CLMP, Mateel Hosting Town Hall Community Meeting to Discuss Impacts of Legalization, SoHum Economy

This is a press release from the Mateel:

The Civil Liberties Monitoring Project and the Mateel Community Center will host a Town Hall Community Meeting on Thursday, August 23rd, from 6:00 to 8:30 pm at the Mateel Community Center in Redway to discuss the impacts of marijuana legalization on the citizens, the economy and the communities in Southern Humboldt.

A panel of county and state representatives including our 2nd district Supervisor,  Code Enforcement, Sheriff’s Department, California Fish and Wildlife and Water Quality will be available for questions and comments from the public.

Topics will include permits, abatements, fees and fines and more within Humboldt County.

The Mateel will have drinks and snacks available for sale.  Doors open at 5:30pm, the meeting will start promptly at 6pm.

For more information or to volunteer, call the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project office at 923-4646 or email to



  • Wasted economy……Eco tourism is on the rise. Maybe town should open earlier & close later. Hote/motel check in is at 4pm but everyone closes by then. Tourists walk town wondering why everything is closed. Checkout is at 10am. Again tourists walk town and ask, why there’s nothing open. Most tourists only stay a day per town when travelling. More than half the hotels empty after 24hrs, to fill again. Its Too bad they never get to check out what our lil towns have to offer, considering the times they ck in & ck out.

    • I work at the biggest and best of the bunch. Good point. Cannabis needs added to that tourism, yesterday, in every town along the Ave. Really, it ain’t that complicated.. We have Napa and CO laying the framework, but zero leadership/ cohesion/ vision. Never seen a county cannibalize itself in such fashion. (make your own puns)

    • Estelle Fennell and John Ford pulling together their co-conspirators to tell us how it’s okay to take apart our community because it’s eco-friendly and because they voted on it so now they get a chance to lie on live radio how they’re going to take care of the mom and pops and those who have the right of medical compassionate use limiting everybody down to 10 x 10 are 10 x 15 at the most and if you get caught with more we’re going to punish you by taking everything you have including your freedom

  • I hope all the people who insisted on others to vote for this sham “legalization” will be there. So they can see in person the devastation that is going down. But of course they’ll have some slick denial based on their rich friends’ permitted blow-out farms and more pollyanna optimism for the future. The future will next be the shuttering of the permitted scenes as prices tank, fees strangle and the corps move in for The Kill. Congratulations everybody- you really killed it!

    • alas, it passed. how we are not the county leading the charge by far is the dismal part. if 99% of legal canna hitting the stores is not from humboldt for shame sups. where’s the lounges? where’s the infused dining? where’s all the stores? where’s the bud and breakfasts? tied up in BS. the farms bound by the many hands in the pocket. WAKE UP>>we’re sitting on a goldmine! fast track all this isht!

    • The pot economy was crashing with or without “legalization”.

    • Sounds like a really good opportunity these are the people spearheading code enforcement taking out a lot of the neighborhoods all over Humboldt County they are going to make our economy great again they plan on putting in a giant license plate Manufacturing facility a great way to fix the shit hole that there making thanks a lot

    • Sounds like a good opportunity these are the people spearheading code enforcement taking out neighborhoods all over Humboldt County they are going to make things great again they plan on putting in a giant license plate Manufacturing facility that’s the way to fix the shit hole that you made ordinance fire out of control your neighborhood will probably be next this is worse than the War on Drugs are any other campaign against the people and they say marijuana is legal now what the hell who will pay for what you are putting us through

  • This will be broadcasted live in KMUD.

    • I hope that the local lawyers show up they know more of what’s Happening to the people that they are representing and how their clients are being threatened so far the ordinance fire has only been burning local neighborhoods the heat needs to be turned up on those who started the fire I hear you missed your ride

  • Screw Humboldt Entity

    The economy has hit the lows but not the bottom yet, this harvest will show the real damage done, $300-400 pounds all over Humboldt right now, and few people sold last summers outdoor. Why are we calling the Sheriff and County to this meeting, they are the ones destroying our local economy. Its like having the wolf come to the chicken coop and explain to the chickens how even though the wolf has been killing chickens, the wolf really cares for the chockens well being… This is backwards, why does Humboldt County not care about it’s residence, there has been a violent drug war waged against Humboldt Citizens for nearly 50 years… The whole environmental damage claim is a ruse, if the County of Humboldt really cared about the environment they would be workimg to end all Redwood Ecosyatem logging, they defended PALCO and the timber industry when the timber industry was wholesale exploiting our forests in “cut and run” tactics. They want those ranchlands back in beef production, and they want those tpz zones back in timber production, do not be fooled, the County of Humboldt as a Corporation does not care about the commom people of Humboldt, if they did they would stopped persecuting family farmers 40 years ago. They want us all broke, living in poverty, and willing to accept their $10 per hour “service jobs”, screw Humboldt County as a incorporated entity.

  • Is there a call-in line available ?

    • A call in for a community meeting, get off your rump and go attend.

      • millennials…..a call in line. har-har.

      • If you have questions I would be happy to represent you there it’s easier if you text me if you leave them on here they will probably be ready for your question but if it’s good they might not have a legitimate answer

  • Did you know Humboldt has 8 state parks? There is economy in eco-tourism. It may not support flashy $100,000 trucks but it’s an economy, well over looked here.

  • What bugs me in these community meetings is that these highly paid figureheads (sheriff, planning, etc) are always at some big table in front, while we the peasants seeks answers. No. It needs to be in a circle, a community looking at each other, figuring out solutions from the ground up, not giving these agencies more and more power to tell us how to live and who to pay. The sheriff and planners and other agencies voices aren’t voted in, maybe Estelle was, and that’s crazy, cuz she is a lizard, but nonetheless, these people work for the state and the govt and not the general people, not our community. I think Bonnie blackberry should be in charge of the meeting and other locals like a dairy Farmer, a logger, some food producers, a plumber, and check-out line worker, a restaurant worker, and a street person should sit at the big table. Fuck the man. I won’t be going to swallow more dribble that agencies keep jamming down our poor throats. We need a community meeting without these outsiders involved. Come talk to a panel of cops and untrustworthies.

    • Swine, I agree with you that it is critical that our community discuss what is happening. This scheduled meeting is to have the folks in charge of various departments present in the same room to receive our community questions, so we can hear their answers, have follow up questions and hear if the different departments are giving out the same answers as each other. It is more of a “clarifying and giving feedback with department heads”meeting as to a “what are we going to do meeting”. At this point I think we need both.

    • Love your message. Let’s flip the script.
      Have them sit in the back on some horribly uncomfortable folding chairs and ignore their comments.

      The facts are that the environment, in many watershed’s, is recovering from a century of homesteading, logging, ranching and county approved 1970’s subdivisions.

      Ask about this Cal Trout report.

      South Fork Eel Sproul Creek Flow Study

      Contact, North Coast Region Director, Darren Mierau
      615 11th Street, Arcata, CA 95521
      (707) 825-0420
      Program Manager, Mary Burke,

  • Humboldt County Budget pie-chart.
    For those who would like to see a picture.

    • Well there’s the problem, hardly any miney spent on education. You can give a bunch of morons expensive tools and the finest materials to build thier future, but at the end of the day you will have a turd castle because most people around here have shit for brains.

    • Sad that education apparently is not a priority.

      Is there a pie chart for the income sources Stakeholder?

    • Just a fact check here. Dept. of Health & Human Services’ huge chunk of the budget is funded mainly by state funds (our property tax dollars) returned by the state to the county in the form of grants dedicated to specific state-mandated programs, and not from the county General Fund, which is allocated by the Board of Supervisors. I am not saying this is good or bad; this is just information.

  • I like stars too!

    I like the idea that talking about the economy and the future will somehow repair the “pot thing” in Humboldt.

    Face it, growing pot as a main source of income, is finished.

    Corporations are tooling up, stock is being sold (Canopy stock shot up >30% yesterday following a $4 billion investment by Corona), there is about to be so much legal and compliant weed that nobody small will be able to make money in this business as a “small grower”.

    Your own county is focused upon closing you down.

    How do you figure you will survive? Are you really as delusional as the “pot as medicine” crowd?

  • Seems to me vast over production is responsible for the current price collapse; not ‘over regulation” or taxes. Vast overproduction has also drained the watersheds of water and caused other damage to wildlife. This will be the year to see if legal pot will command a better price. Right? We all should know by Thanksgiving anyway. Then maybe with some voluntary limits on production things will stabilize. Regardless, it is way past time for the local economy to diversify.

  • Yes, lets open up an economic discussion starting with the the history of Pot.

    Up until 1980 most of the Pot was imported from places like
    Mexico, Colombia, Thailand and Jamaica.
    Hashish was imported from Afghanistan, Lebanon and Morocco.
    Remember those days?
    Remember the Hippie Trail?
    Remember the Vietnam War?
    Remember FARC?
    Remember paraquat?
    Remember Charlie Wilson?

    Then what happened and why?
    I know, do you?


  • MEGA
    Make Economy Great Again

  • Simple econnomics, supply and demand , Over production. Say goodbye to the life your used to and get ready to work. Back in the day most people had regular jobs and grew weed to supplement their income. The whole greenrush free for all gave people a whole different mentality about the herb, it became a race to get rich game. Maybe this whole thing will lead to a more sustainable way of life where people have to get more creative and find ways to work together with the land, grow more food, learn some different skills, go back to school, spend less money, be more real. Well have fun folks and hold on to yer britches!

    • It’s not over production. It’s freely accessing the huge markets outside the state. Herb lovers from the East Coast want what Humboldt, Mendo, Trinity grows, because it’s top quality, grown by people that have be doing for decades.
      Funny how the County and State forces growers to pay tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases in the permitting process, yet have done jack shit about setting up an infrastructure so these poor guys can sell their weed. Then they have the nerve to harp on how they want to get rid of the black market!
      It seems they are in over their heads. They don’t realize the treasure they have with the moderate and mom and pop grows. If they worked with them to and supported them instead of clubbing them with unnecessary fines, I feel it would be a boon to our community in the end.

  • Does anyone else think its some what odd the MCC would be hosting this discussion about SoHum Economy; since they themselves are in such a deep financial hole, the General Mgr resigned, they had to sell the rights to Reggae on the River, beg for donations thru a Go-Fund-Me account, blamed the community for not supporting them and still owe people money? Given the current status of the MCC financial problems and how much they owe the FTB for not paying years of payroll tax, are these the people you get advice from?

    I guess some things will never change and it doesn’t sound like SoHum wants to change with the rest of the world!

    If you want to make that change, be productive and make a living! You need to get that black market and outlaw mentality off your back and out of your head! The horse is dead, get off! Its time to come clean, make a clean start, bury the past and move on to bigger and better economic values. Don’t fall back on bad habits, fine new legal ones, they will come if you let them…

    • Occasional Reader

      Not odd at all. It’s a COMMUNITY Center, get it? It’s the largest gathering place around with a roof over it, a kitchen, restrooms, power, pretty easy access. But then again, maybe you could open your property for a gathering of this size? How about it? Could be interesting. Do you have the infrastructure?

      • Its funny you would call it a “COMMUNITY Center”, as if it was owned and operated by the “COMMUNITY”? I’m sure in the beginning, that’s what the founders envisioned. However, In the end, it’s nothing but a for-profit concert hall/venue, and the kitchen not used to feed a “COMMUNITY”, but leased out to private for-profit food vendors.

        And BTW, it’s NOT “the largest gathering place around with a roof over it, a kitchen, restrooms, power, pretty easy access.” Right there in Redway, you have the Redway School Gym and Cafeteria that is a true “COMMUNITY Center”, paid for, built and supported by the whole “COMMUNITY” and is 100% PUBLIC, not a DOMESTIC NONPROFIT Private Corporation like the Mateel:

  • Since the beginning, negative voices have been telling us the dream is impossible. That we should give up, throw in the towel, get a job. Telling all to conform or else. Jealousy of a free life style presides. No doubt things are changing, but since the beginning, it has been chaos. Unjust raids by CAMP, turned into unjust raids by multi adgency assault teams.
    If they really think this is all over, and all the money is gone, why are they proceeding with these rediculous raids, and excessive fines.. why not let the market naturally sort itself out? Is it because they fear we will be successful?
    Most of these people, who are not from the country, and not truely about homesteading will leave for better pastures, when the money runs out. But.. are they intimidating people because they know the money will never truly ‘run’ out. I mean look at the wine industry, massive amounts of vineyards, world wide trade markets, small and large vineyards, thriving.
    Sure, there is a lot of cannabis on the market, but good clean cannabis will be hard to come by with these huge grows taking over. Good non non-toxic cannabis can not be grown on a massively large scale without extreme investments. Even then, I would have my doughts about the safety and quality of the cannabis.
    Spider mites, powder molds, unseen molds, Cadmium toxicities, mercury, and other heavy metals in high phosphorus chemical fertilizers are all really unhealthy, and absolutely completely nessecary on large scale industrial farms.
    This is just the next battle for the next generation of homesteaders who came out to live a dream and succeeded. We succeeded, and will continue to succeed. It is truely our success that terrifies the county.
    Small farmers can compete against big ag monocrops. Look at the many dairy co ops for example. Like Horizons dairy. A group of smaller dairy farmers who band together for processing and distribution. Thru co-ops.
    Now the state wants to make co-ops illegal? This is fundamentally flawed. Farmers have co-opened since the beginning of agriculture. So dairy farmers can co-op, but cannabis farmers can’t. People can’t come together to cooperatively grow cannabis?
    Such a farse.
    But non the less, we shall overcome. Them hippies was right.

  • Did anyone manage to transcribe this meeting?
    If so, where can I find it?

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