Two Search Warrants Served in Rancho Sequoia Monday Yield Processed Cannabis and Thousands of Plants, According to Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

Humboldt County Sheriff Marijuana

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On August 8, 2018, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) served two search warrants to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation in the Rancho Sequoia area of Southern Humboldt. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Humboldt County Planning and Building Department assisted in the service of the warrants.

Two parcels were investigated during the service of the warrants. The parcels did not possess nor were in the process of actively obtaining a commercial cannabis permit with the County of Humboldt.

During the service of the warrants, deputies eradicated approximately 6,697 growing cannabis plants. Deputies also seized and destroyed approximately 54.6 pounds of processed cannabis and approximately 59.3 pounds of cannabis shake.

Between the two parcels, assisting agencies found the following violations:
– Three water pollution violations (up to $20,000 fine per day, per violation)
– Two depositing trash in or near a waterway violations (up to $20,000 fine per day, per violation)
– Stream crossing violation (up to $8,000 fine per day)
– Commercial cannabis ordinance violations (up to $10,000 fine per day)
– Improper storage and removal of solid waste violations (up to $25,000 fine per day, per violation)
– Grading without a permit violations (up to $10,000 fine per day, per violation)
– Building code violations (up to $10,000 fine per day, per violation)
– Improper disposal of sewage violation
– Unpermitted well violation

No arrests were made during the service of the warrants.

Anyone with information about these cases or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the
Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.Marijuana grow violations greenhouse

Marijuana grow violations

Marijuana grow violations diesel

Marijuana grow violations oil

Marijuana grow violations trash




  • i met meatloaf on an elevator

    “no permits = no plants” the HCSO

  • This is so unfair! We weren’t doing anything wrong . We only had 12 plants in one green house and the rest were empty. Such BS.

    • this has happened to a number of ppl I know, mainly b/c of grey area subdivisions not filed with the County showing property lines or no fence/marking distinguishing ppty lines (reasons they use).

    • A smaller unpermitted grow of 12 is still illegal. This is like a driver with a suspended license complaining that police only stopped him because the brake light was out and it wasn’t fair to charge him for anything else.

      As someone snarkily told me the very last time I said something wasn’t fair “who said it has to be fair?” It’s true that idea has not worked since I was in elementary school and haven’t use that whine since.

      • 200 sf, there is no plant count in Humboldt

        • I thought the State had a limit even if there is no indication of commercial intent but I would bow to you presumably greater expertise.

          • Even if it was 6 plants, how do we know it isn’t a husband and wife, each get 6

            • Nope law is just 6..otherwise it could be thirty six with me,my wife, my adult son, the old guy who rents the trailer, ECT ect… read the law before you do your math.

      • Right?! Poor us, it isn’t fair that we use the land for money and throw out trash everywhere, ruin water supplies and overall fuck over the planet that makes us our money and then these mean ol cops that gave us plenty of time to be legal all of a sudden show up and expect us to be following laws?? Wahhhhh, poor us!!!!

    • It is totally BS that your claiming 12 plants when there are photos bro.

  • Pharmstheproblem

    Funny thing is, one of the properties raided was not the property listed on the warrant nor the correct land owner or parcel # plus was in the permit process with the county… But that didn’t stop them from kicking it his door ripping apart his furnishings and stripping the cannabis from the land…I quess they would say opps…..

    • I’ll bet Redheaded Blackbelt would do a story on that if it really happened and the victim would talk with them.

    • ‘In the permit process’….So not legal yet!

      • The county told people that if they sought permits they could continue growing while they were in the process. Some people are still in the process after well over a year because the county keeps adding new hurdles. One of their faves now is “creation deeds.” They want people to pay fees to find the earliest deed with their parcel number on it. Yet they have been collecting taxes on these parcels, they have been recording deed transfers, they have been treating these parcels as real. Now suddenly they decide that they can’t go through their own records to find the “creation deed.” Instead they want someone else to find it for them. But back to growing while in the process. Note in the press release that the Sheriff is still checking parcels to see if they were in the process. john Ford broke the county’s vow to the applicants a few weeks back but the Sheriff seems to be sticking to it. But is the information the Sheriff gets accurate? I know of two parcels which had interim permits issued (but still in the 30 day filing period) and one which was not that advanced in the process, that got raided. The county is not living up to its promisses. Surprise

        • That’s pretty easily researched at the the Recorder’s office. The time I did it when I was researching the legal trail on my property, all I needed was the current parcel number and the people at the office gave them access to their public records. I paid a dollar per page to print it out.

          Sheesh, it is already the owner’s responsibility to protest if the county gets the taxes incorrect, and people certainly do it if they want to challenge the assessment.

        • Compliance: never truly within reach

          While I agree that the process is ungainly, and many of the conditions are designed to be punitive, And some agencies, like the waterboard are staffed with wannabe cops. It’s frustrating to have gone through the process and see a neighbor ostensibly file, but do the absolute minimum, and get a free year. No tanks, no taxes, no track and trace, no problem. The agencies throw big fines at the low hanging fruit.( I just got a $13,000 threatening letter of over-reach from the waterboard because the State app automatically gets you to sign up, initiating a duplicate WB filing, then one of the duplicates fell late on some filing date…)
          The county should have placed a cap on the size of big greedy ones, made the process doable, so folks wouldn’t try to avoid it, and either tax all applicants, or none of them, until everybody is in the fold.
          The county is also picking their targets based on bias. Rancho sequoia is getting raided, but does the Alderpoint road get asphalt? Petrolia apparently can do no wrong, they’ve gotten a hall pass, and road resurfacing. Honeydew gets 10 day notices, and dust.

    • Technically if you don’t have a interim state license your not supposed to be cultivating after July 1st. I guess if your in the process with the county than that only protects you from getting an abatement notice, but I guess not from getting raided? The cops and the planning department arnt exactly on the same page.

      • Or it’s misinformation. It’s so hard to tell on the internet. But just in case, I think I will go fix the house number sign post outside the gate.

        • It could be misinformation, who knows where they went. But in the last article John Ford exact words were “ if you don’t have a state license you are subject to enforcement.” Humboldt county will gladly sell you a permit but the cops don’t have to go along with the planning department. They are enforcing state law.

          Not like they are doing much anyways. Barely any raids. 20 notices per week. Pretty anemic. Me and couple of tweakers with some pruning shears could do a better job.

      • No one is on the same page, the state, county etc do not have their ducks in a row at all yet expect everyone else to

    • Anyone that trashes our planet like he did deserves jail time and to have his property taken away and given to an ethical human being. Fuck a search warrant, your buddy got exactly what he deserved and I hope it runs him out of the country because he sure as fuck does not deserve to spend one more second trashing our precious planet for money.

      • Do you drive a car or use a light bulb. How about the food you eat. I bet you have solar panels. Last I looked everything we use has an effect on the environment. If you are going to bitch about the environment. I think you should look around your house and ask yourself what is it in my home that used no electricity, gas, or any chemical to be made. You got plastic anything.. then shut up about the environment

  • Veteran's friend

    How they can tell the location of parcels with any certainty in Rancho is beyond belief. I lived there for 6 years 40 years ago and we NEVER knew for sure where our property lines were.
    1/4 mile by 310′ on steep land cut by old logging trails with corners marked by a foot of rebar (good luck) pretty hard to know.
    Our property got a notice for a grading violation this year, though we have not been to the property in 20 years😆😂🤣

    • its called hand held GPS with an AP map overlay on the screen. it details your exact location in that crazy maze of tiny remote parcels.

      here is the AP map overlay. you can move around and zoom in to find your place.

      • Ya I have the same site and it’s not the same as an actual survey crew putting down markers.
        I’m pretty sure I have a neighbors homestead on my land because they chose not to survey and liked the view.
        Also had to tell the tax guy a water tank was a different neighbors and not mine.
        It happens all the time.

        • My survey markers don’t match the property lines on that site either and I was fortunate enough that the place was surveyed before I bought it.

      • Tax assessor maps, including the ones on Humboldt’s Web GIS are only accurate to about 50 feet, sometimes more, sometimes less. Handheld consumer GPS units like Garmins or smart phones are accurate to about 40 – 60 feet under a forest canopy. Processed air photos, usually called orthophotos are accurate to a few meters on average, but they are distorted by the terrain and can be off by 20 to 30 feet on a steep slope. So if you’re using a consumer grade GPS and an airphoto image with the tax assessor’s version of the property lines overlaid on it, there can a lot of error. The bottom line is that property lines shown on Humboldt county web gis and Google Earth should not be relied upon when the actual location of the line is important, for example, in determining on whose land a structure was built.

        The “real” property lines are the lines that connect the property corners in the ground, set by surveyors, and are usually monumented with 1/2″ iron pipe. If the corner was set within the past 15 or 20 years, there may even be some bits of plastic flagging to help you find them. You should use the Web GIS or Google Earth imagery as references to help you find the actual property corners, then run a compass line from the actual corner if you need to know where the property line is.

        Property corners that were set by surveyors are described in Parcel Maps and Records of Survey that are available in the county clerk’s office at the courthouse in Eureka. The survey records in include a description of the corner marker and any reference trees, which are usually larger trees within about 100 feet of the corner. The language can be a little cryptic. The people in the office will help you find what you’re looking for. It helps to be nice to them.

        • If you are running a line with a compass you must make a correction to ‘true north’. Garberville is 14 degrees 9 minutes. The satellite parcel overlay shows the neighborhood dirt road cutting through my house and yard! Off by a good 100ft.

      • It isn’t accurate though. We just had to do an official survey because we thought we had squatters according to the online mapping and hand held apps. We did not. They were on their property.

      • Not for surveying!

        The County’s web GIS’s property lines are not accurate. they exist, but are not always draped over the landscape accurately.

  • Sure is weird that no arrests on these giant grows

  • unpermitted wineries get $100/day until they correct the violations… what’s with the different standards for weed?

  • No arrests. What a shocker. Wrong parcel number, wrong names = void warrant. These officers step out of their jurisdiction and any liability coverage they’re led to believe they have, as soon as they step on private property without an invitation by the owner. Hard to fathom the incompetence of not only the person who signed (if that even happened) an affidavit or complaint under oath and penalties of perjury, as a witness to a crime (murder, theft, rape), to take to a magistrate for his or her signature on the warrant for it to be valid, but all of the thugs who took part in any and all of the recent terrorist invasions – from the first unconscious Order Follower to the one who issued the warrant, to the idiot who got the wrong parcel number and wrong name(s), to the enablers who tagged along for their piece of the pie.

    Am i to believe that no one in the standing army of the Drug Enforcement “Unit,” or the Fish and Wildlife Dept., or the Building Department, had enough functioning brain cells to read the warrant? Imbeciles claiming they represent “Law” enforcement – again, the ones with the guns and the clubs wearing a costume and a badge, wouldn’t know law if they found it in their sock drawer. Just ask one of them if they know the difference between a crime, a felony and a misdemeanor. They’ll just look at you as if you’re speaking in a foreign language. They are not in the republic, so hence, none of us peasants need bother paying them any mind. Posers take an Oath to the land jurisdiction, then do a 180 de facto turn and never look back.

    “No permits = no plants” the HCSO. If your still wandering around in the world of master slave make-believe, you’re taking up too much space. No elected Sheriff = no Sheriff. The prohibition against graven images is before the prohibition of murder.

    A warrant is not a fishing trip “investigation.” Whoever conveys this misleading, misinformed article cheering on a gang of armed trespassers, with a bogus warrant, encouraged by a person masquerading as Sheriff (and promoting the illusion that Honsal is the Sheriff), is what tries to prop up the collapsed system – knowingly or unknowingly.

    The old has to make way for the new. What worked in the past will not work in the future.

    Can we just get on with our lives without all the circus performers boasting about their trophy plant kills?

    “This is so unfair, we weren’t doing anything wrong.” That part is true. Do we need a ‘right’ action, and a wrong action defined? If you can’t do it in the public you can’t do it in the private. Equal means equal.

    Changing a right into a privilege and taxing it, along with identity theft, is the lowest, rankest form of fraud known to man.

    • How do you know that this info isn’t just another troll from someone hiding behind an alias. One anon. posts an accusation and you take it as fact. The map of Rancho is pretty bizarre. An entire major subdivision where literally every one of the original 40 acre parcels were chopped up into 10s . There are roads on the original map that don’t exist and not enough water for the original 40s let alone 10s. It is as close to a major real estate swindle as we have here in So.Hum. .

    • There’s a very apt term for all this …


      When the old came dressed as the new

    • “Changing a right into a privilege and taxing it, along with identity theft, is the lowest, rankest form of fraud known to man.”

      And yet, somehow, in some crazy way….it seems like it’s working for the corporate technocrats that pull dem strings…. like clockwork.

  • Trolls everywhere

    It’s getting to the point that I don’t believe anyone’s comments any more.
    Sheesh, this commenter is probably One Anon also as trolls are known answer and talk to themselves.

  • I love the camera tricks. I bet they spent more time looking for that shot than they did ruining all that hard work.

    • Don’t make excuses for criminals and environmental terrorists. They got exactly what they deserved. Justice.

      • How is that wolf population doing?
        Getting what they deserve, are they? Those cattle ranchers sure need to protect their investments.
        That’s what all this about. Protecting someones investment, or protecting the future business model from competition.
        Either way, it’s all a racket.

      • what the county is doing appears to be the only thing “criminal” in that farming misdemeanors do not make one a “crook” but laissez faire rancher.

        The real crooks are the ones coming up with these new draconian fines and rules.

        Sure, before folks got raided and they lost their crop and went on probation. Now, they lose their property and assets as well… Seems like 64 was a real sham.

        Don’t piss down my neck and tell me it’s raining!

        • All you folks whining about 64 – did you read 64 before you voted? Nowhere does it say “no permits, no taxes, simply blow up your grow scene without limits”

          • That’s why the propositions have catchy titles like the “Free Everything For Poor People That Only Tax Rich People.” Or “Reform Our Unfair Judicial System Now”.
            Because most people only read the title or at best some reporter’s opinion piece before voting. I long to get a petition on the ballot called the “Intelligent Voter Initiative” which people will vote for in knee jerk fashion only to later find out it means that only people with a test measured IQ in the top 2% of the population get to vote. I bet most of the voters think the US Constitution would protect them because among the other things they don’t know is that it does not specify how elections are designed- that is left to the States.

            • “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001” – short for we’re going to shit all over the Constitution yo.

              • Amen… I like the IQ high watermark, and think the IQ test to get your voting license should happen every 10 years.

                Also, there should be a patriotic test, so that subversive foreign powers can’t try to rig the vote, which would require strong borders.

                So true about the fakery going on with all of the bills no one has ever read… I don’t think anyone knew this would be such a money grab for special interest corporations, well except for the special interest corporations that wrote the bill and lobbied for the 11th hour unlimited cap provisions… To the richest goes the spoils…

      • Justice ? In Humboldt? lol Without justice, there’s just us. And as far as the “criminals and environmental terrorists” go -there is no crime, just commerce. The problem is the illusion of communication. Without an agreed upon value of the word ‘crime,’ Babylonian is what i’m hearing. The ones wearing the black dresses, ties and suits are the criminal parasites. One obvious fact of this is that on any given night, across America, twenty-five Million of us are caged with a Bond amount placed on our head. The only thing happening in those administrative rooms, labeled court, is a financial transaction. However, the defendant in error has no clue what part he’s playing in Act I, Scene I. He doesn’t know what roll the court clerk, persecutor and ‘judge’ are acting out on the court playing field. Seriously, take the government’s birth/berth certificate in because that’s what’s being charged -your strawman account with a name that phonetically sounds like the one you go by. You are Not the name. Fiction can only interact with, and create more fiction. NEVER accept their offer to contract when the name is called.

        “The County” does not make law. The legislative branch does. Check and balances go out the door whenever the doctrine of separation of powers is swept under the rug -as the foreign BUMs (BAR union members) were christened in the 1920’s and 30’s to be the only ones who can cross over that line. Can you say despots?

        This being The County Supes. extra-poor first attempt at usurping a legislative position, there’s no enabeling clause, making the CMMLUO void from the get-go. ALL taxation proposed must be supported by the consent of the governed through a balot vote. This special tax requires a 2/3 vote in the affirmative of the per capita population.

        What was served up was an illegal, unlawful, blatant in-your-face, fumbling, bumbling, mixture of coercion and threats behind a corporate veil of several smoke and mirrors shows coupled with “Workshops” on how to be good little slaves in the bend over and grab your ankles position while moaning as if you like it.

        At one of their de facto public meetings on Tuesday mornings, the Supes, posing as representatives of the peoole in Humboldt County, were drooling and wringing their hands at the thought of how much their excessive greed would pass into their pockets. . .they sat there for about half a minute pondering the horror of “What if the permitted serfs don’t plant??? They were aghast as the thought crossed over their minds, that the projected theft totals might not be as much as they were anticipating.

  • Where’s the pictures of the actual violations . I see a clean property . Even has a neat pile of recyclables ready to take in once there’s a full dump load . I hope someone sue’s the shit out of the county for the bullshit fines . It’s down right criminal the way they make up these fine amounts . So who exactly decided these fine amounts is what I want to know . We should make up some fine amounts to charge the county and send them a bill. Like they made up these unrealistic fines to do one thing extort money from people . Unpermitted water well really , that’s the contractors obligation usually to get the permit for the well that they are drilling . This is a clean pot grow like many that have kept this community alive since the 60 ‘s . I see no damage . I see a Class action law suit In the future . Start talking to lawyers people. Find a lawyer that will represent and take on this case .

    • We must have vastly differing opinions of “…neat pile of recyclables…”

      I don’t consider exposed plastics and other materials that can blow away in the wind to be “neat”, let alone the open-air containers of motor oil (again, in plastic containers exposed to the sun/weather which become brittle over time.)

      A step in the right direction would be having it all bagged up and/or in trash bins. Now what about the pallets of whatever sitting behind the, what looks to be, a refrigerator. Was the coolant drained from the unit? Stored securely? Are the five gallon buckets ALSO filled with spent motor oil? What happens when a decent enough earthquake occurs to knock the containers over spilling their contents into the soil and potentially into the water way?

      • I hope your making a joke cause if your not you sound literally crazy . Drain a fridge of coolant . Really ?An earthquake might hit . Really ? I get it your jealous of pot grower s. What if like an alien ship came from outer space and landed on the diesel tank and it fell over and diesel went into the creek oh wait it has a basin under it. Oh wait let me think of some other bullshit . But let’s be real. Anyone else agree. I never met anyone in humboldt that was anti pot and I hope I don’t those miserable people wouldn’t be very much fun to hang out with . They must be loners I imagine .

    • What the county is doing is nothing short of coercion through fear, in making folks believe that they have to sign a compliance agreement or lose everything and extortion. They’re like the mob, albeit not half as organized as the real mob but a mob using mob tactics nonetheless

  • Lock these environmental terrorist up and make them pay dearly…

  • Make sure you through in some more lies there wolf man. Enjoy your car! The real environment issue. If you really cared about the environment you wouldn’t drive, poop, breath, eat, play on your little computer here on the black belt.

  • 8,000 a day for a 10 foot 2×12 crossing a creek ,REALLY and unpermitted well.who thinks this stuff up.

    • I have a little bridge across a draw just like that. I use it to wheelbarrow firewood home. Gulp!

      • Are you taking the water from the creek? The pipe suggest that is why the board is there but it is not clear what the “illegal stream crossings” mean as it looks like the ravine must continue under the road if that is a creek. Maybe it’s the well.

    • Once upon a time, the best and brightest went into science and medicine. Now it’s banking and computers. Farm raised salmon genetically modified will wipe out the native species….hmmm sounds familiar.

  • This Is My Name

    It’s amazing no one got hurt while felling those trees, by the looks of the cuts/mis-cuts.

    Isn’t there something about not clear-clutting to put in cannabis grows? Or was that just a moral-standard of the old timers? Poor madrone.

    • If the property is zone AG the can fell many trees w/o a permit, not saying this is the case here but it is the case in general

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    If there is no house they can do an “open field” warrant or some such.

    • Proof. Not what you believe And certainly not what the trough feeders reiterate as told to them by their Not licensed in California to do business, oathless, bondless, trespassers on American soil with their foreign (unconstitutional) jurisdiction, talking heads.

  • All of rancho was clear cut in the 60’s for lake front property! Why can’t the land be cleared again? Why can’t grading be done? Skid trails everywhere proving it was clear cut but now you cant cut trees down on your previously clear cut properties!………….. It’s amazing how people live in the woods to get privacy but in California you get none, even 3 miles from anything. I think rural areas should have a expectation of privacy!

  • Guest 11 @ 5:31 yesterday,

    Woe to lawyers and their enablers. Who do you think keeps the warehouses full-up of mostly non-violent people who committed no crime? Attorneys represent their clients? Can you provide something, anything, that can lend validity to that statement?

    Minus any independent thought and logical conclusive reasoning, how does this (get a FN attorney) aid our ailing society?

    If we all think alike then none of us are thinking very much at all. And at this place of despair we find ourselves in, the non-thinkers on automatic replay are flat-out disturbing.

  • I saw something about a public meeting in south county with Estelle Fennel and John Ford? Now I can’t find it. What was the date, time, place? It should be posted prominently- I think everybody might just want to be there!

  • Plenty more people who would be willing to help your sweet kindness to this fuzzball.

  • Nor cal historian

    The pot growers killed all the salmon, not the 30 plus Humboldt Salmon Canners lining the Eel River…….
    Lets get real folks, pot growers bought logged over clearcut lands from Timberowners AFTER the timber was clearcut. Those trees are big now because the properties were used to grow pot for 40 years instead of being commercial timber land. Loggers and their “greasemonkeys” who lubed the equipment dumped diesel on thr dusty roads in summer, ran bulldozers all winter as well as skidders, and used spring and creeks as skid roads down the gulches. This was logging from 1940 on….. These woods are only standing because of these rural subdivisions of “timber production zone” Dont forget the greedy timber buyers want those Ranches back to log them, the time to log them is every 50-75 years in their commercial industrialists eyes. The powers that be do not want any pot grown on tpz or rangeland. These are all facts, UN Agenda 21 wants people living in urban cities and people out of forets and fragile or fire prone areas, go read it, the plan is already set in motion, after big fires the first thing the “officials” talk about is whether to let people rebuold in “fire prone areas”. They are aftrr these lands, want them back into timber production, thats the point of Williamson ACT keep the land in timber production to chop the trees, nobody really owns their property anyways all they own is a “deed certificate”, of your not the “patent owner” its just a piece of paper, worthless if the County, State or FEDS COLLAPSE. GOOD LUCK, NOTHING IS REALLY YOURS, AND NOTHING IS PERMANENT, GET READY FOR CHANGES COMING AHEAD. TRICKSTERS CAN ALWAY REVERSE EVERY PERMIT GRANTED

  • Humboldt historian

    Meanwhile, in Mendocino County, 300,000 acres of herbicides are sprayed by Mendocino Redwood company to kill the Tan Oak trees which are the main food supply for bear, squirrel, blue jay, and many other forest creatures, in 2005 the Sheriff began the “environmental damage ruse” to stir the pot for cannabis growers, meanwhile the media takes the bait and completely ignores 300,000 acres of Land being poisoned by heavy industrial “tree herbicides” stronger than anything a home owner can find on a shelf. Ignore the real damage and blame the pot growers. Set some garbage up, pull some oil recycling buckets out and pop off the top, make it look as nasty as you can to the point the sheriff lies and cant be trusted, meanwhile protect the corporate elite who are cutting down forests of ancient trees, all in the name of democracy and corporate statehood greed.

  • Herbicide Mendocino

    An estimated 1.5 million trees are being killed and left standing in Mendocino County forests each year, Williams has said. Mendocino Redwood Co. uses the practice extensively on the 228,852 acres it owns in Mendocino and Sonoma counties. Its affiliate, Humboldt Redwood Co., owns an additional 209,300 acres, where the method also is practiced.

  • Actually the county has made it clear that anyone growing after July 1 must have state permit . “Being in the process” isn’t good enough. You can’t sell to legal market if you’re only “in the process”

  • Does Rancho have anty redeeming qualities, aside from the perceived value of “farming”

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