You are Invited SoHum Health’s Courtyard Renovation Celebration on August 15th

From the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce:



  • I recently actually said that district hospitals are no less honestly operated than Adventist Health, Sutter Health, and St Josephs!

    Since they all have “healing gardens”, it would be appropriate for someone to enjoy these spaces… There is a lovely one in Fort Bragg at Mendo Coast Hospital, likewise at Howard in Willits.

    It is nice that the managers invest some capital in pretty flowers, in between lying to and stealing from the public and their patients!

    Healthcare, in California and the rest of the world, is about deceiving everyone into thinking Healthcare is necessary, and after that, Healthcare is pretty much just about money, rather than about taking care of people.

    Jerold Phelps Hospital is no worse than any other District Hospital, no more or less screwed up, no more or less operated in the interest of very few individuals, and no more or less operated by the corrupt and incompetent…

    If you choose to consume healthcare through SHCHD, or SoHum Health as they now call it, prepare to be overcharged and underwhelmed.

    If it makes you upset, go outside, look at the garden, and don’t think about the under-performing and overpaid CEO and CFO who are running this show…

    Take some time to thank your Hospital Employees, who hang in there through thick and thin in a sincere attempt to help the public. These people are the best contents of an averege District Hospital.

  • And remember:

    Usually, when a business agency changes it’s name, it means they are either not doing too well financially, they are trying to escape from controversy, or they are trying to hide from something while attempting to deceive the public into thinking that something has changed…

    If you have a weak product, and are poorly perceived in the market, change the name! Business 101… Great idea, Matt and Kent!

    Since 75.42% of the SoHum public would not use and does not trust SHCHD with their medical needs 99% of the time, it does not really matter what the name of this awful mess is…

    So, get a “sports physical”, by all means.

    From my point of view, offering a “loss leader” usually will not pump up the business of a public agency, especially one which is so poorly operated in general.

    If you fall by Jerold Phelps Hospital, drop off a few comments, have a meeting with Matt Rees the $110/hr CEO who believes in Nepotism and Conflict of Interest, and, hey, give them a large donation if you are so inclined! Your hospital needs public guidance, community input and participation, and not just from its fully un-elected board, and general business in secret…

    It’s tough to run these places, but the government is handing out more money these days to support broken-down and pathetic little district hospitals like SoHum Health…

    They can probably even afford Matt’s ridiculously oversized salary, for a few more weeks…

    I predict that nothing at all has changed at Jerold Phelps Hospital, besides the name.

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