[UPDATE 10:55 p.m.] Stabbing Victim in Oceanside Cemetery Reported Deceased, According to Information Over the Scanner

StabbingAt approximately 9:10 p.m., Emergency Dispatch received a report of a stabbing victim in the Ocean View Cemetery on the south side of Eureka. Later reports over the scanner indicate the victim is deceased.

A Eureka Police Officer is stationed outside the cemetery not allowing anyone into the area, according to one reader.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 10:55 p.m.: A reader sent the following photo of the EPD Officer parked at the entrance to the cemetery.

An EPD vehicle with an officer blocks the entrance to the cemetery.

An EPD vehicle with an officer blocks the entrance to the cemetery. [Photo by Ivory Marx]



  • Officer outside of the Cemetery

  • This is the craziest thing I have read here yet. Doesn’t the dead get some peace and quiet from tweaker eureka? What’s next security fencing around the dead with a passcode at the gate to keep the LIVING dead out??

    • If this is the craziest thing you’ve ever read here, you must be new.

    • Best comment I read all day….

    • Hilarious comment, dellib.

    • Has anyone noticed an increase in crime in the last
      couple weeks, since the Carr fire started?

      • It’s not any higher than usual. This town is a toilet. I used to love my home town… now it makes me sick to even go on Facebook to unwind, it’s all sick sad news about murder suicide drugs and theft. Needles and shit toilet paper. This is all anyone has to say about Eureka anymore. It breaks my heart I can’t let me kids have fun because I’m afraid for their lives.

  • Couldn’t go visit my little brother tonight… he can’t even rest in peace..

  • Killed in a graveyard. That’s grim. My mother and brother and multiple friends and family have been laid to rest at Ocean View. *sad face*

  • Has anyone noticed an increase in crime in the last
    2 weeks, since the car fire started?

    • It’s not the fire…Mercury is in retrograde.

      • So is Mars.
        So is Saturn.
        So is Uranus.
        So is Neptune.
        So is Pluto.
        Each of these planets would have an impact on general behavior and violence. Mars, especially, combined with Uranus.
        They move constantly, making connections and relationships with each other that amplify the impact each has.
        Mercury takes the brunt of the blame – like the full Moon moon.
        Mostly Mercury is a Pain In The Ass, but it’s not overtly violent like Mars or disruptive like Uranus and Pluto.

  • Sick, morbid & twisted individuals to be hanging out in the cemetery of all places. What the hell is wrong with people today!! Most likely over something so petty too. RIP & prayers are sent to the families of those involved.

    • I like Cemeteries. Quiet, places. Filled with history.
      Used to take my kids to cemeteries for picnics and we’d read the headstones and talk about who the people might have been, what they did, how they may have lived…

      Sick is killing people, not meditating in peaceful places.

  • I recently discovered that the cemetery’s mausoleum and the North entrance are now closed on weekends, forcing a number of family members to cross Broadway on the weekend or to visit their deceased relatives during the cemetery’s regular business hours, all this due to increased vandalism and transient population.

  • Covelo or busted

    Thats why graveyards usually have a tight fence all around….People are just dyin to get in…

  • Pamela Kay Martin

    I felt sorry for the grandmother, no matter what the circumstance. How many dead in Eureka in the last week 6 or 7, horrible.

  • What is the homicide count in eureka so far? Coroner has had a busy month so far.. so sad, such a peaceful place to be murdered in… what the he’ll is going on

  • Too many heroin and meth busts lately, and the fires have made it tough on the drug runners ,tweakers are on edge, methadone clinics probably getting hit hard ,damn it hate to see this going on

    • Yes, weep for the druggies. This is what you get with lax morals and a “drug culture” county. Thanks growers. We owe it all to you.

  • Poor Brandon we had good times a couple yrs back… R.I.P homie…. I’m sorry this happened to you…. it blows my mind, we live so close to each other n shit gonna be wierd going to my gpas house thinking how ur not in ur home anymore…

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