Injured Fortuna Football Player Profiled by ESPN

Bailey Foley

Bailey Foley as a football player, then in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury, and then as he heals and moves on through all the difficulty.

ESPN profiled former Fortuna football player Bailey Foley—the fearless Bailey Foley as they title the article–in an article today.

Foley was injured in a football game last fall, he spent months in the hospital with his parents by his side, and managed to graduate this year.

Below is just an excerpt of the article:

Bailey Foley could bench-press 215, more than 30 pounds over his weight, and his wiry body was toughened by riding motorcycles and dirt bikes in the coastal mountains and the loamy bed of the Eel River. He was a starting infielder on the varsity baseball team who liked to spend weekends fishing for lingcod 20 minutes away along the Pacific’s Lost Coast or for steelhead in the river down the street. He was the kind of kid who is typical of Fortuna — “the Friendly City,” population 12,191 — but rare most other places: the kind who lived outside. The air in Humboldt County is like damp wool, the climate and topography ideal for growing redwoods, marijuana and tough kids. On the football field, Bailey had a reputation among his teammates and opponents as an eager and sometimes savage hitter.

Read the whole article here.

Donate to Bailey’s GoFundMe here.

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  • Way to pull through kid. Congratulations on your achievements, successful healing and graduation. You have that winning smile that will help out yourself and everyone around you. Keep that sparkle in your eyes going. 🙂

  • What an Awesome Inspiration To All Young Kids and Athletes Just an Amazing Story and Just Goes To Show Once Again” Where Theres a Will Theres a Way”!!!! And He Did It Against All Odds Very Lovely Family & Friends 🤠🎉💜!!

  • Just goes to show that Dootball is more dangerous than marijuana, way more deaths and head injuries, yet our schools still oromote thia dangerous, deadly sport. Time to rethink Football as a School sanctioned sport… Wheres all the outrage?

    • Football has helped many young men become productive adults. The discipline learned has turned many wayward teen boys in the right direction. Football is an excellent sport that teaches true teamwork.

    • where is the outrage? There isn’t any. Comparing it to a drug is useless unless you want to read up on how drugs affect developing brains.

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