[UPDATE 1:02 p.m.] Convoy on Alderpoint Road This Morning


This morning we’ve received several reports of a convoy on Alderpoint Road. One report indicates there were over 10 vehicles. One report indicates that there was a chipper.

“I saw them about 1 mile short of the top so they could go south towards Palo Verde] or north towards [R]ancho and Alderpoint,” reported the reader.

Another reader reported seeing a helicopter. We’ll update with more information when we get it.

UPDATE 1:02 p.m.: A reader said she saw “One chopper, about 5 suv cop cars, and like 8 or so… big trucks. The last truck ( white) had a camera crew in it.”



  • Probably going to bust all of Zach’s friends, who hid him and brought the heat.

    • People against Humboldt County When the government steppes in and does the wrong thing some of the mom-and-pops or some of the best neighbors you could ask for have been issued these notices to Abate a nuisance threatening the land owners to take away their property and at the very least pay unjustified large fines costing them almost everything that they have including their medicine I am calling judgement down ignorance is no excuse breaking GOD’S law be good to each other code enforcement 5.0 a lot of the damage you have done you can’t even begin to pay back

      • A wonderful graphic to illustrate the level of reality among pot growers. The perfect propa-ganja that pot creates: posturing violence like a conspiracy right wing nut and simultaneously the self indulgence of a light porn advertisement for teen age boys. Perfection to illustrate the wholesome honesty of a mom-and-pop grower.

      • I hear that some of the people that have permits for their marijuana grows think that it is good to punish the people that don’t but I will tell you doom coming for you too all of you that have these permits are on public record no that’s a fact and soon the price will probably go down below the cost that you can produce it for big taxes prepaid and track-and-trace coming they will squeeze you out guess track and Trace is working so good in Oregon that they had to put Lots of people’s herb on auction and it was sold for below the price you could produce it at I hope they hold you accountable to keep it off the black market
        Should be doing it already no track and Trace no sales how could they encourage people to break the law and tell you to follow theirs it seems that they are playing a old game of divide and conquer those that do and those that don’t be careful what side you stand on the shit is hitting the fan Humboldt County ordinance fire has blown up and might be the biggest fire California has ever seen

      • So Zach did his neighbors good, by killing another neighbor? Did he do good unto him?

  • Humboldt rancher

    What a waste of money put on fire fighter gear and save some lives and structures with the tax money fires are more destructive than pot growing even the anti pot people might say . And if they don’t then they are what they are .

    • Why would police officers put on firefighting gear? They aren’t firefighters. Should firefighters put on police gear and go fight crime? Maybe you’d like electricians to do plumbing, janitors to practice law and defend people in court, car mechanics to perform surgery? Perhaps the police should just stop enforcing laws that you don’t agree with? Maybe everyone should stop doing their jobs and go fight fires? As for me, I’m happy that if I call the police they will still show up and help because they haven’t taken your advice and assigned themselves to firefighting duties.

      • Best comment ever. Two thumbs up.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        If you are up to date on these local (Humboldt County, CA) raids you should know that there are usually many more non police officers than police officers involved. It’s possible that Humboldt Rancher meant them and I would have to agree.

      • A+ Comment, in closer detail; the politician as the doctor, the drug dealer as the cop, the lawyer as the masked robber, the scientist as the murderer, the homeless guy as a divorced husband, the movie star as a schizophrenic,

      • Believe me, that commenter was no “Humboldt rancher” in real life.

      • Humboldt rancher

        You make no sense . But yes if it saves lives and people’s homes then all listed should fight fires. Quit pushing your lame anti pot agenda . It doesn’t make sense . That’s what volunteer fire fighters are, all types of people and yes police do help in many ways during fires and yes your emergency calls to them would still be answered I’m sure so you can call them and report someone smoking marijuana and waste there time with that . Hello . Obviously.

      • It’s called cross training , police officers that are also EMT and fire fighters . There all over the United states. Money better spent on fighting a fire saving lives and homes than cutting a legal plant down because someone didn’t pay for a permit . Simple . Your comparisons are beyond ridiculous. A mechanic to do surgery get real .

  • Police in helicopter, a search fi marijuana
    Police man in the streets, searching fi collie weed
    Police man in the fields, woy yoooow, burnin the collie weed
    But if you continue to burn up the herbs, we gonna burn down the cane fields
    If you continue to burn up the herbs, we gonna burn down the cane fields

  • Why post someone’s speculations on were they are going. Can we please just keep to the facts

  • Pharmstheproblem

    Rancho again.

  • Where is the obligatory “you are helping the criminals” post? Come on you knee jerk “law and order” wanks, go for it.

  • Don’t expect any updates, apparently all the fires are stopping convoy news between two totally different agencies

  • except that it’s a corporatist “law” where one group can grow 7 acres and the other can’t grow 7 plants… Not exactly FAIR… Corporate fascism

  • Pharmstheproblem

    Good stuff the last four comments.

  • government by the corporations, for the globalists, in the name of protecting big business interests enforced by storm troopers

    I do agree that some folks blew it up alil too hard tho

  • government for the corporation, by the globalists, enforced by storm troopers…

    Some folks did take advantage tho

  • Flip side is those without permits are probably growing “medicine” with chemicals and the finished item full of that residue. Those who follow the rules cannot get away with using chemicals and risking chemical residue. Hence, the more illegal cannabis taken off the market, the better for providers and consumers who follow the rules which prohibit tainted cannabis medicine; there’s enough chemical laced drugs out there, already.

    • Some people never grow with chemicals and didn’t buy into the bullshit permitting process, FYI.

    • Omari organic poison is still poison some of it made by DuPont and Monsanto great for smoking your russet mites the bigger the grow the more likely they’re going to have problems but you probably like smoking that sparkle stuff mahn

    • Sleepy Alligator

      You mean like how all the food sold to consumers, all the cigarettes sold to consumers, all the medicine sold to consumers, and basically every consumable product sold to consumers in this country are all free of chemicals because the corporations producing them follow the rules? Get a grip on reality for goodness sake!

    • Checked the supermarket shelves lately?. Have you seen how freaking many chemicals are produced on this planet. Even the pharmaceuticals produce poison. We are saturated and surrounded by unhealthy…..well, do we really know what is actually clean and pure? …..very little left in this world that is untouched. Mostly under the ice caps, from what I hear. Give us time, we’ll screw that place up too.

  • I am slightly curious why all the ” legal permitted” growers on here, after complaining on how the ” green rushers” are ruining the growing scene, post where and when the convoys are raiding those same growers you all complain about?? Why do you even care if the cops are hitting those places?

    • It’s called news [edit]. Why do you care to comment? Because it interested you. Because it’s interesting. Pretty simple

  • a low flying helicopter flew over our place on the L. subdivision this morning. It flew over us more early than late in the am. possibly a green and white one, the sky was hazy. We kept hearing it on and off for some time.

  • So far this has been a great summer for busts, much appreciated LEO’s/LEA’s!!

    Keep it moving all the way through harvest time.

  • still banned?

  • its the economy

    no permits = no plants

    • No permit= Up to 6 plants with absolutely nothing required

      • The state of California and the water board both don’t care if you grow 6 plants in a 1000 square ft. space. It would be cool if the county got rid of the permitting requirements for a 1000 square foot greenhouse. And didn’t send anyone an abatement notice if they had one.

      • or 99 in your 500 square foot medical grow

      • When they raid a property do they leave six good plants?

    • Drone pollinators inc.

      Straight up, I’m tired of all these wimp winers complaining about enforcement cleaning up these mega grows.

      • I’m tired of all these hater ass, losers complaining about my mega grow…..straight up…..yo.

        • “ yo yo yo , dawg …. “

          Yeah they can get your “ mega grow “ too , bud . Get some of these flat billed tattoo face and neck wannabe gangsters out of here .

  • Eldon G. Whitehead


  • hmmm …..regan u mean

  • Does anyone know what color the chopper was and we’re they flying elsewhere?

  • Oh I see you can say what ever you want on this site except anything about a Democrat. Why is this? Over permitted and over regulation is the Democrats motto

  • Rise Up Fight back

    Here they come guns a toting coming to break down your door, tgey aim their guns and scream at the children then demand you to get on the ground like the thieving robbers they truely are. They will kill, steal and loot your money and home then divide up the loot they stole. They do not care as they have no soul, and they do not fear god. This ia how they do it, steal, kill loot and resale. Leta be honest this is no joke, men in uniforma with badges coming to steal and pilfer your property. Rise Up People, enough is enough

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