Dragging Chain Blamed for Series of Small Fires in Covelo Area


Smoke from the Covelo Fires on August 5.

Smoke from the Covelo Fires on August 5. [Photo from Holly DeLaughter shot from the Round Valley Airport]

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

On 8/05/2018 the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office was advised of 15 separate fires that started north of the town of Covelo in the valley floor of Round Valley.  At the time these fires were reported there was a heightened awareness of fire danger due to several ongoing incidents, The Eel Fire,  east of Covelo in the Mendocino National Forest and the Mendocino Complex, two large fires, burning between Mendocino and Lake Counties.  Due to the large number of fires that started in a relative short time frame ( between noon and 3:00 PM) the community was naturally alarmed.  5 of these fires were started opposite the Round Valley Tribal Gas Station and Store on Highway 162, 9 were started along Crawford and Refuse Roads, and one was started near the intersection of Biggar Lane and Highway 162.  While no residences were lost, one of these fires destroyed a large amount of wooden fencing and threatened numerous homes and out buildings.

Rumors began to circulate within the community of a possible active arsonist within the community.  A potential suspect was named and described as having been in a vehicle in the area where two of the fires were started.

In an effort to address the communities concerns the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Patrol Division, the Detectives Division, Covelo Volunteer Fire Department, and Cal Fire personnel initiated an investigation into the possible cause and origin of the fires.  A video surveillance system revealed the person who had been named as a possible suspect had a similar vehicle but found to not have the same vehicle that had been seen in the immediate area.  This person was contacted, interviewed, and denied any involvement in starting of any fires.  This person fully cooperated with law enforcement during this investigation.

In viewing surveillance tapes a second vehicle was identified and the owner contacted.  This person had been towing a recently acquired trailer and admitted to having driven the same routes, in the immediate time frames as all the fires having started.  An examination of the vehicle tow chains showed significant wear from “dragging” on the ground.   A Cal Fire fire investigator was consulted and agreed the starts appeared to be consistent with a chain dragging behind a trailer and did not appear to be fires that were intentionally set.  The case has been closed as accidental and will be handled in a non-criminal manner.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the public that we are facing extreme fire behavior.  Fire fighters are currently facing many large fires so resources are stretched thin.  The public is encouraged to use all precautions to limit the potential fire threats from daily activities.



  • Wow, it takes so little to start a fire in these conditions. Be fire safe!

  • Unbelievable! Did the chain dragger also toss out lit cigarette butts along the way? What a great neighbor!

    • More signs on the road especially in high risk fire area s for things like this maybe even a radio announcement to tighten your chains while traveling and no cig butts out the window , etc. Went for est service and other campgrounds don’t want campfires they let it be known. Sadly there is people that don’t realize these things .

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