Another Dead on the Carr Fire

A super tanker begins a fire retardant drop on The River Fire near Scott's Valley Road in Lake County California on Friday.

Our hearts go out to his family. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Cal Fire reports that a Carr Fire support crewmember is dead after an accident overnight.

They stated, “We are saddened to report the death of a CAL FIRE Heavy equipment Mechanic from the Butte Unit assigned to the Carr Fire. He was killed early this morning as the result of a traffic accident on Highway 99 in Tehama County.

KRCR has a little more information and photos here.

UPDATEFormer Bridgeville Firefighter Killed in Accident on His Way to the Carr Fire



  • So sorry to hear of this… again!!! RIP Good Sir!!! Thank you for your dedication & service!!!

  • , yes I am also sad to hear of another death from the car fire these people work day and night to try and save us my prayers go out to his family also

  • Please put it out, we don’t need anymore deaths.

  • Alt Right For Life

    The air force should use heavy bombers and fly at night.

    • The Air Force doesn’t fly the tankers. The air tankers are operators by the United Statea Forest Sevice, which fly’s C-130’s, or private companies who contract with the USFS who fly P-2’s and aircraft similar to the BAE 146 jets. The problem is the amount of visibility and the terrain. A lot of aircraft aren’t designed to fly in that terrain at the low altitude necessary for the retardant to be effective and flying at night is too dangerous.

      • Some of them could though. It’s a good idea even if parts were made to be interchangeable to fit the tanks in. It could save money and resources and probably boost troop moral.

  • All the people fighting the fire are value and their loss hard. His friends and family have my sympathy.

  • RIP

    It’s time to let our reps know we will not stand for no help for victims of fires be they residents or firefighters/first responders.
    Note in this article who didnt show up to meet with residents from last years fires to talk abour relief assistance and also ask for vote against legislation that would allow PGE to charge more to custimers to pay for their fines for starting a horrendous fire by cutting corners. You think theyd have learned when they blew up that neighborhood&lost 3 appeals trying to get out of checking all of their gas lines for leaks to make sure it doesnt happen again. If there was a real free market we could all just cancel oyr pge and go with a different company.
    If you know anyone who lives in the districts of these lawmakers, let them know who showed up for their already scheduled meeting with fire victims and who didnt… its beyond time we take what little power back we have and participate. Our lives literally depend on it. Demicracy us not a spectator affair.

    “Cal Fire has yet to issue its report on the cause of the Tubbs fire, the most destructive in state history, but the agency has found PG&E power equipment responsible for 16 other major fires in Northern California last October, including blazes in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Lake counties. In 11 of those cases, state investigators found evidence the utility violated state code governing power line maintenance.”

  • Cmon people nobody read the article Kym wrote….it was a traffic accident. Why do people go to hysteria. We have forest fires period. I fought with Santa Cruz Fire Crew for 3 years. Nothing has changed except more structure fires are involved. Back in the 80’s it was Los Padres Natl Park and the Marble Cone fire in Big Sur. Sometimes fires last 2 months. You get a shake and bake bag and paid well and ya take your chances. That is the job.

    • Because they are here to help, doing something that I don’t think I could do. Paid or not. That it was a single car accident does not change that.

  • May he RIP. Love and prayers for his family and friends.

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