Homicide Investigation: Two Found Dead at Eureka Residence

Crime scene tape is strung around vehicles.

Crime scene tape is strung around vehicles. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

Press release from the Eureka Police Department:

On August 3, 2018, at about 8:08 p.m., officers of the Eureka Police Department (EPD) responded to the 3200 block of D Street for a welfare check call.

Upon arrival, officers tried for several minutes to contact the occupants, but there was no answer. Based on the details of the call, the lack of contact, and observations made at the scene, officers believed exigent circumstances existed and they forced entry into the residence.

A check of the residence revealed two deceased subjects. The scene was secured and detectives were summoned.

This case is being investigated as a homicide, however no suspect(s) are believed to be at large. The identities of the deceased are being withheld pending positive identification and notification of next of kin.

This is an open investigation and it is still in the initial stages. A more detailed press release will be sent out when we are further along in the investigation and it is appropriate.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Senior Detective Cosetti at 707-441-4315.

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  • Two people are dead, only unethical people who need help will speculate on the deceased. If you have a desire to make up assumptions and want to go so far as to write them out here then you need to look into yourself. What would lead you to write assumptions about strangers who died? Are you lacking happiness or experiencing mental health issues or overall lack of fulfillment in life? Instead of exerting energy on speculation and judgement of strangers is there anything you could be doing that contributes to your life or your community instead? My brain is of course smart enough to figure out what COULD have happened but it benefits no one to write it out here, not myself or the victims or family of victims or investigators that do read comment sections and have to filter out BS speculation to see if any commenters are talking out of their mouths instead of their bottoms.

    • Murder suicide.

      There, I said it. I speculated, made an assumption, and posted.

    • “What would lead you to write assumptions about strangers who died? ” Well one was apparently assumed by the police to be a murderer. And most likely one was not. Talking about such a dramatic happening- speculation or otherwise- is a human fault, will bring out information from more knowledgeable people attempting to set the record straight and certainly will expose other human foibles, including those of trying to shame others. It’s not all about the subjects of the story. Just as it’s not all about the commenters. And waiting for the authorities to resolve possibilities will be a long one, if ever. A case is more likely to be forgotten and it’s understandings lost of there is no speculation.

      But most simply hectoring people to behave as you wish doesn’t work. Never has and never will. People will talk. And speculate. You’ll have more peace if you can let it go for what it’s worth.

    • Great attempt to claim the moral highground by force. But. . . mediocre!

    • You’re a little judgmental for being the first person to write a post. One might go so far as to say that you’re speculating, and it’s certainly broadly presumptive, if not exactly unethical, to accuse everyone else of those same moral deficiencies. What would lead you to write about people who post? Not all of them are overly pious or trolls. Are you lacking happiness, or experiencing mental health issues? Are you otherwise unfulfilled, that you’re accusing the world of being bad, before they even have a chance to be? Instead of exerting energy on speculation and judgment of strangers, you could yourself be doing something to improve your life or community, J.

      I do agree with you about people who post judgments or theories or disgusting trolling commentaries. It’s always nauseating to see the comments of people who delight in someone else’s tragedies. Just needed to point out that in your righteous indignation, you missed the simple fact that you’re actually making and posting assumptions and judgments outside of knowledge. Darn it all. Hate it when that happens, don’t you?

    • J, If you are really the family of the victims why the hell would you go read the comments section of a blog article on the people’s death?

    • I knew them and they were good people who were troubled…it doesn’t make a difference what people speculate it’s just really sad. Love to their families and loved ones…We lose people close to us and it’s human to have different reactions. I think it’s not a human fault, but just human nature. I’ve done it myself. Just realize these two people were good and they were loved and now they’re gone. That is sad.

  • Wow. Well said J.

  • Like maybe not insulting people over a hypothetical situation on the internet?

  • J, a comment, such as yours, should be at the beginning of every story. Thank you. I hope folks will think about what they choose to say. It matters.

  • Let’s see, J is speculating as to whether other people will speculate…..well speculated J!

  • Actually, J made a well timed preemptive comment against the inevitable stupid comments. Happy Saturday everyone. Life is complicated these days, with many struggles and sometimes few pleasures … lets try to appreciate this beautiful day.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Well, another bunch of comments from people who are making assumptions about speculations and assumptions. Good going people, shows all of the rest of us the true mentality of our so-call people who can make assumptions and speculations.

  • So by most of your standards on speculation nobody should comment, leaving this commenting section useless?

  • Unfortunately there will be more deaths that are not clearly understood.
    Without follow up information and details about the deaths available all we can do is speculate, human nature.

  • It’s being investigated as a homicide but no suspects at large . Could this be a murder suicide ?

  • I am sorry they are dead, and there are probably families out there that have lost a loved one. Enough said.

  • Blessings to the family and friends. And first responders. Very sad. 😥

  • Wow all these comments speculating speculation. I have walked by there for about 10 years. The two homes on each side were both completely renovated and new residents moved in. I can only imagine what they are thinking. How sad that humans kill and die at the hands of each other. Namaste

    • Sorry I misunderstood which house it was, nevertheless there are people who moved into that neighborhood in the last several years, investing in the community. At least three homes in the close vicinity have been renovated recently. I would not judge Eureka based on an isolated incident, which is intensely personal to those involved. Namaste

  • This is a sad subject , there is parent’s siblings and others going through the heart each and shock of losing a loved one or ones, and some people get gratification from being ugly and inconsiderate, So sad.

  • We are so heartbroken over this. Please keep speculation to yourself.

  • I made waffles!

  • The Internet is filled with “speculators.” They are soon promoted to reporter and anchor positions at CNN.

  • You are loved..you are light

  • a violent murder in our community god rest their souls and god help the people who committed this crime.your day is coming you will be committed to prison and will be held accountable.
    breath your last breath of fresh air cause your gona be a bitch in someones army .no more worldly fun no more barbecues with yo homies good bye good night good radiance

  • That was my son and his wife you’re all speculating on. Left a 7mo old baby and her 12 yr old son behind. They were not “white trash gangbangers”, as someone alluded to. I feel So much pain, you have no idea.

    • Is the man dead the person responsible or where is the suspect if not at large?

    • I live down the street. I am so so sorry for your loss. We are a close neighborhood. This is horrible. She was a really nice person and the kids are now without a mom and dad. I don’t know what happened inside. And I feel really bad for everyone but mostly for the kids. God bless all who were / are affected by this tragedy.

    • Is one of the victims is from the Santa Cruz area? I heard something from a friend but nothing official. If so then this has to be a friend of mine, as everything else fits. I am sorry for your loss.

    • Namaste Neighbor

      I am so sorry for your loss. I can not imagine the devastation you are experiencing. I kinda figured out from Facebook that it was a murder suicide, but no one has indicated only speculated who the suicidal part of the relationship was. I do believe that those who commit suicide are also victims of themselves, unfortunately. What a senseless loss. Please take care of yourself and seek help from those who can offer solace.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. So so sorry!!!

  • Donna Harrington

    Amen Sterling. Reading these callous comments from the uninformed has been a chore. Skipped ahead and found yours. The end. Nothing else needs to be said. I am with you in this Dear Cousin, if not physically, in spirit. Your pain is something these people cannot comprehend unless they’ve been there. I love you. Remember the telephone is handy

  • She was a very kind woman. Known her over half my life.

  • I had the privilege of working with this now deceased woman. She was never without a smile, a hug, and this loss will be felt by many. I didn’t have the opportunity to see your new baby, you were due in December when I left the area last October. I know your older son meant the world to you. I’ve heard from another good friend of yours the details surrounding your death…sorrow and sadness fill me. If you’d needed a place to go, I’d have gladly taken you and your children into our home. Did you realize the danger you were in? What must have gone through your mind knowing what was about to happen and knowing your baby was in danger too? My memories of you will always be of a beautiful, smiling face and a heart that reflected that same beauty. I am so sorry for all who are left to mourn. You will not be forgotten sweet girl.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Tears…so sorry for your families’ loss Sterling! ❤

  • Don't Worry About IT

    Many of you need to learn some respect. These are people’s children that are now senselessly dead. They are parents to two beautiful boys that hopefully one day will never read your horrific description of their parents. The deceased are co-workers, friends, neighbors, aunt, uncle, niece and nephew. These people are loved by many and you are disrespecting their names. Shame on you. As I have known one of them for over 25 years, I can tell you she was a shining light. Her smile would brighten any room. She was a devoted mother that loved her children above all else and an amazing nurse dedicated to the community. Dedicated to serving the community that you likely live in. She did’t deserve what was done to her and she did nothing to bring it upon herself. She wasn’t a drug addict or a gangbanger – she was a mom! Think before you “speak” as your words have impact. Your words hurt people that are already crippled with unthinkable pain. As someone that knows, losing a child is the worst hurt there is. Just know that when you speak poorly of their dead child, you are wounding an already shattered soul.

  • Santa Cruz sister

    My niece is her 12 year old son’s best friend. My sister and my niece are devasted by this tragic loss. Her family and children are feeling pain that is unimaginable. The family’s of both of these people are shocked and trying to figure out how to be strong enough to wake up in the morning. This thread is not the place for you to flex your trolling habits. Have mercy and respect for their families. You never know when tragedy will strike your own circle of loved ones.
    Peace and compassion to her children and the parents of these two.

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