Man Arrested With Methamphetamine Packaged for Sales, Says EPD

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Ronald William KnightOn August 7, 2018 at 9:34 am, officers with the Eureka Police Department’s Community Safety Enhancement Team (CSET) were conducting routine patrol in the greenbelt area of the 500 block of V Street, due to numerous complaints of trespassing, illegal camping, and other violations of law. A group of about six subjects was soon contacted.

One of the subjects was identified as Ronald William Knight (50 years old of Eureka). A records check of Knight revealed that he is on formal probation for possession for sales of controlled substance(s). One of his terms of probation is a search clause. A search of Knights person revealed approximately 4 grams of suspected methamphetamine (packaged in several small street sales amounts), packaging material, and a scale.

Knight was taken into custody and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility (HCCF) on fresh charges of Possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of sales and probation violation.

This is an ongoing investigation and any further details will be released if appropriate.



  • These tweeker-woods were born too late, and in the wrong country. They should’ve been military age in Hitler’s Germany, when all of his soldiers were all whacked-out on speed. They gave them speed. See: Blitzed, by Norman Ohler.

  • On formal probation. He wears a dinner jacket when he goes for his pee test.

  • We really should reconsider the chain gang concept for vagrants.
    That’s how you end homelessness.
    Mandatory community service, all day every day, but Sunday of course.
    It’s the only way to get McGuire’s bike trail to willits built

    • It’s funny how we in the West often wax philosophically about how advanced Scandinavian countries are. I listened to a podcast a year ago which contained a round table of gentlemen from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

      One of them spoke about the time they went on welfare. As an unmarried male they were moved into a barracks in the far north of their country and forced to fall timber in the summer, then work in a lumber mill in the winter, all state owned. After 6 months of this he was transported back to his home town and given a check for $18000, which was the sum of his wages minus his food and housing in the barracks.

      He stated this was ample encouragement to never go on the dole again.

      • Well regardless of what your point is, it is interesting that, if you have ever traveled to any of these countries, you will never see a vagrant or a beggar (ok maybe one in a large city) and I really ask myself, why is this? In many ways the society is similar to ours, on the outside. But what is it culturally that makes people so fucking insane in our country? It’s got to be something. I mean, do they have all their crazy people in an asylum somewhere? Or what?…

        • This Is My Name

          Not a big fan of NYT, but this article is a decent enough read. My original comment was going to be: You know, Reagan and all.

          But that is painting with too broad a brush. It’s a very detailed, often untold story.

          There are probably better stories out there now, with more details of corruption, greed, and prejudice, but for 1984, it’s a good starting point.

          • An excellent article.. The community centers were soon underfunded and jails became our mental institutions.. We are becoming a third world country.. The savings became tax cuts for the wealthy, a policy we see continuing today..

            • Yes. If there is no respect for those who only have their labor to offer for sale, then everything goes to those who are aggressive enough to acquire right and left with crumbs falling to those who ovpbviously fail. Those not at either end of the spectrum just try to cope.

              The solution is not to use government to try to pry wealth away from those who are so focussed on keeping it but to ensure that the middle people have the option of doing what they want- earning a reasonable livelihood. They in turn will gather more from the owners than a monolithic and corruptible government can ever manage.

              The socialist government idealists always see money and reach out hands to grasp it in the name of those who don’t have money. But all that ever happens is that money holders either subvert the idealists or smack them down. In the end their efforts create more poor, more demands and less ability to cope with either.

            • A friend of mine works at a behavioral health clinic, aka the nut house. 80% of the patients get discharged in a few days to homeless shelters. Another 10% are criminals who do a short stay to avoid jail by claiming that they are suicidal. Remaining 10% are rich junkies who need their meds adjusted to compensate for the recreational drugs that they abuse.

        • For two reasons- first even Sweden does not tolerate unlimited immigration and is still relatively not diverse and are a related population with very strict views on how people need to behave. They have lots and lots and lots of Rules. Native citizens not only support ostricizing violators of the laws socially, even to removing them forcefully, but – gasp- they actually fine employers who hire anyone without the proper permits. Things the US refuses to do.

          If someone is disruptive, they are removed. No lawsuits.

          Beside the winter weather is bad. No Scandinavian California beach weather. And there are fewer areas which to monitor.

          “One may see even fewer homeless on the street if Netherlands’ social benefit residency requirements were not so strict. One must reside in a city for 2 years before one can receive welfare benefits in that city. Other identification requirements place the homeless at a disadvantage in securing some type of benefits. These are exactly the kinds of problems homeless people have; rootlessness,deteriorating personal organization etc. This same residency requirement is a barrier in the US as well though not as much as it used to be.”

          • Umm, are you blaming our mental health problem on immigrants?? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard from you yet. Go find one crazy person in eureka who is Mexican.. ok you might be able to find one…. but 99% are homegrown my friend. What is your agenda here? A swing…. and a miss!

          • no. Sweden has huge immigration and many problems associated with that. What are you talking about? All of Europe has extremely high quotas for taking immigrants and it is fast becoming a real and complex problem for these societies.

    • Fool on the hill

      I like your thinking! Work camps would solve a lot of Californias problems although$18,000 for 6 months work seems like a good enough wage I would not want to leave..👍😎

    • Strongly agree.

  • That’s medicinal! He probably has narcolepsy!

  • I think its how hard every this has to be just to get by,here,from doctor appointments to get a total fisical.take 10¿ appointments,to prices in stores every thing os a lie ,to how must paper work one has to fill out to do any thing,to just trying to get cable tv,all the questions,being put on hold 5 times to answer the same questions over and can drive people to go insain.all the little stupid fees for every thing with dont make sence,It all makes me want to scream and run away,

  • I wonder what counseling or training he received in prison to help him find other ways to support himself? I am guessing none or nothing consequential. Whether it’s drug dealing on the US streets or growing poppies in Afghanistan, breaking the cycle of and relationship to drugs is often difficult. Seems to me, if we want to be a compassionate society that also is being proactive to prevent further crimes and societal pain, we will be best served to help drug addicts and/or dealers to find a new way forward.
    PS: There is also an aspect of self-identity that could be addressed, to help a person change their own self image.

  • Is he a Cone Head?! If so, he is an illegal alien and he basically has a free pass to break any law he disagrees with and because some idiots have made California a Sanctuary State… He is free to rape, pillage, murder and sell drugs here for as long as he likes or until he decides to return to his homeworld/mothership. This might sound ridiculous but so does SANCTUARY STATEHOOD!

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