SoHum Health Offering Drop-in Sports Physical Clinic in Garberville Tomorrow

This is a press release from SoHum Health:

What?             Sports Physical Clinic

Where?          Southern Humboldt Community Clinic, located 509 Elm Street

Who?               SoHum Health – Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District

When?            6pm – 8pm on Wednesday, August 8 and Friday, August 17

GARBERVILLE, CA – SoHum Health Community Clinic is having a drop-in sports physicals clinic for young athletes on Wednesday August, 8 and Friday, August 17 from 6pm to 8pm. Appointments for sports physicals can be made anytime during our regular operating hours, however we know a lot of parents and guardians are busy so we’ve arranged these two drop-in clinics from 6pm to 8pm.

Sports physicals are often a requirement before a student can enroll in sports activities and are not covered by most insurance plans. Our cost is only $20, please bring cash or check, as we cannot accept credit cards after 5pm. If you need to pay with a credit card please make an appointment during regular business hours.

The Sports Physical Clinic will be held on Wednesday, August 8 and again on Friday, August 17 from 6pm to 8pm at the SoHum Health Community Clinic, 509 Elm Street. Call 707-923-3921 for an appointment.

For information, contact: Outreach Manager Julia Minton,, or 707-223-6630.


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  • The Entropic Empath

    Usually, when a business agency changes it’s name, it means they are either not doing too well financially, they are trying to escape from controversy, or they are trying to hide from something while attempting to deceive the public into thinking that something has changed…

    So, if you have a weak product, and are poorly perceived in the market, change the name! Business 101… Great idea, Matt!

    Since 75.42% of the SoHum public would not use and does not trust SHCHD with their medical needs 99% of the time, it does not really matter what the name of this mess is…

    So, get a “sports physical”, by all means.

    From my point of view, offering a “loss leader” usually will not pump up the business of a public agency, especially one which is so poorly operated in general.

    If you fall by Jerold Phelps Hospital, drop off a few comments, have a meeting with Matt Rees, and, hey, give them a large donation if you are so inclined! Your hospital needs public guidance, community input and participation, not a fully appointed board and business in secret…

    It’s tough to run these places, but the government is handing out more money these days to support these broken-down and pathetic little district hospitals.

    They can probably even afford Matt’s ridiculously oversized salary, for a few more weeks…

    I predict that nothing at all has changed at Jerold Phelps Hospital, besides the name.

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