Wildland Firefighter’s Gear Stolen

wildland firefighterOver last weekend, a wildland firefighter had his gear stolen from an enclosed cargo trailer on Belleview Avenue in Rio Dell.

“I work on the wildfires in the summer and run a tree business throughout the year,” the victim told us. “I was packing up for the Mendo Complex when I noticed my enclosed cargo trailer had been broken into and some saws and gear [had been] stolen overnight by cutting my locks.”

Below are photos of items like those taken.


If you have any information, please contact the Rio Dell Police at (707) 764-5642.



  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Teams of slime cruise our neighborhoods and skim off the property of workers and homeowners. Our street in a residential area near Eureka was hit about two weeks ago. They hit unlocked vehicles in driveways. Getaway vehicle waited in the street for tool boxes and equipment. Lost a nice box of tools, many from my Dad. Suggest getting a long-range can of bear spray to hose ’em down. No damage to vehicles or yard.

    Really feel bad for this arborist and firefighter. Years ago in the Mattole, human detritus stole equipment right off the fire truck in Petrolia, during a fire.

    • This is my friend and work partner. Regardless of who he is, no one should have to endure this type of violation. Please be vigilant for the inevitable pawning of this equipment, and do whatever “right thing” will help restore the balance.

      • I had a feeling this would happen. Lake county has a higher than average number of residence with poor ethics. Highest property crimes around. Very, very, very sad that they did that to the people saving us. Thank you so much firefighters, the non scumbag part of the community loves you!

        • This happened in Rio Dell.

        • Read before you speak! Lake co has a lot of good people also. The slime buckets live amongst us everywhere. So sad but I believe there is more good then bad in this world so let’s try to help this poor gentleman recover his belongings and watch out for our neighbors.

        • Rio Dell is in Humboldt County

        • I don’t think it’s an ethics issues. It’s a legal and moral issue. Steroetyping is never a good idea. But your comment goes beyond.

        • I have to argue lake county has some of the best people I have ever met please think about what you say before you post it. Everything you say on social media is forever. I am sorry this man lost his stuff. But that doesn’t give you the right to bad mouth a community anonymously. My name is Jeremy Treadaway and I stand up for LC. We can’t thank firemen or all the workers enough thank you.[edit]

      • Is there a go fund me acct or youcaring acct set up? Ive seen a lot of people willing to donate or buy new equipment

    • Sadly some “people”??? will steal Anything that isn’t nailed down or if they can pry it loose!!!

    • I would suggest something much more permanent than bear spray. Something lead-based. The risk of property damage is worth it.

      • I would make a point about similar thefts.Shasta Co.has fires and the District Attny. had a press release RE:the looting. Some guy on a stolen quad was caught wit stolen goods and the DA went public “[T]his office will prosecute it as FELONY”…but I haven’t heard a squeak from OUR DA office.You have the right to defend persons or property but it’s unclear how elected officials will respond here in Humboldt.

      • The property damage may be worth it but how about the JAIL TIME for clocking some idiot??? Sadly it IS still a crime to shoot a thief!!!

    • Hello everyone and thank you for the verbal support. We are a lot stronger as a team and I know theres some good folks still around. The go fund me page is very thoughtful, but I wasnt looking to go that route. If an account gets set up, I will get any monies generated to our local volunteers.
      Im hoping that the commercial liabilty comes through to cover my loss, new cameras… and Bear Spray! Lol (more like rocksalt and electrified trailer).
      I look forward to getting home and eliminating these braisen hits on our neighborhoods and personal property.
      Thank you for the support while we are out on the line!

      • I can’t even imagine the gut-punch that must have been for you to discover the theft. As you are doing all you can do to help get these fires under control, someone steals your valuables? So sorry for the loss. I hope you are made whole soon – if not in an even better situation than before.

    • So sorry to hear this. Our home was still standing in the Carr Fire. Thanks to everyone of you. While we were evacuated in Redding
      Staying at hotel there was bunch of fire trucks
      Yep low life’s were out there combing the trucks we saw from our window. Flew down the stair and happen to be a police man and took off after him. Just all need to pay attention. Thank you all for everything

  • Things that make you go hmm

    WTF ⁉️ 🤷 Can we start some kind of a donation to this fine young man someway, somehow, somewhere ⁉️❣️💪👨‍🚒🚒

  • I think we need to wake up, between the looters in evac zones and this I have snapped. F’n scum, meth, heroin everywhere…I went to take my kids to the Adorni Center to watch the sailboats last trip to town and the human scum was so thick we didn’t even get out of the car, never mind the pitbulls running loose everywhere all agro. That was every place along the bay we checked next. I’m leaving this country.

    • Don’t put any blame on “pitbulls” if they aren’t doing anything wrong. Loose dogs all agro puts across the same point, you blaming pitbulls puts the blame on that specific breed.

  • Hard working young man. The violation of theft always hits so personally, not to speak of the financial investment that makes it harder for him to make a living. It’s always sad to hear about all the thievery going on in our communities.

  • At some point people will switch on and the appropriate measures will prevail.

  • I run junkie thieves off my street all the time I’m surprised nobody hasn’t takin the law into there own hands ..

  • I predict the local Meth Mongrels will have a surprise sooner than they think. Just one robbery at the wrong place at the wrong time. Karma can be a bitch! It’s just too hard to hide forever in such a small town and continue to rip off our citizens!

    I totally agree with this quote from “livin’easy”.

    “When people have no fear of consequences because those consequences are meaningless, this behavior will never end. Laws have to be specific, strict and followed through by courts and judges. Other than a 6 month sentence suspended and 5 years probation, people need to be put in jail/prison for years; and know that will happen. Won’t stop everyone, but definitely would have an impact”.

    • Yah put all those scumbags in jail so us tax payers can pay for them to be there. Think again. They need to lose some fingers maybe a hand that will make them think twice about thieving. It’s really sad that we have to take extreme measures to protect our belongings. I live in the fire zone and we need all the support we can get right now. Sorry that happened to you and for all that you do, GOD bless you

  • Get a go fund me page going and lets get this fire fighter restored!

    • Grand idea! The scum that stole from a fire fighter hero. No way should he have to re-purchase his gear fighting for our country. Catch the worthless bastard who did this and their punishment go clean up burnt neighborhoods with hand tools. No sympathy here for greedy thoughtless thief. Pray our DA acts tough as Redding DA disclosed on KAEF Ch 23 would be priority cases held felony charges. No lienancy.

  • Kym there are pictures and video of a scumbag On rio dell neighborhood watch we’ve had our neighborhood hit 3x now I have cams ON the way

  • Photo

  • Can Happen in California Thanks to Jerry Brown the guy would get a ticket.
    Unless it is over 1000 dollars

  • Very sorry your things have been stolen. Some folks have no shame whatsoever.

    A person that knows the info for the victim should start a go fund me page and post a link here in the comments and on Facebook.

  • Hate to say it, but maybe we need to install CT Cameras like they have in London. I’m not for it, but it would cut way back on crime.

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