Another Dead as the Carr Fire Grows (Maps)

A Sikorsky helicopter fills up with fire retardant from tanks on the field of Igo, Ono, Platina Elementary School south Redding.

A Sikorsky helicopter filled up with fire retardant from tanks on the field of Igo, Ono, Platina Elementary School in south Redding last week.[Photo by Mark McKenna]

The Carr Fire claimed the life of a PG&E worker yesterday bringing the total dead on this historically destructive fire to seven. Thirteen days into this brutal rampage, the fire has reached 154,524 acres and is only 41% contained. According to the Northern California Geographic Coordination Center, “1,080 residences have been destroyed and 190 residences have been damaged; 500 outbuildings are destroyed.” And, the assessment isn’t finished.

With the Mendocino Complex topping 250,000 acres, California is dealing with two of the largest fires in its history…at the same time.

The Plan: 

Firefighters are mopping up around the City of Redding (Branch I). Crews could see some problems but as a whole, they have a good handle on this.

Branch II, the southwest of the fire: Even with containment lines walling the fire away from Igo, firefighters will have to watch for spotting across lines and quick growth when the afternoon winds feed the flames.

Branch III, the west end of the fire: Dozer lines are mainly built between the flames and Lewiston. Firefighters will be working to keep the afternoon winds from pushing past them.

Enlarged section of today's operation map near Lewiston.

Enlarged section of today’s operation map near Lewiston.

Branch IV, the north side of the fire: While there was some growth here yesterday, the fire is moving relatively slowly in this direction. Firefighters will just be on the lookout for torching and the fire running through treetops if afternoon winds kick in hard.

The Weather: 

Today will be hot and dry but the winds will not be as active as they have been. Still, at 1 p.m. the upper drainages will see an increase. Starting tomorrow, expect temperatures to rise. Expect near critical fire conditions.

The Roads:

Hwy 299 road closure Carr Fire

Hwy 299 has no estimated time of reopening. [Photo from Caltrans District 2]

Highway 299, the major east-west route, remains closed in both directions. Caltrans District 2 reported August 1 that they do not know when 299 will reopen.

Caltrans has stated they are working on the road currently.

For more on roads in the area, see this Cal Fire site.


    • Progression map up till yesterday–


  • Operations Map –to see details either zoom or click on the map and download a pdf.
    Carr Fire Operations Map

    Carr Fire Operations Map

  • KMZ Map–Zoom for detail or for 3D imagery, click on the map and download a file that connects with your Google Earth program.
    Carr Fire Heat Map

    Carr Fire Heat Map


  • Northcoast Horticulture Supply is working with Pay It Forward Humboldt to collect donations for the Carr fire.

McKinleyville 1580 Nursery Way

Arcata 639 6th St

Eureka 852 W Wabash Ave

Fortuna 126 Dinsmore Dr

Note: “Pay It Forward Humboldt has asked us to collect gift cards and N95 respiratory masks only at this time. We’ve tried to be specific about what’s needed at this point in time in our social media because folks tend to drop off random and sometimes heavy items that are not useful until folks can set up temporary housing.  Once they have the donation centers set up over the next days/weeks, they will be accepting clothes, household donations and larger items.”


Redwood Acres Fairground is accepting evacuees for free camping.

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  • Kim, you are doing good coverage on these fires. I really think your site works best in local emergencies, and I’m glad you’re doing it.

    However, to make an editorial comment: “Two of the historically large fires in it’s history” seems redundant. Perhaps this is the opposite of a double negative, a double positive?

  • Blessings to the PGE worker who died. So sad. Be safe everyone.

    • Yes. His job put him at risk for the sake of firefighters and the public. I’m sorry for this family’s loss.

  • From a Lewiston community email list:

    “Lewiston Fire Chief Mel Deardorff’s report:
    Yesterday, Saturday and Saturday night, were extremely pivotal times on the fire lines. Lines were reinforced all during the day with all kinds of fire equipment, including a 747 Aerial tanker. At this time, I believe that the worst is behind us and that Lewiston has escaped the wrath of this fire.

    However, we firefighters cannot let our guard down and we still need to babysit this fire to be sure that it does not rear its ugly head here again.

    Firefighters from my old agency, San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, showed up here in Lewiston. They were happy to become part of the action against this fire and to help save our community. And, having said all that, I beg for your patience, while we continue to clean this up here. We still have a lot of fire equipment around Lewiston that needs to get reassigned during the next few days to other areas of Trinity and Shasta counties where the fire is still burning. Hopefully, you will be back in your homes soon. Be safe and thanks for your continued support.”

    No plumes, but smokey with high clouds here in Weaverville, and the power is on. Wind is getting a little stronger from the west, temp in the mid 80’s.

  • lots of over run on the dozer lines it looks like over the last two days during our red flag weather.

  • Thanks so much for all your coverage of all the fires, Kym. You are by far the best local resource for this.

  • This fire season is only half way through and it’s terrifying and heartbreaking. Anyone know how much the feds have kicked in to fight CA fires in the last 2 months? I can’t find figures.

  • Thanks Kym, I hope this thing settles down for everyone involved including yourself.

    Thanks to all you who have been adding helpful info in the threads here.

    Good luck Trinity, and now, Crush the Ranch Fire! Good luck all.

  • Some free pre fire current sat images are being posted.

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