Mendocino Complex Rolls Northward Taking Around 13,000 Acres [Maps]

Crews on the Mendocino Complex August 4.

Crews on the Mendocino Complex August 4. [Photo from InciWeb]

The Ranch Fire rolled northward about 13,000 acres yesterday–most of it in remote mountainous areas. This makes it the third largest fire in modern California history on its own. The overall Mendocino Complex is now 325,226 acres and 67% contained.

According to the Northern California Geographic Coordination Center, “Approximately 2,000 civilians are under evacuation orders and 180 civilians are in the advisory area”

For more information on evacuations and road closures, click here.

The Plan:

To the west and east, the Ranch Fire fire is settling down behind containment lines. According to Cal Fire, “Fire crews continue working on bringing bring the east edge of the fire back in to the Mendocino National Forest, but obstacles and access still prove to be challenging.”

To the south, Cal Fire says, “Crews…continue suppression repair and patrol.

However, the northern line of the fire continues to roll through remote mountain areas towards the Snow Mountain Wilderness and is now roughly about 15 miles directly east of Willits. According to Cal Fire, “Most of the fire attack resources are being moved to the northern region of the fire to help fight and
suppress an active fire front that is pushing north.”

No growth is expected today on the River Fire. Containment is now almost complete.

The Weather:  

Clearer skies this morning as the Mount Konocti Camera this morning showed some smoke high over Clear Lake.

Clearer skies this morning as the Mount Konocti Camera this morning showed some smoke high over Clear Lake. [Image from here]

A Red Flag warning is still in place through around 11 p.m. The National Weather Service predicts that it will be hot, dry, and breezy with some clouds in the afternoon.

The Roads:

All major roads are open through the Mendocino Complex.  However, many smaller roads are closed so check Cal Fire for the latest.


  • Mendocino Complex Operations Map –to see details either zoom or click on the map and download a pdf.
    Mendocino Complex Operations Map

    Mendocino Complex Operations Map

    KMZ Map–Zoom for detail or for 3D imagery, click on the map and download a file that connects with your Google Earth program.

    Mendocino Complex Heat Map

    Mendocino Complex Heat Map


Redwoods Rural Health Center in Redway is a Pay It Forward donation center. Call and ask first what they are accepting.

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  • Hi kym , I think you meant gross instead of grass? After the 325.226 acreage. Have a great day keep up the good work, and thank you! 😊

  • Expect a drier Eel River with the Headwaters of the Eel River going up in blaze. How will this impact the Eel River? Look at the Map, many gulches and streams now up in Blaze feed Lake Pillsbury, Lake Mendo, Russian River as well as naturally the Eel River. How will higher temperatures in the Headwaters of the Eek effeft diwn stream temperatures and water quality?

    • Good question! Back in the day logging had a major impact on the Eel River. Now it will be as bad or worse due to man’s attempt to protect the environment by the control of burns done to control the brush.

      • What is control of burns? Firefighting? Or do you mean controlled burns?

        • Mike – Poorly stated on my part! ‘Control’ should read ‘government regulation’. I live near BLM land. It was not long ago that they maintained fire control lines and burned brush. Now it is just an ‘open can of gas’.

  • The inciweb wideshot photo is awesome.

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