SoHum Chamber’s Featured Destination of the Week: Founder’s Grove

Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce

Every week the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce features a destination of the week. We’ll be sharing their posts here to celebrate our community.

It’s a beautiful sunny day as you take the scenic drive along the Avenue of the Giants going northbound.   The light rays from the warm summer sun filter through the trees, exposing the size of the mystical giants that surround you.  A cool breeze combs through the loose strands of your hair, gently teasing your face.  You come across a slight rise in elevation and drive up and over highway 101.   A few moments later you arrive to Founder’s Grove, the most visited grove in the Humboldt Redwoods and a major North Coast attraction.

Located on a very large alluvial flat at the intersection of two rivers, the grove is surrounded by a barrier of tall mountains to the west and often immersed with a fog that passes through the Eel River Valley.  The climate here works well for these huge trees and with the openness of this large area it truly makes it one of the most impressive there is!  Recognized most for its expansive size, massive redwoods can be seen in every direction on the loop trails!

The remarkable beauty within this grove is best seen in the winter, when the redwoods grow out of an attractive thick layer of redwood sorrel.  The redwood sorrel creates a bed of plush carpet with clusters of ferns scattered all around.   The lighting within this grove can be quite tricky as little late-afternoon sunlight reaches the forest floor, creating the feeling of a denser surrounding. 

There are a few loop trails that run though Founder’s Grove.  A half-mile long trail with the Founders’ Tree at the near end and the fallen Dyerville Giant at the far end is the closest trail to the parking lot area.   This trail seems to be the most popular loop.

Leading from the Founders’ Loop a connecting trail meets the equally impressive Mahan Loop.  The stretch of the trail that connects the two is the best part of Founders’ Grove.   The eyes can witness up close a cluster of large redwoods alongside the trail and see trees rising in the distance through all the dense foliage.

There is a third loop trail that is across the Avenue of the Giants from the Founders’ and Mahan Loops.  Although there is no trailhead marker to indicate the actual name, it is in fact an official trail and is called the Goosepen Loop on the official park map.

If you really want to capture the true size of these massive tall redwood trees, The Founder’s Grove is a must see!   Each trail gives the eye a clear vision of the pure beauty that is within our redwood forests!

Many people that come to see our public lands often come without some essential tools needed to be able to truly enjoy the experience they are searching for.  Here is a helpful link to the Leave No Trace website which encourages seven very important principles of outdoor ethics: .

Pack your bags, grab your boots, and come visit The Founders’ Grove!

“Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away!”

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