The ‘Wild & Scenic Film Festival’ is August 12th at the Redwood Playhouse

From the Lost Coast Interpretive Association:



  • Film Professional

    To have a film festival, in a small rural town, with a theme that a majority of people in the area find important and compelling, is a rare opportunity that should well supported!

    • So if that was true and people find it “important and compelling”, then why do they also support Randall Sand & Gravel? i.e. that directly impacts, degrades and adversely affects the South Fork Eel River’s water quality and listed threatened and endangered aquatic species, e.g. yellow legged frogs, coho, chinook, steelhead salmon and their habitat? And I might add, the South Fork Eel River is itself a state (1971) and federal (1981) listed Wild & Scenic River. Randall’s operation is located on the river bar less than one mile from this “Wild & Scenic Film Festival” on Sprowel Creek Road!

      Why do you embrace actions to protect Wild & Scenic Rivers in other parts of our state and country, but not in your own back yard?

  • Headwaters Eel River

    Expect a drier River for the Next couple decades: Nobodies talking in the mediaa about the fact that it is the Headwaters of the Eel River which are burning now that the Mendocino Complex has progressed North. This will be an extra strain on Lake Pillsbury, Van Arsdale, Lake Mendocino, Russian River and of course the Eel River. It is the Headwaters of these gulches and canyons which fill lake Pillsbury and is diverted South, less trees equals higher ground and stream temps as well as higher, earlier and faster runoff from the Snow Mountain portion of the Eel River Headwaters. What will happen if 85percent pf the Headwaters pf the Eel River burna as it looks will happen??

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