Young Adult/Late Teen Events Next Week–Tie-Dye, Foam Weapon Battles, etc.

Press release from the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services:

Humboldt County Department of Health & (and) Human Services DHHSThe Humboldt County Transition-Age Youth Collaboration’s (HCTAYC) Youth Advisory Board invites young people ages 16 to 26 to its sixth annual Wellness Week starting Monday, Aug. 6.

The week of wellness-focused events kicks off with a tie-dye party at the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services’ (DHHS) Transition-Age Youth (TAY) Division office in Eureka. Young people will have the chance to get to know their peers, learn more about HCTAYC and the TAY Division, and sign up for events.

This year’s theme, WellnessStock, calls back to the peace, love, community, and cooperation that defined the Woodstock generation’s focus on holistic health,” said Calla Peltier-Olson, HCTAYC Youth Organizer. Workshops developed by youth will help peers care for their social, physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, financial, environmental and intellectual health. “By empowering youth to be leaders, they will develop the skills needed to create a better–healthier–future for all members of our community,” Peltier-Olson added.

Workshops include budgeting and finance, a creative writing session with local poets, and, for the first time, a cleanup day at the Manila Dunes. Wellness Week wraps up on Friday, Aug. 10, with art activities, games, and a barbecue at the TAY office.

DHHS’s TAY Division serves young people with lived experience in foster care, behavioral health, homelessness, alcohol and drug treatment and/or the juvenile justice systems as they transition into adulthood and independence.

All events are free. A full schedule of Wellness Week events is available at the TAY Division office at 433 M St., Eureka, or click on the calendar link at To learn more about HCTAYC, call 707-476-4922 or email



  • TAY is the single best thing that is happening to help young adults in this community.

  • HHS, Public Federal, alpha agency, pumped 64 mil into The County, June 2017 ‘Financial Statements.’

    80% of child trafficking, including the ‘parent/child’ bprder events, stem from those in a position, who turn their head and trade on the lowest form of deplorable soul-loss – human trafficking.


  • Promoting peace, love, and beating each other about the head and shoulders with homemade weapons.

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