Low-Flying Helicopter Belongs to Us, Says PG&E

Helicopter flying low in Southern Humboldt this morning.

Helicopter flying low in Southern Humboldt this morning. [Photo provided by a reader]

A helicopter flew extremely low over Southern Humboldt and beyond the last few days, according to multiple readers.

Some people are reporting being able to see the faces of those aboard as the helicopter was so low over their place.

According to a spokesperson for PG&E, Deanna Contreras, “[T]hat is probably PG&E. We are flying from Garberville / Fortuna to Myers Flat to Piercy…patrolling the line (looking at power poles). We flew yesterday too, and also next week.”

In an earlier interview, Contreras said, “If customers have complaints about a helicopter, they are encouraged to call the customer service hotline at 1-800-pge-5000.”



  • Isn’t there supposed to be a minimum altitude set for them? Flew over earlier and it was so low there’s no way they weren’t dodging trees. Swear I could’ve thrown a rock and hit the chopper.

  • Estelle Fennel can you help us? Can you find out how they are able to break the law and violate our air space with no accountability? We have called PGE and they are saying they can’t control there contacted pilots? We need a county official to advocate for us!!!

    • The name says it all , you are asking Estelle to do smething credible for her people 2 nuts on the same branch! Where have you been?? [edit]

  • Less than a 500 feet palamino estates in benbow about 1:00 pm today.

  • Just another reader

    Holy shit cry babies who cares!

    • Obviously you’re not from here . No matter who you are, no one like helicopters coming over head.

      • You are so right. In 1981, there were a few, but by 1983-4, it was on. They came into town a lot, filling the motels and eateries. They sucked. But, there was a man named Flameon Raymon Douglas. He had a radio show in the early afternoon, on KMUD, I think, in Redway. He decided it was time for some humor, as sick as it was. I was up on a one story structure I was building, and we were putting in rafters. We being a real carpenter who I was helping. So, it’s about 130, Flamon was on, and we were working pounding nails. Flamon puts on this great song, when, we look at each other, because we heard a chopper. Then it went away, then it comes back a little stronger, we are nervous, looking to see where the ladders were. The music is going, when we hear the chopper and it is loud, and then it is real loud, and my buddy and I are scrambling to get off the building and get under cover, we get down, get out of sight, and we hear Ramon laughing, and saying ha ha, gotcha! He was playing the chopper sound on the radio. Well we were not laughing, I will tell you, banged up shins and elbows, almost smacked my head, and my builder said he was done with this shit for the day. So yeah, respect is due to the old timers who are still here and producing, albeit in small quantities, the best pot in the world. They made their bones way back when, and are the bravest people on earth. I am proud that I grew with them. They deserve your respect. Some had traveled to Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries, and had seeds sown into the seams of their garments, and brought them here. Some plants grew to 11 ft, and 12 ft across. It took many stakes and thousands of feet of green tie to keep the branches up. And thousands of bags of chicken shit on our backs through the woods. Some of us still have those seeds. Once in awhile, we bring a couple out, and dazzle our neighbors. The next time I saw him, I bought him a beer, and thanked him. LOL. I went to the radio station a lot. I got off work about 10pm, went to the station, and Jumpin Jim and I would smoke joints, drink beers, and play rock and roll. And then drive home, LOL.

    • When they were doing Rancho Sequoia I hear there was a green and white helicopter in the air doing surveillance this helicopter seems like it’s doing surveillance also if PG&E is saying that this is there helicopter why are they doing surveillance and I hear they were in areas where there is no PG&E wires flying low in people’s yards and parking less than 20 ft above people’s greenhouses

      • We had helecopters today flying low over our house.
        Dont know who they were, orange jumpsuits and looked like white helmets.
        Someone said they were in the next little town flying around yesterday.
        Dont know who but you can bet its no good.
        There are no lines where they were scouting today.

  • Well, “just another reader”…..maybe people who have horses and skittish animals care. I have witnessed people’s pets running through fences due to the loud noises from low flying helicopters freaking the animals out. The owners have either had to pay high vet bills or bury their beloved pets. Maybe you just don’t care. So sad for you.

    • I don’t know that is common. My horses were not spooked by a helicopter with a leaky water bag close enough to drip water all over them. And myself. As long as the copter was not coming towards them and buzzing them, they just watched. These are not wild horses on the open plane being rounded up. They’ve seen stranger things from people.

  • If PG&E is flying below the legal standard of 500 feet, residents should call the FAA to complain. It appears like this is illegal to be flying this close to the ground, and they should be reported.


    • It was for sure less then 100 feet when I saw it. I thought the law was 500 feet also

    • I think that helicopters do have permission to fly pretty low. Anyway I prefer they do a good inspection for my own safety and convenience this winter. If my animals survived a hot air balloon coming down in their field, they will deal with this.

      I worry more about idiot neighbors with drones and no sense of personal space.

  • I reported them . Also called Pge and they told me they couldn’t do anything and I should go confront the pilot directly ! Then said they don’t have any way of mitigating an immediate hazard being created by their ineptitude. When I insisted that they were going to be the cause of property damage and livestock death they finally transferred me to the supervisor . She was again telling me the only recourse was an internal email she could send and they would get back to me in 10 days . Again I stressed this is an immediate hazard they are creating and breaking the FAA regulations . She finally called the number she said she didn’t have and left a message for the guy in charge . The conduct of that pilot was worse than anything I have seen by camp in my 40 years here . He rolled sideways over a housing complex in miranda and was no where near the power lines while he was over my horses . The horses freaked out and rammed the pen trying to escape ! The prop wash was breaking branches from the trees he was so close ! Big business seems to think they can do whatever they want and just say they don’t have any recourse other than a sorry . How about a prosecutor follow up with legal proceedings against the pilot ! How about force them to stay 500 ft up and use some technology to view the lines . The FLIR cameras can look 5 miles away and read a license plate , so I’m sure a good pair of binoculars could be used to see the damn trees from 500 ft . They were flying like it was a battlefield !

    • Sounds like people-herding. It’s the government trying to discourage rural living and move peeps to easily-controlled suburbs. Following the European model.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words then send it to the FAA, time date aircraft number very important the pilot won’t think it’s funny when they take action against his license.

  • Tuesday in Willowcreek,Trinity county line. Power poles close by but totally invasive flying. PG&E?

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