North Coast People’s Alliance Opposes Measure M

McKinley Statue Arcata

Installation of McKinley statue in 1906.

This is a press release from the North Coast People’s Alliance:

North Coast People's AllianceThe North Coast People’s Alliance is urging a “NO” vote on Measure M, the Arcata ballot initiative that would force the city to keep the McKinley statue in place.

“Too many people find this statue a painful reminder of brutal episodes in American history,” said Mike Hetticher, NCPA’s Treasurer. “The most compassionate choice now is to affirm the Arcata City Council’s decision to remove the statue, and to vote ‘No’ on Measure M.”

Arcata’s City Council voted 4-1 to remove the statue of President William McKinley, after hearing heartfelt pleas of many community members. One council member and others who disagreed with the decision gathered enough signatures to place Measure M on the ballot.

If it prevails, it would tie the hands of all future councils, no matter how much circumstances might change, unless the city went to time and expense of a citywide election.

“The McKinley statue does not belong on the Arcata Plaza, the same place where local Indigenous Peoples were sold into slavery,” said Nathaniel McGuigan, an Arcata City resident and member of the Historic Justice Alliance, a group which is organizing the “No on Measure M” Campaign.  “McKinley brought the U.S. into the era of imperialism by colonizing over 7,000 islands in the Pacific and the Caribbean during the Spanish American War, including Puerto Rico, and he implemented policies leading to the genocide and economic exploitation of Indigenous Peoples domestically and abroad.”

The Wiyot Tribe, many Native community members from throughout the region and large numbers of people from diverse backgrounds have publicly expressed support for the relocation of the statue.

“In reality not one of us is free until everyone is free from oppression,” McGuigan stated. “Together we can create a better future.”

More information on the No on M campaign is available on two Facebook pages, the Historic Justice Alliance ( and NO on Measure M – Remove Mckinley ( The No on M campaign can be emailed at

The North Coast People’s Alliance organizes for social justice, economic justice and environmental justice, and works to help everyday people become more involved in their civic institutions. It will be conducting phone banks in support of numerous NCPA-endorsed candidates and issues on the second and fourth Monday of each month, beginning Aug. 13, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the Labor Temple, 840 E St., Eureka. Participants should bring their phones.

Learn more about NCPA on its website at



  • NCPA should show how strongly they feel about removing this statue and pay for it’s removal

    • Are you kidding? Removing the statue does nothing to help the poor, the working poor, or anyone else. Progressives help no one but themselves. They have been in charge in this state and county for years. No homesteads for the homeless. No help to the working poor, who suffer under the weight of over taxation. Where are the social justice warriors to help lower our property taxes, as property values have tanked, due to progressive democrats selling us out to corporate grows in the valley. Or the added taxes on gas, which cause the poor to not eat as well or having to by gas to get to work, so they have to go without their meds. Why haven’t they helped stop these huge grows here that destroy the environment? Progressives, social justice warriors, all these people do nothing to help people. Why would anyone vote for these freaks? They steal our money and lie every day, they hurt the poor. Do not vote for them. Republicans with Trump are helping people, from middle class to the poor. Prison reform, removing the inheritance death tax to keep greedy punk progressives from taxing us out our property, lowering taxes, deregulating business, all minority groups doing so much better now than under democrats, vote republican and stop the horrid socialists from hurting us anymore.
      When you see who is helping the poor, and the homeless, who is feeding them, helping them as much as they can, you see Christians and Jews doing it. The Christian and Jewish faiths help 90% of the poor. Not democrats, not social injustice warriors, progressives, socialists, or the left in general. The progressives do nothing to help, democrats do nothing to help people, remember Hitlery,” fuck the poor, they do nothing for me”. What a bitch. Typical socialist thought.
      Vote these clowns out of office, get some good republicans to raise us all up, and stop worrying about a stupid statue that means nothing. And you can go to any public library in the US and find all the books that the commie democrats want banned, mostly because they tell the truth about the evil progressives and democrats, the parties of slavery and oppression. Arcata City Council sucks. A bunch of hand wringing wussies with no backbone. You are whats wrong with this county and state. Disgusting.

      • Get your head out of the ground, your so out of touch, it’s killing us. The mega grows I’m near, sport MAGA hats. Feeding the poor here, where I am, was shut down by MAGA suppoters who hate what they call handouts. You might want to double ck who publishes what your reading. Sounds like white nationalist publications.

        • Never seen bigger haters than all these lib[edit]

          • Why do you hate mentally handicapped so much you have to use them as a label, instead of just calling someone stupid?

          • Anti troll league

            Hatefullness is characterized by belittling and name calling. And by using false analogies and strawmen out of poor understanding. Opposing someone hateful by out hating them only takes one hateful person and turns it into two.

            BTW I am speaking to Nino Brown because Unapologetic certainly started the hatefulness by name calling.

            BTW I think Lone Ranger was kidding.

            • Your so cute, nice try!

            • I was kidding, too funny, I would gladly pay for it’s relocating to my front yard, awesome memories with Mr who ever he is,many a drunk night’s sitting with him in the plaza, good times

        • ALL minorities under Trump have benefited by his policies. He has lifted thousands of the poor up to a much better lifestyle, not with hand outs, but with real jobs. 3.7 million more jobs to date, and more coming. Cook said he is bringing millions of jobs here because of Trump. Millions off food stamps, because they can support themselves, due to Trumps programs. Prison reform is also happening. Get that from the commie democrats? No. How many companies have left Calif? Over 9000. How many jobs have been brought in by the progressives in this county? None. How many people are suffering here because of the progressives? Many. I do not know what so called supremists say, they are as evil and satanic as the antifa perverts. People who think they are superior to another are evil. Those who would decide that a person is inferior because of their appearance is an idiot, and evil. These low lifes, on both sides, need some potty training, and should be spanked, and be held accountable for all damage they do. Catch them, identify them, put their info out there, and garnish their wages to pay for the damage they cause, and this is for both sides of these feral sick animals. And did you see what trump and others are working on? Trump says if a state has legalized pot, they can use banks and other institutions to do business in, and they also do not have to pay such high permit fees. Plus, the fed govt will not interfere, that means fish and game cannot be used to make warrant less busts. Maybe thats why the idiots were wearing Trump hats.

      • STUBER for Governor!

      • Republicans are racist. Republicans are against environmental protections. Republicans deny climate change. Republicans are against OSHA. Republicans are against fair and equal taxation. Republicans are against single payer health care (which means price controls). Republicans are against a tolerant society. Republicans lie. Republicans support Qanon. Republicans support christian sharia law. Republicans place party first and country second. Republicans are in majority only because of gerrymandering and abusing the rules of this democracy. Republicans suck and everyone knows it.

        • Anti troll league

          Well that should devastate any Republican so that they immediately transform into … well I was going to say Democrats but then 90% of what you accused Republicans of doing applies equally to Democrats. Certainly intolerance, graft, dishonesty, irrational beliefs, party adherence, etc are totally shared among the parties. It takes a might filter to view the Republicans as worse than humanity in general.

          As for intolerance, your post makes clear that it is not the sole province of Republicans. In fact, such bullying and hatefulness is the reason the least party adhering President in modern history is in office right now. In the battle of how low-can-you-go, the left has certainly been the loudest and is only out played by the KKK.

          • The kkk has always been the democrats . . . Time to do some reading, kids

            • Umm.. no that was ancient history when the democrats were the party of the south. This is the 2000’s. Go ask any of those ‘proud boys’ or other unite the right protesters and ask who they support.

        • Republicans freed the slaves.

          • But your seeming to leave other details out by convenience. It was the Republicans who freed the slaves, but both political parties basically switched roles around the turn of the century, the Republican became Democrats and the Democrats became Republicans, in how they ran policy. Its in to books too, I suggest, don’t cherry pick.

          • Driver; see my reply above to Sarah. You guys really should read the news. Although you are slightly factually correct, it means nothing in this day and age. Nice try though!

      • social justice wankers

  • What a gaggle of fools.

    Let’s vote to sanitize our history and lobotomize our society.

    I vote NCPA goes and fuggs off.

  • Statue,
    We are already too far down that road to make a U-turn. The counsel made it’s decision.

    Space is another subject.
    Do we want to militarize space?

    • Ta Naaaaa Na, Ta Naaaaa Na, Ta Naaaa Da Nee Naaaa Naaaw Naww Nawwww

      Hawwww Heeeee Hawwww Heeeee!

    • Space was “militarized” 61 years ago? Didn’t you get the memo?

    • And you think the Chinese, Russians or Indians will think twice about militarising space? should we just let them do it without putting our own defenses in? And what’s with the new push on the left to rewrite our history, good or bad it’s there to learn from. If we simply remove it from history books then no one’s going to know what we did wrong in the past and be able to fix it in the future.

      • That’s what museums are for.

        • No, life can’t be lived in a museum. Should only museum goers, a very small group indeed, know history? Do you think museums themselves will escape the left’s American Cultural Revolution?

          That does seem to be the direction of education itself as popularization has replaced scholarship already. There are now two generations who do not know even such simple things as the three divisions of the US government.

          • There’s also these things called history books, in schools & libraries, beside just museums. You should check one out sometime! Honk Honk!

  • After cites in the south removed statues because of racism issues the people of Arcata had to find something to remove to continue to show how they are the most liberal/progressive city in the country. I wonder how many things they had to Wikipedia before they found out that the statue could fit the bill. “Somebody google that flower, is it racist? How about the freeway? We could remove the freeway if it is a form of colonialism?” How about a compromise, just put some potting soil in the statue and plant a tree. Then they would have to hug it.

  • Arcata. Arcata. Get rid of the palm trees on the square! Those aren’t native to this area! Pull down the store fronts and burn the buildings down from any thing of any era you disagree from! Pull up and destroy any historical plaques. Go dig up any of the graves from the frontiers people/ families in history you don’t like for whatever reason big and small! Please Arcata continue to teach your youth to disrespect people of different backgrounds or ideology. Please continue to promote hatred instead of learning from our past! Yes! Arcata continue to wipe out history so we may be ignorant of any past mistakes and only look to your ideology as the perfect solutions for any issue that may arise for you are oh so perfect in your misdirection of hate so you may continue to dissolve into a community of single minded hate against anyone and any thing that doesn’t fit your narrative.

    For those that want to smack my post for being “too white” or middle class, You again would be in error but hey! What ever you want to make it fits with your sjw agenda! The next generation or two that come down the pike with say how stupid you were and set the pendulum back the other direction and hopefully instead of messing with touchy-feely issues get back to what is important like helping the less unfortunate and cleaning the earth we all live in.

  • STUBER for Governor!

  • Its a non-issue. Distraction, nothing more.

  • Stuber: 2019 GOP Budget Proposal demands reductions over decade from:
    Medicare: $537 Billion
    Medicaid: $1.4 TRILLION
    Snap(food stamps) & SSI (disabled etc):
    $923 Billion

    2018 GOP tax bill gave breaks for private jets.
    You may hate Dems, but you need to do some research. The GOP has not delivered on promises for working class.

    • Where the term RINO came from. The other party has cornered DINO. One of the hopeful signs is that, while the DINOs successfully squashed Bernie Sanders, the RINOs failed to squash Trump. Whether the RINOs learn from the DINOs for the next election or visa versa will be interesting to see.

      Actually the biggest reduction ( remember the politician’s definition of reduction) in Medicare came supposedly from Obama’s “revenue neutral” ADA law.

      As for the jet tax break, it apparently existed for sometime before Obama’s legislation-by-regulation tactic took hold. I knew it was a horrible precedent to establish but the press would not listen then when Obama and the Democrats got it their way. As usual, now that it is being used by Republicans the Democrats are disingenuously objecting to the same exact thing the did when they had control. And will certainly support again should they regain the majority.

      I can’t understand the public’s hunger to be used and abused by both parties. The public apparently always can be had by the noisiest rabble rouser. Being a loyal partisan has become reason for street fights like it was 150 years ago. Thinking and respecting thinkers must be too great a challenge.

      • thank god we’re a republic and not a democracy

        • We’re actually both, before arguing it, google it

          • The USA is a Constitutional Republic. Democratic process is used in the Republic but the idea of “democracy” as the foundation of the USA is a fallacy; that is mob rule and was loathed by the founding fathers. We have rights that are inalienable and can not be voted or legislated away.

            “… Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”
            John Adams

            • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

              Sorry dude, but we don’t take anyone seriously who owns a crossbow. 🎯 (And, yes, I know that picture is of a bow & arrow, but don’t lie – YOU OWN A CROSSBOW AND YOU KNOW IT!)

              Let me guess, you love killing Bambi too. 💘⚰️🦌

              P.S. – [edit] Using “John Adams” and “democracy” in the same sentence is a goddamn disgrace, [edit]! You do of course know John Adams was the first one-term president for a reason, don’t you? Sedition Act, anyone?

  • MAGA
    Make Arcata Great Again

    Leave the statue alone

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November


      # Don’t Drop The Soap, Donald Trump ⚖️🚿

  • HELLO both parties are fully corrupt taking money from lobbyists. Why do you thing we are eating GMO crops, Cancer and diabetes are at a record level? Trump is NOT a polititician for one thing, the fact that our own political structure in itself has been polluted. How come every politician is a wealthy multi-millionaire when they only make a few hundred thousand in office? The local officials representing the party line are posers for one extreme side or the other. NO representation for the people. Prime example: look at Feinstein senator for years selling the U.S. to China!!!

  • If you want to remove a statue of one the actual ‘good ones’ as far as presidents go…considering it was he as president who led the United States into the Spanish-American War (1898-ish?)…after negotiations failed with Spain to…get this one…grant Cuba their independence…to literally FORCE, by decisive military victory over a country that had until then controlled one of the most powerful Navy’s in the world for the prior 500 years before that.

    If you want to destroy a statue to McKinley…then you’re possibly one of the reasons we need to seriously begin discussions about reopening mental institutions. For fork’s sake…

    • They said it is not to be destroyed but placed in a museum where it belongs. id say that’s much better than being humped by drunk college kids.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      I just love that picture of Mike Pence in the 1980’s right after he shaved off his Macho Man mustache! Hilarious! Almost as gay as Lindsay Graham! Now that’s gay! Mega gay! MAGA GAY, even! 🏌️‍♂️🐘🇷🇺💰💩🚽🔥💥⚖️🚿

      “I’M NOT GAY…”. (Awesome shirt)

      Sure you’re not gay, Mike Pence…. ⚖️🚿

  • Is McKinleyville named after this guy? Let’s rename the town to Magaville? Aren’t we all born into slavery these days? Slaves to the wage. Here in this corner, wearing red white and blue…. Jeff Bezos! Woo ( Jeff Bezos made an average of $107 million per day last year) to heck with foodstamps.. in the this corner, wearing rags and not much else… the 99%. Booooo..

  • Who needs food stamps? We need Bezos stamps. If that guy Jeff Bezos made an average of $107 million per day last year, that’s a lot of bread for everyone. Heck, that’s 107 homes purchased per day at each house valued at 1 mil per. Section 1mil for me, plz, I’ve had enough of the section8. Why cant we all just agree that everyone these days is a slave to their crappy wage?


    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      They are moving forward and doing something better by removing the statue. What don’t you get about that?

      Let me guess, you support keeping Confederate statues in place, right? That’s history, right? Tradition is no excuse for evil. Just because your great-granddaddy was [edit], doesn’t mean you have to follow the same [edit] path. [edit] 🇺🇸

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        Kym, I just love how you protect your right-wing racist [edit] fascist friends from any emotional distress resulting from being accurately described (and/or insulted), while you let those same scumbags issue regular DEATH THREATS on your blog against progressives. But yes, do censor any jokes that I might tell. That makes perfect sense.

        Here’s the Redheaded Blackbelt comments section Rule #1:
        — Do not speak ill of local fascists.

        Here’s Rule #2:
        — Death Threats from fascists against progressives are encouraged.

        • Here’s a rule that I didn’t explicitly state but should have been obvious:

          If I have to spend too much energy trying to get your comment to fit the rules, I will stop editing to show you what is acceptable and simply ban you.

          I support your politics mostly but your civility leaves a great deal to be desired.

          • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

            No, I am not civil to racist neo-Nazis. Nor should anyone be. EVER.

            You are not seriously suggesting that I SHOULD be civil to racist neo-Nazis, are you? (If so, your WHITE PRIVILEGE is showing.). Sorry, but me and my family simply can’t afford to tolerate racism and fascism. After all, apparently unlike you, our lives actually are at stake here. 🔥🇺🇸🔥

            • You can do whatever you want on your own site but on my white priviledged (and yes, I recognize that I have been and still am very privileged) website, you have to follow my rules. If you don’t, you get booted. I was a martial arts instructor, a teacher, and a parent to three teenaged boys. I’ve learned to be tolerant of a lot of behavior but I’ve also learned that when I have a line, don’t let anyone cross it.

              • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

                Death threats aren’t “a line” that concerns you? (That isn’t true surely.). Especially when those threats are coming from persons who continually claim to be heavily armed?

                And for those who doubt the existence of numerous death threats going way back from Trump fanatics in this blog’s comments section, review just about any discussion concerning guns or the recent story about the attempted murder of pro-environment protestors by drunk & disorderly on the job timber company employees.

                • If you see something that you believe crosses the line, put my name in reply to it. I’m not perfect and I’m exhausted trying to play Solomon in the comment section with people who should know better. If I miss something though, let me know so I can correct it.

                  Quite possibly though what you saw was comments before they were edited.

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