California’s Public Lands Affected by Wildfires: Know Before You Go

This is a press release from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Fires throughout California have affected access to public lands in many locations that are normally heavily used during the fall general hunting season openers. Archery deer hunters on scouting expeditions around the state are already encountering restricted access to desirable properties. As the general deer seasons approach in many California hunting zones, hunters are reminded to research the areas where they intend to hunt or scout to be sure those areas are free from fire restrictions.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) does not maintain up to date status on road or campground closures, with the exception of CDFW managed properties. Be sure to check the websites of those agencies who manage the land you intend to visit or where you have reservations.

CalFire maintains a website with current information on major fires in the state.

The U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management use InciWeb to provide information about active fires (and other natural disasters) in California and across the country.

The national forest or campground you plan to visit may have more specific information regarding road closures, campground closures, etc.

CDFW’s state and federal partner agencies wish to promote safe and enjoyable use of your public lands during the fire season. Know before you go.



  • Mind your morels in Spring.

    Another reward of burned forest is the tastiest of tasty fungi.

  • “We will be watching you.” Is that the not-so subtle context of the picture?

  • It’s scary to see all the dead trees just standing long side of healthy ones, the forest are very dry.. dry grass, dry trees
    If there was a better forest management the risk of these destructive fires would be minimized so many people lost everything , we live in a tender box that could ignite anywhere, at any time

    • Stop pointing fingers at each other, while the CEOs get fat! Forest management is not the problem, as it wasn’t Greece’s problem either. It’s a global warming management problem.

      • The carr fire was started by a rim on a flat tire creating sparks.

        I would say the best, cheapest, and most applicable lesson for all Californians is to have fire extinguishers in any and all vehicles. The carr fire might have been mitigated much more quickly.

        Kym generally has a post once a month regarding a car fire spreading to vegetation….Extinguishers cost very little.

        I say, get with the personal life management first.

        Forest management is indeed an issue. Im guessing WOW! lives in a city and hikes on groomed state park trails. Get to the forest buddy, look around. Wildman was commenting about great management practices, and so were a few others in the mendo fires comments.

        Climate is changing. Manage to carry an extuinguisher and put out the next fire quick.

        • Fire extinguishers is/are a good point in this age of firestorms happening all over the world. Forest management by experienced-taught professionals is long over due as is the 24/7/365 rock and gravel mining, and road maintenance, and dam upkeep . . .

          Life is change. Climate change is like saying wet water. Manipulated climate change is a whole nother can of tuna, with the ‘wise ones’ sales pitch of death dumps in the sky as a solution to the man-made problem, reaction, solution scenario. Same as it ever was . . corporatism’s protect the bottom line profit, no matter what the cost.

          That’s profit measured by numbers on a screen that represent funny money. Deficit spending is a moral issue, and morality can’t be legislated.

          • Nope, live in the middle of the forest on a dirt road. Global warming management, is personal management. Its our personal responsibility for our environment. Take a science class again, you might learn something. More people=more impact on the planet=global warming. Its simple math & common sense, not dumb metaphors, meant to belittle ones intelligence with no solutions or answers. The earths population is not decreasing, therefore maintenance is required, otherwise we All are going to hell in a handbasket together.

            Did you know we waste 1/3 of our US food production per year? All that impact on farm lands, to just waste 1/3 of it. We claim, we should take care of our own first, but we’d rather throw away that 1/3, than feed our people, who couldn’t afford it, then despise & judge them for not being as lucky as yourself. That’s crazy!

            Did you know we waste 76-95 gallons of water a day per person? That mean just half the population wastes over 11 billion gallons a day.
            “According to the U.S. Geological Survey the average person uses between 80-100 gallons of water per day and estimates that 95% of the water we use, goes down the drain (1). So we waste 76-95 gallons per day per person. That number might astonish many of us as we think about how much water we might use.”
            That doesn’t include Nestle, who has stolen 80 million gallons annually. when punished, they pay the fines, with the profit they made selling us back bottled water. That’s crazy!

            We develop to accommodate the population, but we landscape with ornamentals that demand a lot of water or fertilizer. Why not edible landscaping? People could feed their families, save a few bucks and migratory bugs and birds would be happy, thus creating more food and sustaining multiple ecosystems. Not doing this, is crazy!

            The earth is like a car. Keep up its maintenance , oil changes, no leaks, fluids full, you’ll have a happy lil car for some time. Same goes for our world with limited resources and an increasing population, keep it clean, keep its fluids full, & not waste its resource but sustain them than deplete them.

            • So….

              You’re against the fire extuinguisher idea?

              • Nope. Sounds like a good idea but if we managed our ecosystem better, there wouldn’t be a need to carry one, cause we wouldn’t be in a drought. Forest management is important, but it is only a fraction of the whole picture, of what’s wrong.

                • Ok, cool.

                  They’re affordable and practical.

                  I think its important to be good stewards of the land we keep, so good luck with it all.

            • “Did you know we waste 76-95 gallons of water a day per person?” That is misleading. We divert that much water but it is not “wasted”. The water is still on the planet in some form or another.

              I’d say earth is a closed system, but it seems the earth is continually adding water via comet debris.

              • Nope, not nonsense at all. We take half hour or longer showers, wash our cars, water our lawns & golf courses, run our dishwashers & divert the water off our roads bk, to the ocean, clouds, streams, lakes etc. Only difference is our population, pollution, funk is now in it. Run that thru the system so many generations, the pipes eventually get clogged, ewww. Ever hear of acid rain, that’s not natural, that’s from our pollution. So why shouldn’t our household excess water be used to water ones lawn & bushes vs drains with no further benefit but to reroute water? There’s school’s in Orange Cty who practice this and have lowered the pollution to their waste water, lowered their costs flushing toilets & watering the lawns with the water collected from the gutters. So yes your right, the water eventually makes its way back, but I find it our responsibility to it as clean as possible, till it finds its way bk vs joining the oil, gas & cigarette butts, the water finds along the way in the gutterss, as our current system does. I’d like to think our great-grand parents funk has been filtered out but the build up started with the industrial ag, so i doubt it’s filtered out, eww.

  • Hopefully, it won’t be 49 years before the group thinkers, who bought the global change/climate warming hoax, ‘see’ what crony Buzz Aldren’s recent reply was to an eight year old’s question regarding the fake moon landing . . . “We didn’t go there.”

  • I would want to see the trailer rim that caused the fire to see how much contact it had with the roadway. It would be a stretch to throw a spark from the roadway over the shoulder to ignite any grass. There has been a lot of finger pointing but no published facts on true cause of starting the fire. It could have been the trailer rim or just very bad timing passing by the location where someone had pitched out a beer bottle glowing in the sun. One trip over to Redding I spotted a Land Rover above that stretch of road being held from rolling down to the highway by ropes NO fire that time parked in the brush and grass. Lucky I guess.

    • Are you kidding?

      Where have you been the last 2 weeks?

      There are NO questions about how the Carr fire was started.

  • No questions?

    I have some condos on Jupiter for sale.

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