Humboldt DA’s Office Asks Public’s Help Finding Woman With Outstanding Felony Warrant

Michelle InbodenPress release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

The District Attorney’s Office seeks assistance from the community with the apprehension of Michelle Lynn Inboden (Age 45), who has an outstanding felony warrant for possession of drugs (heroin) for sale as well as multiple misdemeanor warrants for petty theft and providing false identification to a peace officer. The warrants were issued by Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Christopher Wilson on July 31st, 2018 when Inboden failed to appear in court for sentencing.

If you have information regarding Inboden’s whereabouts, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

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  • HAHA failed to show up for sentencing. Color me shocked…. If this type of person can’t be responsible enough to show up for their court date its no surprise that they chose heroine as a career option. Hardly the biggest threat of a person I would worry about wondering our streets though.

  • Wow. It looks like “faces of meth” time lapse photos! Oh well, good luck LE.

  • Should not of been released and trusted to show up in court with that criminal history. This area takes a very soft approach to shoplifting & petty theft… wrong move b/c these ppl elevate their criminal activity. This is not a full & accurate report of her criminal history! She is definitely a threat, selling heroin, theft and false I.d… and that’s only what she’s been caught for, I’m sure she has done more.

  • Why is this a law enforcement priority that needs to be in a press release ? Don’t the cops have more pressing matters to attend to ?

    • someone who sells heroin & stealing is 100% worthy of a press release. She is a wanted criminal. If this was a non-white male, this comment section would have a much different tone.

  • some thing made for some bad decisions along the way in her life,,,so terribly sad/ The photo difference is amazing as well as such a shame

  • Don’t waste our precious resources trying to find her, but next time she commits a crime how about you actually Punish her and not just let her out!

  • Alt Right For Life

    Redheads and drama go perfectly together…. it’s just the Law Of The Universe.

    Ask anyone.

    • I resent that remark… now, let me throw a tantrum and yell at my cat.

    • Ummmm. Hey Alt Right!
      Do you happen to know the name of this site, where you just made that very broad generalization???…..!

      Hint: I suggest you ask Kym! 😉 😮

      • Of course he knew that. Trolling. He knew we would know. We knew he would know we knew… oh wait. That thought just derailed.

  • Unlike others with felony warrants, her’s is “OUTSTANDING”!!

    Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen! You can find me here every Monday night!

  • “The District A’s OFFICE asks.” Really?

    There’s Fleming and her seven Deputy District A persons (bought and paid for by you and me and Measure Z’s bait-and-switch “Other Essential Necessities” ILLEGALLY, Not in the republic, added onto the title of the ballot vote (Safety in SoHum), does any one of them have the power of speech?

    Order Followers are cowards.

    • no sunset on the renewal of measure Z sounds like a sweet deal for them. this isn’t just here, this is also a national problem. raises, big ticket developments their buddies get to build. meanwhile crime is compounding just like global warming and weather change.

  • She should just turn herself in and clear her record. They will just let her go with another warning anyway.

    The woman that was in the previous Press release for “failure to appear” and “Manslaughter” finally turned herself in, and was sentenced to 200 hours of community service. Not a bad deal, for driving on a revoked license, no insurance, and killing a handicapped senior citizen on a electric handicap scooter with a 6′ florescent safety flag on a sidewalk in front of Victoria place last year, because she was in a hurry. It is no wonder so many people are coming here, you can literally get away with MURDER!

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