Redwood Run Persevering and Wrinkles Smoothing Out, Say Organizers in Letter to the Editor

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Redwood Run

The 41st Annual Redwood Run has been fraught with challenges as it finds a new date and venue. This year has been a story of obstacles, changes, lessons and growth… but we’re coming out the other side stronger for it.

With the loss of the coveted Riverview Ranch, and the event permits attached, Kiwanis of the Redwoods and the Redwood Run Support Team began searching for a new venue with the same heart and beauty. We didn’t have to look far, just down the road, with its own Redwood Run history, sits Cooks Valley Campground and the County Line Ranch.

Due to already stressed County agencies, we were forced to abandon our traditional June dates to work inside an already existing permit attached to the new location. With as deep and honored tradition as ours, the date change brought about opposition. The Redwood Run traditionally kicks off the bike rally season, and now we’d be closing it.

Undeterred, the team of passionate volunteers forged ahead, locking in attractions that were new to the event and dialing in entertainment contracts. Just as the lineup was set to be announced, organizers received word that the existing permits would not cover the event as we know it.

Everything was put on hold to meet with planning departments and state agencies, favors called in, first-borns offered up, but alas, the one thing needed was not available – time.

Discouraged, but not broken, the Redwood Run began looking for a new home yet again, one that had already existing event permits for Labor Day Weekend, that would cover the two day event. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a property within the Southern Humboldt/Northern Mendocino area to be found. In stepped Blue Lake Casino & Hotel. An hour and a half north of the old site, Blue Lake Casino offered up a permitted space large enough, and with the amenities needed, to host the Redwood Run. After careful deliberation, the team made the leap of faith, and moved north for the year, while already planning the traditional Redwood Run’s move home in 2019.

Die hard faithfuls took the move hard. Traditional, old-school rally’s have always been held on private property, remaining self-contained to allow freedom of constraints. This move put the Redwood Run, billed as the “last old-school rally in California”, in unfamiliar and controversial territory. Facing cancellation, the team chose to embrace the change, forging ahead with a new event, Redwood Run – Blue Lake Rally. Both the team and Blue Lake Casino are committed to providing the Redwood Run experience we all know and love, at the new event.

As we enter the home stretch with less than four weeks till the event, things are settling down and smoothing out. The lineup was rolled out via social media outlets this past weekend.

Redwood Run – Blue Lake Rally passholders, will be in for an awe-striking experience with globally-recognized Performers and celebrities this Labor Day Holiday weekend. Platinum Vip and Chrome Pass holders will receive early entry to the event on August 31st at 4pm. They will be welcomed on-site to premier camping and a double feature movie night presenting Easy Rider & Werewolves on Wheels, hosted by local movie fanatic & comedian, Evan Vest. General Admission passholders will be welcomed Saturday, September 1st, gates open at 8 am. Saturday will feature headlining musical act Everlast, the Grammy Award winner, front man for the legendary group House of Pain, whose anthem Jump Around is still used as a stadium-jam staple. His collaboration with Santana, produced the mega hit Put Your Light On. Solo efforts include the critically-acclaimed Whitey Ford Sings the Blues album, featuring hits What It’s Like & Ends.

Sunday, September 2nd features headlining musical act & world renowned celebrity Katey Sagal & the Reluctant Apostles. Katey Sagal is known best for her character portrayals of Gemma in the Sons of Anarchy series & Peggy Bundy in the comedy classic Married with Children series. As a vocalist, she sang backup for Bette Midler early on & went on to support a number of songs featured on the Sons of Anarchy soundtracks, to her full live-band offerings featuring classic rock & soul renditions.

We are also offering up daily attractions featuring the amazing, not-of-this-world Hellzapoppin Circus & Sideshow Revue, gravity-defying aerial assaults from Julian Dusseau’s Motocross Stunt Riders, and the blazing Ghostrider attraction.

The infamous, fan-favorite wet t-shirt contest returns as a fundraiser for local non-profit efforts supporting our community at large, along with traditional Redwood Run activities.  Bike games will be hosted daily including the Sunday morning Bike Show, as we celebrate everything on two-wheels. Our local non-profit food booths will continue to serve up the eats, and vendors will sell their wares.

We look forward to celebrating the Redwood Run legacy and the spirit of perseverance at the Redwood Run – Blue Lake Rally. Everyone 21 years or older are welcome. Tickets are available online at or through our local ticketing outlets including Blue Lake Casino & Hotel.

Friday, August 31st

4pm – Early arrival check in

4pm – 8pm – Husky Burnette

8pm – Midnight – Movie Night double feature (Easyrider & Werewolf on Wheels) Hosted by comedian Evan Vest

Saturday, September 1st

8 am – Gates Open for all ticket holders

10am – 1pm – Biker Games and stunts

1pm – 1:30pm – Color Guard and National Anthem

1:30 – 3 – Games and Stunt Ramps with Julian Dusseau’s Motocross Stunt Riders

3pm – 5:30pm – DJ

5:30pm – 7pm – Husky Burnette

7pm – 8:30pm – Hellzapoppin Circus & Side Show Revue

8:30 – 10pm – Big B

10pm – 12pm – Everlast

Sunday, September 2nd

8am – 10am – Bike Show

10am – 1pm – Biker Games

12pm – 1pm – Husky Burnette

1pm – 2pm – Wet T-Shirt Contest

2pm – 4pm – Wheelie Burnout – Julian Dusseau’s Motocross Stunt Riders

4pm – 5:30pm – Hellzapoppin Circus & Side Show Revue

5:30pm – 6pm – DJ

8pm – 9:30pm – Demun Jones

9:30pm – 12pm – Katey Sagal & The Reluctant Apostles

Biker Games

Saturday 10am

Potato in the hay

Redwood Run plank ride

Got Balls


Sunday 10am

Loud pipes

Weenie bite

Slow ride

Water balloon toss



  • Blue Lake sucks. We can’t smoke weed, N2O, anything. Fuck them.

  • Knock knock, who's there, the truth please!

    WTF? BS! How do you lose the Riverview Ranch and event permit? If you’re going to lie, do a better job next time. What did Kiwanis of the Redwoods do this time to screw up that sweet deal?!@#$%^&*( . )

  • Bye redwood run😔

    Wow looks like im not going but let alone good luck and don’t look like others will be attending either, what a loss for southern humboldt!!!!!

  • Who wants to watch movies at a freaking run?! Come on I paid good money for my ticket!!! I’m one unhappy camper right now!!!

  • Its a sad day, when the Kiwanis of the Redwoods would equivocate, in public and in print about what happened. I know for a fact, Mendocino County Planning notified and met with them the week of July 16th, to let them know, they did not have permits to have their 3 day event (Redwood Run) at “Cooks Valley Campground” over Labor Day weekend 2018. And Humboldt County Planning Notified them the event permit for “County Line Ranch” was only for one day.

    This was after Kiwanis of the Redwoods published the dates and location of the Redwood Run at Cooks Valley Campground and County Line Ranch over labor day weekend. The most egregious part of this debacle was they knew they did not have the permits at that location, they knew it was wrong, but they went ahead anyway.

    Unless Kiwanis has changed, its doesn’t seem in keeping with their mission or values! And what does this teach the children about being responsible and accountable for your actions?

    Kiwanis empowers communities to improve the world by making lasting differences in the lives of children.

    Kiwanis will be a positive influence in communities worldwide — so that one day, all children will wake up in communities that believe in them, nurture them and provide the support they need to thrive.

    As someone who grew up in Southern Humboldt and was a proud member of Key Club at South Fork HS, I am very disappointed in this conduct…

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