No worries, and for crying out loud, don’t rat out your neighbor when you see the mega grows. We don’t want any law enforcement around!

    Yep, marijuana does not bring crime, yea right.

  • The fact they may have taken steps to aavoid a forest fire means the suspects must l8ve in the immediate area….. Right?

  • Head out of sand please

    Uh take a look around the state and the country, its happening everywhere and actually SF has a higher increase in crime and homelessness than anywhere right now and all that gentrification is pushing desperate people north. Plus theres always going to be bad apples!

    You all are so dramatic “the body counts so high you cant keep track”… really??? Way to show your privilege. Go tell that to folks in yemen where our govt just endorsed a bomb attack by the Saudis that hit school busses and killed over 30 kids. Or journalists in places like Mexico or Syria.

    We have 2 major changes here, 1 is the internet where we hear about every single thing that goes over the scanner. 2 is an increase in population which increases the odds/stats as again, there’s bound to be bad apples in every bunch.

    Let me ask, how many of you knew this pre-internet news….in the 90’s there was a local man who is a serial killer picking up women, killing them, cutting off their breasts and limbs and throwing their bodies into the eurka slough. Tale has it that his family member sat him down at the ocean grove in trinidad & talked him into turning himself in. When he did so, the good ole boy network that is the HCSO refused to believe him cuz hes in their circles, he literally had to bring a frizen breast from his freezer to convince them. Or the guys who kept women chained in stumps out by fieldbrook? Or the boys who went missing by blue lake and no sheriffs would even really investigate until 15 years ago a deputy took on those cold cases and were able to find one of the boys buried in blue lake proper? Thats to just name a few.

    If you really care then you gotta realize a big majority of deaths are due to domestic violence issues, and unfortunately we’ve had a number of them lately and i wont be surprised if this is due to that type of situation. Every adult male mass shooter in our country has a history of domestic violence so blaming everything on pot is like having a huge cancer tumor and taking advil for it.

    In case you all dont know pot is worth barely any money right now, so the idea that someones gonna go to all this trouble to steal 10 pounds that are maybe worth 5,000 on the street is not very feasible.
    Big moneys in heroin coke and meth. Theres more cocaine around than in the 80’s. And not just here, worldwide theres more cocaine and heroin than there has been in a long time.
    Theres still meth labs in the woods of ettersburg. If you cant see that pot is not at the core of the probkem i highly recommend doing some reading about actual reality instead of what the comments say or what you think is going on.
    Do you have any idea how many young men in particular are super addicted to xanax in our county? The numbers are staggering tho no ones talking about it. Take enough with alcohol and you black out for 2 days. Go off them cold turkey and you can have a grand maul seizure (just happened to friend of my nephew). But sure go ahead and blame pot, the big pharmaceutical corps love it, takes the focus off them. Our local economy is failing because like it or not community minded growers have kept our small businesses, artists, musicians, schools, radio, etc etc going for the last 40 years.

    Burning a car like that on the side of the road to me is meant to send a msg to someone. Theres plenty of forest around there. I highly doubt someone thought oh hey just so i dont start a wildland fire Ill light this car here. Maybe they were trying to start one!
    Look people the majority of crimes here are done by individuals known to the victim.
    & Ill pose this question….what if the 2 inside are the exact people you all talk about, thieves&murderers etc? Would you still be saying how bad the crime is? Or would you say good riddance and not want it investigated?

    • Psychopaths will be psychopaths- here and everywhere else. They should be at a similar level of percentage of population all over. However, if an area has attitude that illegality is acceptable, then people who are like minded will come here with their own ideas while people who are born here will learn that obeying the law is for suckers. That idea becomes a rationalize whatever bit of illegality they find convenient when they want do it. Make laws and police a joke then expect it to enforce another’s judgement that pot is good while the next step up on the drug scale is not? Too bad people just don’t act like that.

      Now that pot is legal, there is a chance to claw back some of the wild west thinking that has overwhelmed this county. Whether the county, police and enough growers will work together well enough to succeed is a big question mark. But certainly those who want it both ways, the profits and freedoms of illegality and the protection and respectability of legality, will complain loudly and long. And try to sabotage it if they can.

      • For those of us that have lived in Humboldt all our lives, we know that we are living in the Wild West. It used to be beer joints and loggers. I have personally seen people killed with a shotgun in a restaurant parking lot (rage over a loved one), people ramming one another in cars and then climbing out of the wrecks to fight (again rage over a loved one) and many knife fights and fist fights. I have also seen people pull guns on others and threaten them. All of this was before I was 21. I am now 66. We live in an area where violence has been an acceptable way to deal with things since its founding.

    • Right on

    • I agree with “Head out of the sand” and the last “guest”.

    • Finally someone that actually knows what the real problem is.

    • good points!!!! well said.👍

    • Lol, I stopped reading after your claim that not knowing how many people died this year is “showing your privilege”. [edit]

    • Finally a voice of reason! Right on, thank you! And good point, I didn’t think to reverse the crime perspective. What if the “victims” were the attempted perpetrators whose plan backfired? Message sent, this is what happens when you try to rob someone in SoHum! Well if that was the point, should have just strung the bodies up in the trees at the junction, posted some pictures on Facebook, no danger of starting a forest fire that way. (Sorry that was bad, I don’t condone murder, someone might deserved it but even serial killers have Mother’s who love them.)

    • Pounds from 2017 in Mendoland are selling for $250.00, for the last several months.

  • Blessings to the family and friends of the deceased. How terribly sad.

  • pyromaniacs suck.

  • RainbowHill in the Sky

    Peter you are a hero and we love you. To all the volunteer fire fighters and everyone in the community who contributes to our safety – thank you!

  • Humboldt Historian

    Humboldt County was founded in murders and bloodshed, times are actually quieter now than 1860’s….
    Reort of (Captain Lovell, Sixth U. S. Infantry.)
    Fort Humboldt, Cal., March 23, 1861.
    Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt last evening of your letter of the fith instant, and to state for the information of the commanding general that I have had a command of thirty men, uagainst the Indians in the Eel River coun try since the middle of January last. Iu his letter to ine dated Camp Armstrong, South Fork of Eel River, February 9, 1861, speaking of the
    Indians, Lieutenant Lynn says:
    They have no principal man exercising any control except on the iield of battle. They avoid combat and run on all occasions. Having no chief or principal man, it ia impossible to treat with them. Being scattered over a wide area, and but few iu any one locality, it is impossible to cover one’s self with glory iu fighting them. 1
    have already many times wished they were braver, so as to give us at least the ghost of a chance for ttie display of our chivalrous qualities. In place of this, being most always on the alert, with the eye of the eagle and the ken of a sparrow- hawk, they discover their foes, givo the Avar whoop, and run. They, suspecting, as I suppose, our arrival, committed a few depredations and tied to the Bald Hills and other tribes. Just here or in this vicinity there may possibly be a hostile straggling Indian here and there, but they are not numerous, nor resident long in a place. I
    have endeavored with scrupulous exactitude to carry out litirally your instructions. I have modeled my orders upon them, and every scouting or hunting party has been enjoined to respect them. A scouting party has beeu out almost every day. Already the whole country for many miles around, in all directions, has been quite thoroughly .
    scoured, but few trophies and no Indians have been taken. • • * • • * * ”
    In regard to the number and character of the citizens and their losses in cattle, &c, he says:
    It is my conviction that there are about a dozen altogether, and that they are rene gades from the States, vagabonds from society, escaped convicts from justice, aud outlaws forced to leave their homes and seek a livelihood in parts unknown. They are clothed like the best clad of the natives, and you would mistake them for natives did you not know them. They indulge in the most extravagant style of conversa tion ; yea, so extravagant that truth is almost out of the pale of their thoughts. On my arrival they had many hard stories to tell of the depredations committed by the Indians and wrongs unredressed received from them, with no provocation, according to them, ou the part of the white men. They told me, also, where I could And sev eral rancherias. I thought I would put their knowledge to the test. Their cattle and horses, which had grazed iu the mountains and mountain gorges weeks and months nnseen and unheard of, were collected and losses found much less—yea, very much less, perhaps two-thirds less—than reckoned or anticipated. I let two volun- teer detaehmeute, guided by them, proceed to two of their rancherias. Both expe. ditions were complete failures. No rancherias were found. One of the citizens, mistaking another citizen—both of the same party—for an Indian, tired upon him and killed him, but not instantly; died the following night about 10 o’clock. The other rancherias they had told of could not be found either. They were so ashamed of their ignorance of the Indians and their rancherias that they would not preseut themselves. •
    Whenever they do anything or see anything they magnify it a hundredfold, and on their return boast of their fast running and of their wounding so many Diggers. Tis a little strange that in firing on so many Iudians they never kill any, or that we never have the pleasure of seeing some of their murvolous exploits.
    The latter part of February I heard that the Indians had attacked and burnt the house of Mr. Larrabee (in his absence), situated on Van Dusen’s Fork of the Eel River, and killed the cook, a white woman. Accordingly I directed Lieutenant Lynn to proceed with his detach ment to and endeavor to punish the Indians in that vicinity. The result is not yet known. This attack cannot be wondered at when it is known that about a year ago it was reported, and I believe never con tradicted, that Mr. Hagan, living with and a partner of Mr. Larrabee, bad an Indian called Yo-keel-la-bah tied to a tree aud shot in cold Wood. He had been in the habit of visiting the house in a friendly manner, and always expressed himself friendly disposed toward the whites He was of great service to me in that vicinity during the summer and fall of 1859.

    • It was an honorable, chivalrous, glorious thing to do? Hunt down peaceful, innocent people who lived harmoniously amoungst themselves and the land? Maybe Hitler got his ideas from the founders of this place, who attempted to slaughter a whole race of people just for living here, rounded them up, put them in camps and took over their country as their own. There was plenty of wide open space here to accommodate the greedy immigrants from across the sea, mine mine mine! Yet they continued across the country, hunting down Indians, killing them, rounding them up, putting them in camps until they could go no further west. Ya that’s something to be real proud of!

  • Thank you chief Peter Lawsky and the Telegraph Ridge fire department for your dedication and service to keep our community safe. I so appreciate all our volunteer fire fighters knowing we’d really be in a bad way without them.

  • I wonder what the murder rate, relative to population was in southern humboldt in 1960 when blue collar Christianity was apparently the norm here, as opposed to now, when almost the entirety of the south county has been stocked with atheistic progressive baby boomer imports, and now the drug mafias that the back to the landers paved the way for..
    Probably no statistics on that. the population is a lot higher now for one, and the amount of young adults in south county is unheard of for a rural range and forest region. Of course, they are all here for the drugs and money, oh yeah, and redwood trees, if they’re like me..
    It is not normal to have all these abandoned cars, and burned out cars on the roads. I’ve talked to the east coast trimmers, they don’t care.
    They think it’s cute, they think this is what country life is all about.

    • Living on the edge

      The population of young adults is unheard of for a rural range blah blah… What?? They are the offspring, born and raised here, of families who came here, some generations ago, for the weed and money, to live off the grid, to be tree hugging, organic hippies, whatever! You came here for the redwoods? If you raise kids in the redwoods, you will contribute to the population growth in the redwoods, if they raise kids in the redwoods, another population growth occurs in the redwoods. If the cycle continues, 50 years from now there will be many young adults living in the redwoods because they were raised there, not because they love the redwoods, because you loved the redwoods!

  • You who would say such a thing…..stop hating and do something else with your energy/thoughts!

  • Anyone else find it suspicious that Estelle is the one that called this in?!??

    • No, most adults don’t go by”whoever smelt it dealt it” when it comes to double homicide. People can report crimes without committing them.

    • Assistant Gadget

      I find it suspicious that it was still daylight when she took the picture yet it was 9:10 when she called it in. Sunset was at 8:13…and she could have turned around and called it in from her cell phone at the junction one minute away instead of driving to Whitethorn Const. area to find a landline…

      • Assistant Gadget ** I noticed the time discrepancy from the first pictures posted and have you noticed that when her statement was released it was then later edited that she went to a residence ? there is another comment pointing out that the fire couldnt have been burning more then 5 min and is it me or does it seem as though those picture were taken while in reverse from the passenger side window ???

  • You townies don’t have a clue what goes on in the interior.

    • Living on the edge

      I thought this was the exterior. The fringes or outskirts of a town make town the interior…logistically speaking.

  • It’s an early ’90’s Forerunner isn’t it? My ’91 has the same back seat window divide that shows in Estelle’s picture.

    • It’s a 4-Runner, metallic green. Those are stock rims on mid 90’s 4-Runners.

      • It’s not a 4 runner. It was a late 90s model Ford Expedition. Dark green, tinted windows and large stickers on back window

        • Ford Expedition? Those things are huge! I thought it was an 90’s Explorer at first but nope, still too big. It’s definitely a 4-Runner…look at the rims, those are 90’s stock Toyota rims and the 4-Runner was available in that Ford-ish metallic green in the 90’s.

  • My apologies– the Forerunners have that back window divide into the mid-90’s at least…

  • Greatnortherness

    Easy on the comments as both of the victims have family here. Please respect the fact that they are having to deal with this.

  • The so hum offspring that continually lite cars on fire could be to blame.
    Maybe people were sleeping when they lit the car on fire.
    Investigate who burns cars and you may find the killers.
    Anyways, why does someone not catch the car burners?
    Ever heard of a sting?
    Or is that too advanced for this county??
    This community here is to blame. They used it and made mass money off it and did not invest back into it for families.
    Losers hiding in the hills for 30 plus years.

    • Lighting abandoned cars on fire is so wrong! It pisses me off when I see a car that maybe broke down and it’s bashed, burned up a few days later. Immature, disrespectful, lawless, bored kids with nothing much to do, it’s totally lame! But Lighting a car on fire with people in it is a whole nother ball game, one which I believe the car burning kids around here would never take part in! They’re vandals, not murderers, huge difference in the morality.

  • Reading these upset me. Honestly marijuana is the problem? Not the heroin, meth, bath salts, and opiod abuse as well as all the other schedule 1 drugs that are all over humboldt. When does someone stoned start killing people ? Legalizing has done nothing but stopped our good friends and family going to jail over a small “crime”. The “bad” growers are the ones pulling river water, spilling Diesel and hurting our environment. Legalizing made standards and laws around growing so it can be safe for the environment and the people using the marijuana products, whether that be smoking or eating it etc. people arent aware of how many permits and money it takes to actually legally grow not to mention public hearings too. You got a problem go to the public hearings . drug deals gone bad is just a concept.

    • HumboldtRaised,

      I don’t know why you can’t understand that legalization has not stoped illegal growing and crime. It is every bit as bad as it was before legalization. There is still a Black Market; there is still a Sex-Slavery Ring ran by the Bolivians; There are still people being killed and ripped off; nothing has changed one bit. It is extremely hard to obtain a permit to grow, so legalization has not amounted to a hill of beans.

    • Marijuana is a drug. There will ALWAYS be a black market for it. It’s not people wanting to get stoned killing anyone! It’s money, plain n simple. The biggest black market for drugs in the US is legal RX drugs!not meth,coke or herion.Open your eyes. There are plenty of people in this world that would kill for $10,000 let alone $100,000. Either a deal done bad or someone tried to rip a greenhouse. LOTS of desperate people out there that will go to desperate measures!

      • In a few years the black market for weed is going to be limited to minors and a few counties in Kansas.

  • Drove by going to town this afternoon, a handful of what appeared to be fire investigators, saw no sheriff on site. Coming back, no marked car but a “Sheriff Investigator” jacket on scene and only two other people there working. It looks pretty obvious the truck was doused with gas, ground thru driver door over roof. So the person filled up a gas can somewhere in town. Maybe check Shell/Chevron/76 Station footage? Confused by the stick on the ground though. Why stand there and light a big stick on fire with a lighter (that’ll take a minute), if you have a lighter? And logically wouldn’t you toss the stick “in” the truck to contain the flame with the bodies? Next I doubt the person just walked off down the road into the dark, what, hitchhiking to? Anybody pick up a hitchhiker last night near the junction? From town to EB you would be unaware of a car on fire further down the road. Anybody driving SC Road would pass it either way making a hitchhiker, some one on foot, very suspicious. Second car theory, hey bro I need you to follow me to the junction I got two dead bodies, gonna dump and light em on fire, I need a ride back! Or one car met other car somewhere around town, deal went bad. Bad people from the big city look at Google Map, if we take this road, looks like nothing from here to the ocean, get some gas at Shell and go that way till it seems far enough, big trees, dark seems like the middle of no where, no cell service, no Google Map. One waits while the other attempts to light the stick on fire. Oh shit…lights! Toss the stick, hop in and burnout down the road. And there are burnout marks in the west bound lane just beyond the crime scene. All they had to do was pull off the road, turn off the lights and wait a bit then casually drive back past going the other way! No way this crime was commited by someone from this area!

  • Wow! Has everyone an opinion these days and they are mostly all psychobabble. Thank you to the firemen and etc. I’m sending some love to the families of the victims. This won’t be the best news and I’m hoping it’ll be a well combed investigation to figure out who did it at least.

    to all the comments on weed is the problem and all this fighting…. cmon everyone. Evil lurks everywhere, this happens all over all the time. YES even in the holiest of small towns. You mays well blame the redwood trees too if you’re going to blame pot. It’s people! It could be ralated or not but what it breaks down to is who did it and getting them caught and Convicted. Anyways, just chill with all the Agro, assumptions, and finger pointing. Two people are dead, don’t use it to show off your bullshit opinions.

  • Marijuana has become big business. Hate it, love it, it doesn’t matter, it’s a done deal. Any average joe can walk into a store and safely buy it at will. No doubt this has put a strain on the drug dealers and gang bangers slinging dime bags in the city. No more, hey do you know where I can buy some weed or hey you wanna buy a bag of weed? They send their thugs up here to buy on the black market, find some unsuspecting local farmer who just wants to sell a few pounds, pay the bills! And this kind of shit happens, bam I’ll just take your weed, look how easy that was! I don’t know you, I don’t care about you…and there’s nothing to stop me from coming back and doing it again, dead people don’t talk! It’s disturbing and people can be so gullible. Random stranger chats someone up looking to buy weed. Seem legit, show the cash…ok I can get you a couple pounds, have to go get it, meet you back here in an hour, cool. Run off to where ever, I met these guys in town, want to buy some weed, they have money blah blah blah! And off you go, right into their trap!

  • Ok, I gotta say this…..I know the pot incidents are gruesome and out of hand, but in all honesty the blame for most snakey disgusting and downright devious acts are probably done by the METH/HEROIN ADDICTS!!! They are the most hateful, underhanded and EVIL people you have down there!!! Sorry NOT sorry!! I’m just glad I moved away, and I’m NOT going back!! Nothing will change until the CRACKDOWN on the METH/HEROIN DEALERS happens!!

  • Usually the first person on scene is the main suspect trying to cover there tracks by calling it in.but this time the first person on scene is above the law,and above moral decency to the people she was elected by to represent.instead she’s chosen to destroy three quarters of us,sink our beautiful community financially,extort us that won’t go along with her rip off scheme,and pretty much leave 80% of us with no wher to turn except leaving our home that we love

  • Ford weenie roaster

    So Hum is starting to resemble Juarez circa 2007.

  • If possible it would be helpful, in terms off calling in tips, whether to two people were murdered elsewhere and what the time frames are. For instance., near my house there has been several instances of middle-of-the-night rapid small arms fire followed by voices yelling and screaming. Is it tip worthy?

  • ….The moment you realise capitalism isn’t working so well

  • If you lived in any U.S. city, the “Non-Native ‘Fake Locals ” all say the same thing. “Look at all tbis crimes these outsiders bring. Every city has people being burnt. Being murdered. Breaking in the homes. Has drug problems. It’s literally every city. Literally guys get the f*** out of your house. Go anywhere and there’s huge crime waves everywhere almost every state. Humboldt is no different. . And for the idiot that just compared Mexico to Humboldt. Juarez Mexico had over 6000 murders in one year.

    • Ford weenie roaster

      Eric, my friend. In 2010 there was 3500 homicides in Juarez, not 6000. The historical high watermark. In 2007 it was around 300. If Humboldt, with one fifteenth the population of Juarez, reaches 30 homicides they will surpass the homicide rate of Juarez in 2007. Do the math on a per capita basis. We’re comparing a major city to a sparsely populated back country region.

      I stand corrected: Humboldt county collectively is starting to resemble Juarez circa 2007; idiot.

      What’s Humboldt’s homicide rate? 15 to 20, maybe 30 per 100,000? How many have not been reported? Easily twice the rate of CA’s average. Every CITY has violent crime and drug problems. Humboldt is not a city. Its still mostly rural place with mostly Caucasian inhabitants. The rate of increase in crime in Humboldt is depressing.

    • Less depressing than the world over all, not that long ago.

      From page 615 of Robert M. Sapolsky’s book, Behave: “Fifteenth-Century Europe averaged 41 homicides per 100,000 people per year. Currently only El Salvador, Venezuela, and Honduras, at 62, 64 and 85 respectively, are worse; the world averages 6.9, Europe averages 1.4…”

  • See folks like me grow up in places like the bay area and for the most part don’t have a choice but to be a product of there inviornment and live survival of the fittest and live life how we see best fits us based on our inviornment and what we see and deal with growing up,but this is some other shit going on round here but also sad to say it’s all apart of our being in this life time people.

  • FormerSoHum Resident

    All these gods passing judgement without knowing the full story! Wow, Can any of you walk on water?

  • Who was them people that was kilt?

  • My heart goes out to the families and friends of those two people. So sad! Prayers for comfort and answers.

  • Kym; Any update?

  • The title says apparent homicide. Looking at the picture one can deduce that this was a surprise dousing followed by a quick flick of an ignition source.
    Unless one of the first responders opened the door that would lend to the argument that the culprit knew the victims.
    I would guess that the driver of the vehicle, once doused tried to flee the vehicle only to be fully included in flames before he/she could step out.
    Not to mention rumors are circulating that the victims were chained or tied in the vehicle.

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