Dog Struck by Vehicle and Abandoned Needs Medical Care

Choppo was hit by a vehicle.

Chopo was hit by a vehicle.

This injured guy was found on Harrison Ave in Eureka after he had been struck by a hit and run driver. His owners have released ownership not wanting to seek medical care for their pet, said Meghan, a woman who is helping with his care.

The wounded pup was taken to Sunny Brae Animal Clinic and has been sedated and diagnosed with a broken leg.

Anyone interested in helping out this sweet, loving boy with medical cost or adopting him please contact Sunny Brae Animal Clinic at 707-822-5124. Let them know that it is in reference to the “Chopo” account.



  • WTF! Bad enough that someone let their dog loose to get hit,but won’t pay for it? So the dog is laying there with a broken leg.
    Any other details? Such as the owner? Everybody else gets their personal affairs aired out on news sites,maybe some bad pet owners should,too.

    “released ownership”…dirtbags

    More importantly,who hit a dog and drove away? Fucking scum.

    • it ended up being more complicated then that. the owner put him in the care of others when he wasn’t able to care for him. then he got out and was hit but the people watching the dog said they couldn’t afford to take him to the vet. After several hours of not getting him care another wonderful lady, who helped me after I found him, picked him up and took him to the vet. Now we just want to make sure he doesn’t suffer

  • All you can do if you hit a loose dog is call the police unless you are willing to accept responsibility for the care of the dog. And good luck with animal control showing up.

    Years ago a dog was hit outside my house and severely injured. The man who hit it was there but would not do anything. So I packed the dog into my truck and took it to my own animal’s veterinarian. The dog needed either an amputation or to be put down. And it was on me to decide as there was no ID on the dog. It was a horrible situation where I either paid thousands for the surgery on a dog I did not want or authorized the euthanasia of some else’s dog. I paid for hospitalization and pain meds while I tried to locate the owners.

    Luckily for me, the owners called the vet clinic on the day after and had the dog put down. So I was off the hook. But it taught me a lesson that it is not without consequences to help an animal. I’m not sure what I would do if I was in that situation again.

    • True! It’s like a game of hot potato only u play with innocent domestic pets lives… If u take it in you are liable for fees and by default the “owner.” Learned that the rough way when we did the same thing one time, scooped up a badly injured cat hit on the rohnerville Rd.. Took it to the Sunny Brea emergency vet , luckily it was only dislocated hip and surface wounds. But after dealing with that (and we did authorize neutering) we learned his recovery was going to involve several weeks of confinement to allow it to heal properly , I had no time for that!! By some miracle the owners saw the hastily posted signs we put up the day the vet called us , ready to “release your cat” haha like I was the last one to touch it ; must be mine! We happily paid the vet bill and even delivered their semi- damaged cat with a decent loaner kennel to facilitate the confinement phase . Phew . We were glad that one worked out…

      • Yup,me too. Told the vet about it not being mine and they split the bill with me,I paid,and the dog still died 4 days/$1500 later.

  • asshole humans shall have no pets!

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    Friends for Life’s emergency medical fund might be able to help with this dog’s leg repair.

    • How do I find that


        Hi Donna your heart is gold for taking on Chopo’s needs. Above is the link to Friends for Life. I’m not affiliated with them but it’s my understanding that they oversee the County shelter’s emergency medical fund to keep the County from reappropriating community donations meant for shelter pets in medical need to other operating expenses. I could be wrong and they could be able to point you somewhere that will help so please look into them anyway, I just wanted to share what I know from past posts by the County shelter and other rescue groups. My vet is Broadway Animal Hospital in Eureka and they have a jar and art for sale for an Angel Fund for owners who can’t afford their pets’ medical needs. I’m not sure if that’s just for existing clients but it couldn’t hurt to make a call to see if it’s an option. I wish you luck and wish I could help financially but am just not in a position to at this time. Thank you for helping save him.

        • As I understand it, the County only authorizes up to a very small amount to be spent on medical care for animals in their shelter. The Friends for Life takes donations and pays for additional care. The County does not “appropriate” shelter funds. And the money raised baby the Friends is not county funds at all.

          • Yes that’s what I was trying to say I’m sorry if you misunderstood I wasn’t very clear but it was a long comment already. 😊Friends for Life is a nonprofit rescue. On behalf of the county shelter it accepts donations from the public for its emergency medical fund and manages the fund, to ensure pets with medical needs that exceed (I think it was $250 or $300 last I heard) the allotted amount the county allows receives medical care as opposed to euthanasia. The county uses general fund money and adoption fees to cover the county shelter and animal control activity expenses. Should they receive donations directly the county could choose to use those donations to spay/neuter or other operating costs instead despite original intent, or appropriates it. Hence a nonprofit managing their emergency medical fund.

  • Chopo needs to have two plates on his leg ,he has two green stick fractures. That means the bones did not snap in have but shredded like string cheese. His other leg was dragged and abrasions down to the bone. He has a long recovery ahead. The owners are broken hearted and gave everything in their bank, including their vehicle payment. Chopo is a reflection of his owners, sweet kind and very loving. [edit] But are broken and don’t need haters hating. I want to thank Meghan for helping this boy and the community of nonhaters that have helped me with donations. Chopo will be in the hospital over the weekend and can come to my house next week. He will have to keep going back to the hospital every two days for x-rays, sedation and bandages. I can’t thank the donaters enough. Nobody woke up Monday I thought “oh I think I need more drama and tragity in my life,think I’ll let the dog out see what happens”. I know I didn’t wake and expected to have my life interupted, but I’m glad I get to help chopo and delighted to now have new friends like Meghan and the owner of chopo.

    • Thank you Donna! Also thank you for letting us know the owners are better than we thought! The world is so callous sometimes, we were thinking Owners didn’t care…

  • Compassion Rules

    Insurance would have covered this emergency had the driver been a responsible human being with just a little compassion

  • Go Fund Me easy to donate

    I know every pet gets a few hundred dollars and easy to charge on credit card on go fund me.

  • My prayers for all involved…love peace and light…much healing for sweet Chopo 💜💙

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