Highway 36 Road Closures Resume on Monday

From Kody King, Mercer Fraser public information officer:

Just wanted to let everyone know that full road closures are to resume Monday morning 8/13 starting at 8am. We will be flagging 30 min delays before and after the full closure times. Attached is the general flyer for the project for anyone who might have forgot the schedule or anyone new included in this update. Let me know if you have any questions and/or comments.



  • How are you closing 36 when 299 is not completely opened?

    • The District 2 Caltrans heads are worthless from my point of view.

      They lost my confidence during 4 years of 4 mile traffic controls on Buckhorn summit. During which at times i would see only 1 man at work on one corner for all 4 miles.

      Then came winter, and the slopes they had made were horrible, with no shelves, and hence needed to be fixed for another year because of all the collapses. It still mostly looks horrible and ready to slip into the roadway.

      And now this fire has torn all vegetation away…months before winter. I assume 299 wont be normal again for commuter traffic (sans controls) until next summer.

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