Deputy’s Quick Work Gets Scam Victim His $13,000 Back


HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's OfficeThe victim of a Social Security phone scam will be getting his money back thanks to a sheriff’s deputy’s quick actions.

On August 9, 2018, at about 2:45 a.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communications Center received a call from a Eureka man who had just been scammed.

According to the victim, he was contacted by someone claiming to be with the Social Security Administration and was instructed to send $13,000 in cash to resolve an alleged investigation. The scammers directed the victim to wrap the cash in clothing and then overnight the package through FedEx to an address in New Jersey. The victim sent the package but then became suspicious and contacted law enforcement.

A sheriff’s deputy contacted FedEx, who located the package at their shipping facility in New Jersey. The deputy was able to stop the package from being delivered and reroute it back to the victim. Law enforcement in New Jersey are now investigating the case.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office reminds the public that law enforcement and other government agencies will never call you for bail money or any other type of payment in relation to an investigation. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be with a legitimate company or government agency asking you to send money, hang up and call the company/agency back at their publicly listed line.

Report scams to your local law enforcement and to the Federal Trade Commission at



  • Wrap the cash in clothing and send to New Jersey. Lmao. Really? No money order? No check? How about…. meet me at the park bench at midnight with a briefcase full of cash and I’ll settle all your problems. PS. Come alone and DONT contact law enforcement.

  • JonnyTwoFingers

    “Report scams to your local law enforcement and to the Federal Trade Commission at”

    Ya right! First, I would be reporting 3 to 8 calls per day. Second, law enforcement won’t do anything unles you have been scammed. They don’t care about calls.

  • A fool and his money will soon part

    • Anti troll league

      It was pretty shady but there is nothing to gain by calling the victim names. You were not there nor do you know his health or history.

  • I just posted last week about the said SSO calling me. We busted this scammer called him from all of our families phones to tell him he’s a p.o.s. I have the number still, though he may have changed it by now. I also posted it to Facebook.

  • He sent $13,000 in cash, through fedex. Someone should check out where that cash came from.

    • U R mostly Morons

      His bank.. some people have savings. [edit]

      • 9:1 odds the dude paid up because he is dirty. How about you send me $1300 in cash [edit]?

        People who are smart enough to know that you don’t send cash wrapped in clothing to ‘resolve an investigation’ have savings. You believe that he went into his bank, filled out a withdrawal slip for 13 grand and handed it to the teller, “yes mam i want to withdraw 13,000 in cash please. Need to send it to the SSA administrators in Jersey to clear up an investigation” Yeah right. If I withdraw more than 2,000 in cash they ask “informally” what i am doing with the money. Duh I’m sending it to some dude who called on the phone and scared the hell out of me.

    • DoesntConcernYou

      Someone should mind their own business in regards to where that cash came from.

    • Don’t be so mean (to be polite), the real farce. It’s absolutely unnecessary. You could try to get a life if that’s the best you have to do all day.

  • Curiouser and curiouser

    Thanks to the officers who responed. Good save! Everybody else…quit your whining!

  • Doesn’t the Sheriff’s office have a name that’s attached to a living being in there? Or the deputy? I’d like to thank him or her for a job well done, that IS on a deputy’s ‘protect man’s property’ job description. There’s 122 officers on The County’s employee list, it’s not like their names are a secret.

  • Way to go SO!

    I don’t know where people hold their heart and their empathy. I get so so sick of the Victim blaming on these comments.

  • It’s surprizing what sweet-talkers these con artists can be, and how much prior research they do to be able to sound convincing. Mix that with someone who might be fearful of losing their social security and combine it with self doubt, and presto. So glad the victim called the cops.

  • That’s the problem with some people they haven’t been called enough names because all of you bleeding heart liberals just want to say aww poor people got scammed! It’s time to grow the hell up and treat people the way they deserve to be treated. Example if you’re an idiot you should be treated like an idiot if you’re violent you should be treated with violence and if you’re a worm you should get stepped on! Then and only then will people learn

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