[UPDATE 11 p.m.] Suicidal Man Steals Plane From Seattle Airport, Chased by Two F-15’s, Eventually Crashes

Breaking news graphicTonight, a 29-year-old mechanic from an unknown airline stole a Horizon Airlines plane from SeaTac Airport in Seattle, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office. The mechanic was either “doing stunts in air” or  “his lack of flying skills caused crash into [Ketron] Island.”

Photos show a fiery crash site.

“Two military F 15 chased plane but was not involved in crash,” tweeted the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

There were no passengers in the plane, wrote Ed Troyer, a Public Information Officer from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office. “This is not a terrorist incident.” He explained that the information he was posting on Twitter was “[c]onfirmed info. Then he added, “[T]his is a single suicide male. We know who he is. No others involved.”

He said the man, a Pierce County resident, was acting alone.”

Troyer said he is working in conjunction “with FBI and Military.” He added, “All info sent out here is confirmed.”

UPDATE 10:43 p.m.: FOX News posted the following video.

UPDATE 11 p.m.: This Twitter feed has excerpts of the 29-year-old man and air traffic control speaking to each other.



  • That’s a novel way to take yourself out a new method to me!!! Not taht I plan o try it much to the Trolls’ dismay!!!

    • When people make the choice, life becomes real tangible for the first time in a long time. It’s the only thing they have control over and once the decision has been made, they are finally free. It’s what a local coroner told me when my friend committed suicide a few years ago. For the first time, they are actually in control. Things are definitely getting harder to deal with. I hope we can take back a little humanity out of this here rat race.

      • Suicide isn’t someone being in control at all. It’s selfish and leaves family and friends blaming themselves. Not an option. Deal with issues like an adult not a child looking for attention

        • I said that is something that a coroner shared with me. He was speaking from his perspective. As someone who’s job it is dealing with dead people. Most definitely, a selfish decision, and of course, everyone who has invested in that victim are at a tragic loss. Did you listen to the conversations with the pilot and Air traffic control ? That’s what prompted my response. He sounded like he was finally in control of his destiny. He said he hadn’t really planned on landing the plane.
          ” everything is peachy, peachy clean”.

      • My friend’s wife committed suicide a few months ago. She knows that her wife isn’t in pain anymore, but the survivors are the ones who have to suffer. The pain, questions, guilt and “what ifs” do not go away!

        If someone you know is contemplating suicide, help them to get help.

        Suicide Prevention Hotline
        Call 1-800-273-8255

        Available 24 hours everyday

        • Yep. Thank you. The burden is left with the survivors.

          • I’m 3 months in , tryin to pick up the pieces. How much can we do to ease someone else’s pain? I’ve been struggling with that over and over. The problem is we can’t change things on a macro scale. We can provide all the encouragement and positive ways of looking at their problems, but we have no control over how the world treats another human being. It’s nothing but painful.

    • Dan, aren’t you one of those grammar and spelling police?

  • Yeah he is, imagine that!!!

  • Who left the keys in the ignition?

    “On a wonderful day like today, I defy any cloud to appear ro appear in the sky……………….”

  • I imagine the last thing he heard was “Pull up, …..Pull up,…… Pull up”

  • Well on a positive note, he shed light on a glaring hole in airline security. What if his intentions had been to kill innocent people instead of just himself?

  • Sleepy Alligator

    “Go get my truck keys and get my wallet”

    Calm down there Chuck Norris. Stay home and leave the first responding to the first responders.

    • Who do you think tells the first responders where to go? A magic 8ball? It’s almost always a local person who sees or comes across the incident, calls it in and then the first responders show up about a 15 minutes to a half hour later.

  • Sad. The reports sound like a man who could not figure a way out of his problems. At least I’ve not heard that anyone was killed in his crash, which I would think was a goal for him. He did not sound mean or angry.

  • Novel. Sad. Fascinating.
    Now that all these details are public, expect (would-be) copycats.

  • He chose his way to die. For what reason only God knows. Glad the F-15’s were following him. He could have had a target in mind.

    • “Chalk it up to minimum wage”

      From the pilot during the flight. I imagine they asked him why, and this was something that made sense. Some people’s idea of a good life, isn’t fighting for peanuts at minimum wage, trying to get ahead of the debt cycle. It’s below the poverty line and dehumanizing when his peers might have been much better off. For men, young men, having a good outlook for life has much to do with his ability to support himself and family. Not everyone wants a family, but everyone would like to support themselves in a respectable fashion. Who knows….Maybe just how some people aren’t prepared to deal with adversity after setbacks our present day.
      Sometimes they just don’t see a real solution. How is a person on the other end of the line going to give them hope if they can only see the reality as hopeless. My heart goes out to all that suffer and struggle to do the right thing and lead a productive, civilized, and prosperous life.

  • GeorgiaGrownButItAin'tHome

    So freaking sad…my son will be his age in a few years. I can imagine what his parents & other loved ones are going through. I lost my best friend/soulmate to an overdose in 2011. I woke up to his lifeless body next to me, tried cpr to no avail, watched him be removed from our home in a body bag,& was blamed by his family for his death.Now, 7 years later , and I am only beginning to find normalcy again & have tried to take my own life several times since. To those speaking of the selfish nature of suicide, the people that go through with it are usually thinking living & being a burden (emotionally,physically, or financially) to their loved ones is more selfish than taking their lives.
    Sometimes,once someone has made up their mind to kill them selves,there is no changing their plan. I know I had done everything I could to get my best friend help, including talking to his family,calling the VA helpline, trying to make him understand how many people would be completely devastated if he was gone,….& more. Short of having him committed, there was no saving him.
    Please treat everyone with love & compassion, you never know what battles they have been through or the ones right around the corner.Make sure you & those you love have a will written (&notarized) stating whether you wish to be buried or cremated & what you want done with any of your possessions, pets, kids, etc.. Leaving your loved ones and spouse/friends to duke it out after you go is truly selfish and unkind.
    My best friend/soulmate wanted to be cremated & told me & other friends that specifically on more than one occasion.Instead , he was buried at a veteran’s cemetery in his uniform, two things he would have been very upset about. Losing him was the most devastating experience of my life & I hope none of you ever have to go through that kind of pain & loss.

    • To GEORGIA GROWN!! I’m concerned for you as you stated that you are contemplating ending your own life. I ask you then why did you post a comment on how the living suffer when a person they knew & loved so much would leave them to deal with heartaches & what ifs. You of all people seriously need to PLEASE find HELP for YOU!! NOW.
      Do not put this off as you clearly have stated you have & most likely try again to end your own life. You are someone’s child that would be missed very much, Loved by so many people and Worthy of Living a good life. Get Help Today before your loved ones feel what you are feeling now as you made these comments. You are worth saving!!
      Believe in this. Trust in knowing you are a good person & friend.
      I hope you find peace in your life
      Of living!! Peace!!

      • You very much missed the point Debbie. Georgia Grown was saying she has been through that in the past, not that is currently happening. Don’t diminish her pain and experience because of your own lack of such. As someone who also has battled with these issues, it’s very clear you really don’t get it.

    • @GeorgiaGrown I’m so sorry for your devastating loss. You are stronger than you know. It’s hard being strong all the time, but you know how devastated those who love you would be if you died. I hope you’re taking steps to heal (therapy, medication, even being committed until you can get regulated). There is no shame in asking for help. Please see my previous post for suicide prevention information. Life does go on and you CAN break the cycle!

  • Of course WE will never know for sure, but I kind of got the feeling that he may have just gotten in way over his head and didn’t know how to get out of it! I read that he was a gamer. He said he knew how to fly the plane because he’d done it in a game. It’s possible he became obsessed with flying a big plane (most likely had some mental health issues, but people just thought he was quirky), gave in to the temptation…then said to himself, “Oh shit! What do I do now?” He didn’t have the skill to land, and also knew he would go to prison if he did land successfully. He knew with a minimum wage job he couldn’t afford a really good attorney. That’s when he became suicidal. Just a thought.

    • “I’m gonna land it, in a safe kind of manner. I think I’m gonna try to do a barrel roll, and if that goes good, I’m just gonna nose down and call it a night.”

  • Reading the comments he made to the air traffic controllers over the radio, together with the loops & rolls he did flying the plane makes me wonder if he could have been bipolar and having a manic episode.

  • Looks like he took the authorities for a loop!


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