Boy Badly Injured in Crash That Killed His Father Recovering from Surgery; Facing More

Bohdi in his hospital bed.

Bohdi in his hospital bed. [Photo used with permission of his mother]

Today, an 8-year-old boy struggles to recover after receiving multiple injuries in a tragic car accident that killed his father and his best dog buddy, Kodi. On August 3, Gannon Rogers of Blue Lake crashed off Hwy 101 in northern Mendocino County. The accident left Rogers and Kodi dead and 8-year-old Bohdi in the hospital.

According to Bohdi’s aunt,

Bodhi’s bowel was perforated, his liver punctured, his left elbow broken, his right arm shattered & almost torn off, and he was bleeding internally when a good Samaritan found the wrecked car and contacted the police.

One of the people on the scene recounted the experience of waiting with the child for the ambulance to arrive.

Now the family is seeking help from the community. His aunt wrote in his GoFundMe,

My sister (Bodhi’s mom!) loves him dearly & will do her best to care for him, but she does not have the resources for this kind of care and rehabilitation. Bodhi will need round-the-clock care & his doctor is 5 hours away,  in Oakland.

Celeste is now the solo parent of two children who have just lost their father. Bodhi needs your help.  These Go-Fund me funds are to be used only for Bodhi’s medical and rehabilitative expenses that are NOT covered by insurance.

Yesterday, Celeste, Bohdi’s mom wrote, “[Bohdi] will need a couple more surgeries down the road, one to remove the pins in his elbow and another to fix the break in his hand. He’s out of the ICU and alert, he even bickered slightly with his sister yesterday so we know he’s feeling better It is still a very long road ahead to recover physically and emotionally but this news was just what our family needed right now!”

Help Bohdi’s family so they can help him heal by donating here.

Bohdi before the accident.

Bohdi before the accident. [Photo from his GoFundMe page]



  • Tragic and hopeful. May he heal smoothly and be surrounded by love!!!

  • Praying for recovery and peace for the family!

  • This poor kid has seen enough MISERY for a lifetime at his young age!!! Hoping the powers that be will be lenient on him!!! He’s already experienced enough CRAP for dozens his age!!! A crying shame literally!!!

  • Poor little fellow I hope and pray that his injuries heal fast

  • So very happy to hear he is going to be fine. Sounds like he came close to leaving with his dad and dog. Prayers and love for his mother and family. If you can, please help them with their medical bills. God bless.

  • Perhaps a travel grant from the Humboldt Area Foundation would help the family defer costs of going to Oakland. There’s also an Angel Fund for immediate medical needs.

    • Lodging while there is another issue for every Humboldter travelling to the bay area for medical care, or trying to stay close by when a loved one is hospitalized. The county, or the HAF, or somebody should buy an old motel or something just to use for this purpose.

  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Can we pay for him to get a new best buddy dog from one of our local shelters whenever the time is right?

    Ive seen dogs help kids recover medically&emotionally in awe inspiring ways. They help the spirit which truly is the base of healing.

    Best wishes to you all, it will take time.

    • Good idea….. when the time is right!
      Looks like it will be some weeks before he will be much able to interact with a new pup. Someone ask his mom…. maybe later?

    • What a loving thought! However, Bodhi’s father recently adopted a puppy so B will have a loving dog in his life to aid in his healing.

      Paula, Bodhi’s grandmother

  • Proud Deplorable Grandma

    What a beautiful boy. Prayers and a donation too for this family who have lost so much. God bless.

    we should not need to go-fund-me for medical costs in the wealthiest nation in the history of the planet.

    • The sooner the better for ALL concerned!!!!

    • You need to spend some time reviewing news articles from countries when single payer exists. Lots of complaints. For example did you even know that cover medications of any kind is hit or miss in Canada as the national insurance does not cover it at all? Or that Korea has a huge surplus of plastic surgeons and not enough other specialists because plastic surgery fees are not limited by the government whereas other specialties are? That means lots of extraneous nose jobs but less other more needed interventions. People in Ireland frequently end up seeking donations to cover travel for treatment because their government does not pay for what they call unproven treatments that other countries offer routinely as effective. Or that the UK has a sizable of over health care business as many people don’t want to wait years for NHS authorizations. “Free health care” sounds great as long as the demand for it does not cost the government more than it wants to pay. And certainly not more than it feels comfortable sanctioning.

      And not many pay for travel that I’ve ever heard. The articles do not mention a lack of medical coverage but only travel costs.

      You are waving a plastic rod with a glitter star at the top and thinking it is magic.

  • Good luck.

  • California Children’s Services can help cover the cost of medical and travel expenses.


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