Firefighters Quench Small Blaze in Fortuna

A firefighter and engine at the scene of a fire in Fortuna.

A firefighter and engine at the scene of an escaped campfire in Fortuna.
[Photo by Stormy Taylor]

At approximately 8 p.m., firefighters responded to a possible escaped campfire off of 9th Street in Fortuna.

The campfire was possibly at the scene of a homeless encampment, according to a witness.

Firefighters quickly got the fire under control.




  • Someone should write a grant to get woodburning stoves for all the homeless encampments. Having a fire (especially durring the height of fire season) is a human right!?!? Isn’t it?

  • Wow. Right here at home. Calif raging homeless problem from unchecked liberalism they are going to burn Ca off the face of the map. I thought burn permits are suspended, as with an open flame source. Guess it’s ok if your are a homeless camper, how else are they supposed to cook their food bank chili and boil their food bank noodles?

    • Looks like they need to send some code enforcement convoys to all the homeless camps! Trespassing squatters starting unpermitted fires. Many other violations too….
      Unpermitted tarp & pallet structures.
      –building code violations ($10,000 fines per day).
      Garbage dumped all over the forest & river banks.
      –improper disposal of garbage violations($10,000 fines per day).
      –depositing trash in or near a waterway violation($20,000 fines per day).
      Shitting all over the forest & streams.
      –improper disposal of sewage violation($10,000 fines per day).
      The list goes on.
      Bum sweep 2018!

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