Redwood Parks Conservancy Wins $10,000 Grant to Support North Coast Junior Lifeguards

This is a press release from the Redwood Parks Conservancy:

Redwood Parks Conservancy has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Simpson Family Fund to support the Junior Lifeguard program offered by the California Department of Parks and Recreation (CDPR). California’s far north coast is renowned for its scenic sandy beaches and rocky shores. But beach-goers are strongly encouraged to admire certain sections of the coastline from afar. That’s because our local beaches are also well-known for their dangerously frigid waters and strong currents. In an effort to educate local communities about safe recreation along our coast, CDPR has developed a fun and effective program for youth to learn important ocean safety skills while also gaining confidence and a strong respect for our coastal environment. The North Coast Junior Lifeguard program emphasizes teamwork, leadership, and aquatic safety while introducing local youth to safe marine recreational opportunities.

The Junior Lifeguard program is offered to youth ages 8-17 during two two-week sessions each summer. This unique program focuses on beach/ocean safety, first aid, CPR, physical fitness, and exposure to ocean oriented sports and activities with the supervision of professional lifeguards. The program launched in July of 2016 and is now entering its third consecutive summer. Fifty Junior Lifeguards completed the program in 2016, then 101 in 2017, with even higher participation rates this year. Although the program has been successful and has seen high enrollment, the ongoing success of the North Coast Junior Lifeguards depends completely on the availability of funding. Redwood Parks Conservancy is working in partnership with CDPR to apply for grant funding to support this program into the future. This summer we were awarded a $10,000 grant to purchase essential equipment for program activities and pay wages for an additional lifeguard. We are celebrating this good news, but we will continue to seek funding to ensure that our local youth can continue to participate in this valuable program. If you are interested in the North Coast Junior Lifeguards, or if you would like to offer support to keep the program running, send us an email at or call Joanna at (707) 465-7329.



  • Given that we live on the Coast and most of these things should be considered “basic” skills for people living here why is this not taught in schools?

    • Some reasons : any injury or death would result in a law suit where a huge settlement would be likely requiring very expensive insurance, all sorts of regulations from ADA through health codes would need to be addressed, bussing required to make equal access for poorer students, minimum supervision by certified teachers both for the subject and to monitor students while at the beaches, permission would, dress rules, equipment purchase needed, certification of curriculum would be require by some group or another, out of control students disappearing would be the school’s liability,etc. School’s are not rated according to fulfilling local needs but are rated on standardized tests.

      Heck driving would be even more useful and has almost been eliminated. Too costly and regulated and making it available for every single student’s specific situation a real burden.

      • If yer not teaching basic life skills in schools your not teaching. Your list might be accurate, or not, not a debate for me one way or the other, but even if its 100% there is nothing on that list to overcome.

        And yes, all drivers should have passed a drivers ed class when in school, or have paid to pass a equal one in the private world, all. Yet we don’t seem to care that so many people die needlessly on our roads….

  • Congratulations!!

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