Reggae on the River Starts Tomorrow; Here’s the Full Schedule

This is a press release from the Mateel:

Box office hours are:

Friday – 12:00pm-10:45 PM (note, prepaid campers can come in at 9am)

Saturday 12:00pm- 11:00 PM

Sunday- 12:00PM- 10:45 PM

Door times:

Fri/Sat/Sun 1:00 pm Ambassador

Fri/sat/sun – 1:30 pm GA





  • Where is everybody nobody there nobody here{ laytonville} wheres the crowds of pre show people!!

    • Folks from the triangle stopped going many years ago, lovers of reggae stopped going even before that. The folks who put that trashy fest on have only been able to rip off so cal kids for years now thinking they were coming up for a ‘Humboldt’ experience. What a joke.
      Bad vibes, bad drugs, and extremely high incidents of rape, no thanks!

      • Re: T…. Get a group of guys together and be an anti-rape patrol awareness group. Who else is gonna do something about festival men misbehavior? Care enough to do something?

      • Not to mention it’s a Pootastic situation by the end of the weekend, if you’re smart you can’t use the river downstream (for several weeks at a minimum) because the river ends up being contaminated with human excrement. So freaking disgusting!! I sure hope the lower attendance equals less Baby Ruth’s AKA turds floating down the river!!

        • You do know, the Garberville Sanitary District, that provides potable water to Garberville, has a major problem keeping their water safe for human consumption right now. Their chlorine contact chamber failed in November 2017 and has not been repaired or replaced. They are under some kind of an emergency drinking water order. So, Reggae on the River is going to generate a large spike in e-coli and coliform bacteria in the South Fork Eel River during and after the event, by more than 3 times. Makes you wonder if you should drink the water in Garberville???

    • Ras Eye kennedy

      I was at reggae on river I. 1987 ,88 89 1990 1994 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000. Then it started $$$ security on that high horse. I went onto Snwmf in calavaies county for 6 years .I live in Oregon started NWWMF 15 years ago and Reggae on Mountain in cottage grove 2005- 2011 those were the days of Reggae .wish the rivers a VIP pass for my family I have been a,Regfae ambassador from 1988 to present day Ras Eye from Oregon been with Oregon country fair from 1978 til 2018 my 40th year this year znd some if the same messy oroductionz crew just like reggae on river .but iregon is home so i go fo fair any way and just say high to the family wish Reggae well from Ras Eye R.A.W.#1569

  • this could be the last time /no tickets are selling

    This will be the last year after a total money looser.H igh times will move the event out of here.They Own it now

    • Only Pt for 6 yrs. It was published

    • Speaking of High Times, did anyone else notice that new unauthorized Bar, Food Truck and South Beach Stage area in the lower right corner of the map, next to the river? None of that was included in the CUP or Plan of Operation for 2018. I guess working off script is the norm, it fits the culture too…

  • It’s going to be smoky and not from the weed. Hwy 20 is still closed, there are 3 fires in close proximity. That in itself is a deterrent, people east of Hwy 20 will probably pass.

  • We are neighbors and went down there to check the scene and vibe, friends with aurthur family for decades… As Soo. As we showed up there are already a hundred people from mateel that just can’t wait to tell someone what to do or where to go or which color wrist band do you have. Pretty silly. I say “you’re in my neighborhood” look at all that ambassador space. The VIP thing at festivals is really strange
    It seems to make people feel like they are more important if they pay more. And they are you are. The more money you spend the cooler you are.

    • You sound like ‘Ambassador’ type arrangements are a new idea.
      Ever heard of First Class air travel? Better seats and food, free champagne, etc.
      Exclusive clubs, where you must pay huge fees to join, in order to have access to the perks?
      How about paying higher prices to sit closer to the stage? Etc.
      This has long been a part of our culture.
      While that is not my thing, that is what almost all festivals are doing these days. Brings in more money as you cater to peoples’ egos (and to their bank accounts).

      • Speaking of catering to “people’s egos”, I guess someone is not selling enough tickets to ROTR and now dumping them on the web at discounted prices?

        • There a couple of ticket brokers easily found on Google that are selling tickets at half price. Rush49 and Goldstar, half price days and almost half of 3-day passes. Should be low attendance, less than last year- fires will also keep people away.

          • And less people to degrade the South Fork Eel River. The Mateel Board needs to get it through its thick head(s), the gift horse is dead, time to get off…

            • ….yeah, what does the Mateel think it’s doing, giving a venue for local non-profits to fill their coffers. Those thick heads aught know that you don’t flog a gift horse in the mouth…or something.

              • Silly goose.

              • OMG, its the oldest excuse in the book! So you justify ROTR so “local non-profits to fill their coffers”? Maybe if those “non-profits” had public and community support, they would not need to beg for money only where it degrades the river and wildlife habitat! How come these same “local non-profits” cannot do what they do at Reggae all year round, off the River? ROTR does not give you a license to adversely affect the river…

                • A woman called into ‘Thank Jah It’s Friday’ this morning on KMUD, said it was because of ROTR, the Garberville Town Square sold pot-stickers during ROTR to raise money for the Town Square. So, is she happy and proud the Garberville Town Square was built on the backs of degrading the South Fork Eel River and Wildlife Habitat? What a lame excuse to justify ROTR!

  • No family camping under the trees this year!? Only camping in direct sun on the rocks wtf

  • Shuttle Bus Schedule?

  • Come on man I was with ya all up to the rape part , yeah that was always the appealing part of reggae just thinking of all the chicks we could rape!!! Yeah right!! The jig is up fellas now what we gonna do ? Yeah that may be a stretch there.HA HA idk if you do go try to avoid standing there with your ass in the air and stir clear of large groups of hippies with funny ass grins on their faces or 12 feet tall rasta guys on stelts with erections and you should be just fine

  • Anyone from local fire depts out there, how are you feeling about the organizers prep, coverage, concern and understanding of the extreme fire dangers right now?

    If nothing else, take your ticket money and use it to MAKE A DONATION to the MCC.
    We need to keep our eyes on the BIG picture, the future of our community, where the MCC adds so many value!!!

    • I’m not able to go, but I will donate my ticket$, good point, good idea!

    • “We need to keep our eyes on the BIG picture, the future of our community, where the MCC adds so many value!!!”

      Everything but the life blood of your community, the South Fork Eel River, right? It seems, the MCC, along with other people, take the river for granted, use and abuse it, and forget it has its own community of threatened and endangered species that cannot survive without it. But yet the MCC cannot seem to get that Reggae monkey off its back. Maybe some day they will just have Reggae at the Mateel, if they can keep it…

      • The river has handled thousands of people along its banks and be just fine, read “Habitat of the Wailaki”, there were literally 4000+ people between Blue Rock Creek and North Fork Eel River a short 10 mile river front village site. Now these indians did not have outhouses like Reggae, where do you think they went doo doo, yup, you quessed it! Now quit with your false “environmental worries” and get out there and support our local nonprofits and have some fun, it definitely seems from yiur comments that you have some deranged mental issues and could use some fun and laughter in your otherwise unhappy reality. Get over it already, nobody cares!

        • It figures, you try and correlate indigenous people before 1900 to justify ROTR? Thank god they are not going to come close to selling out. Yahoooo…

          • I meant to ask, do you always assume that people you disagree with have “deranged mental issues” as some kind of argument to validate your point of view? To use your analogy about “Habitat of the Wailaki”, what happened to all those people who did live on the banks of all those river in Mendocino and Humboldt County? I guess they sold all their property and opened casino’s, right?

      • Absolutely NOTHING that happening at Reggae on the River this year threatened any species’ survival. Get a grip.

        The river does need to be protected, and with the recent closure of the MF facility there its health will only improve in that little area. Reggae has seen declining #’s for years, the cars parking on the river there are certainly polluting but a lot better than what was parking there in the 80’s,90’s and yet you are all negative, all doom and gloom. That is not a balanced or reasonable viewpoint and it obscures lots of good points that you do bring up.

        • So for all your defending Reggae on the River, the MCC and now High Times. What exact have they done for the South Fork Eel River and wildlife habitat?

          And you are dead wrong:

          “Absolutely NOTHING that happening at Reggae on the River this year threatened any species’ survival. Get a grip.”

          If that was true, them why did the MCC need to get a “ESA Incidental Take Permit” from CDFW for the yellow legged frog? Why did CDFW need to be present when they were installing the bridge? And what about all the untreated wastewater they dump on-site (44,000 gallons).

          “and yet you are all negative, all doom and gloom.” That might be true, to you. However, Reggae on the River is the point source, that directly & indirectly impacts, degrades and adversely affects the South Fork Eel River’s water quality. If anyone is negative or doom and gloom, its the MCC, not me! I’m just the messenger; and happy to do so every day of the week and twice on Sunday…

    • A fire might tend to affect the community.

  • A few years back, I remember the egos that go with the Reaggae on the River “Security” and “Staff” Shirts….. There was this big fat slob guy from Mendo working Security named Pooma, he was a complete perv and ass to this group of 16 year olds who were sitting down in the VIP section near the sound stage at Reggae, he was obviously high on meth or molly and kept on grabbing and groping the 16 year olds. He didnt seem to care that his young daughter was there… Finally a man went up to Pooma and told him to get off his trip that the girls were young and underage, he went ballistic and called over other security telling them that these people better move or get out of VIP tent, the man had a VIP bracelet but Pooma thought he was head hancho, and threatened to “get the man when he is not looking and kick him out of the entire festival for the entire weekend”. Just then Poomas daughter fell down and injured herself while climbing on a table, her methed out dad pooma had a look I will necer forget, so many reasons why jerks like this destroyed Reggae on the River, too many macho egos and violent aggressors like Pooma

    • Kym. Do you allow people to make such accusations of a ‘named’ individual, as ‘Nor Cal Life’ is making above??!??
      HIs point could be made without the serious accusations.

      • Is Pooma a name people know? It didn’t seem real to me.

        • His name is Pooba…………. Are you going to pull this post? What happen to my remark about “T”? Why was it pulled? Because I asked if stood for Trump?

          • Reference to Trump gets moderated and kicked out?

            If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. Orwell.

            vax-a-nation religion
            weather warfare
            globalist democrats
            5G death towers
            Directed Energy Weapons
            Death dumps in the sky
            North Korea grows hemp and does not have a Rothchilds Family Central Bank.

            All wars are banker’s wars.

    • Was that the same security guy i saw get into two fights on Bob Marley Boulevard? That guy didn’t even get kicked out, another security guard told me that was his 3rd fight and seemed to know him.

  • Reggae on the river? More like Freaks on the Creek.

  • There’s like 45 minutes to 2 hours a day of music I’d like to see. So not one single day is worth my travel time or slogging through the process of getting there. Stephen Marley at the Mateel Hall is a better deal for me. Anyways it’s just sad what happened, what we embraced and encouraged and manifested here in SoHum. I worked years of early Reggae until I just couldn’t stand the fake postured vibe by late 90’s. And the abuse of our river! Sad. Everybody pumping themselves up about how WE are better and the Mateel Nation really cares and is spiritually conscious and better than Babylon but then we just get wrapped up in our egos and pretentiousness and selfish greed for shiny and extravagant material “baller” bullshit and we fail, we fail spectacularly. Then we sell Reggae to a huge corporation and still insist it’s all irie or whatever. The river and it’s animals- that is roots. That is what it’s about. Not our bullshit pride or feelings. This scene is over. We killed it. Go see the movie “Countryman” one more time and remember how we came to these hills, how blessed we were to find this place. Before the big money and huge new trucks.

    • I have never been but an old friend said it was over for him in 96.

      • That was the year Carol Bruno decided that staff did not need a vegetarian food option backstage. For onsite multi-day workers! I lost a couple dear friends that year. I’m not veggie but the irony was blatant- No vegetarian food for reggae people?!! Ha ha. While the cocaine consumption went off the charts…and the after-parties for the special people got very extravagant….etc etc… It had gotten quite weird

  • I wonder how many board members voted a resounding YES on Prop 64 thinking it would be business as usual for the MCC?

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    Well 2 of my friends and I are going. All of us are long-time attendees, me being the longest. We weren’t going to go this year but when they offered the discounted tickets we decided to give it a shot. So I’ll report back next week and let you guys know how it went.

  • What Non Profits ?????????

    Local non profits wont be attending or vending 7000 dollar booth fee …..[edit]

  • Was into Reggae back in the 70s in So, Cal. Jimmy Clif, Bob Marley, Tosh, Spear, Toots. Two really nice bonuses from moving here were #1 Getting to watch the Niners on T.V. and getting to see some of the heaviest hitters in the genre. But I think we forget all the world class music that has been provided at and by the Mateel.

  • Ras Eye kennedy

    I went to my first Regfae on river in 1988 1989 1990 1996 1997 1998 1999 2900 then it started he $$$ the security evo the crew theft abuse bad vibes $$$ I went onto SNWMF 2001-2006 Then started Regfae on Mountain in cottage grove from 2004 29011 Nwwrf in Oregon for 14 years now and iregon county fair from 1978 till 20q8 my 4oth fair .The fair c
    Has the same problems and egos as the river I go to fair it is my local home Ras Eye R.A.W.#1569 skukd be nice if production staff and event promoters re.ebered and alppericuatex those that have really put in the works all the years no stop(((. For 40 years in a row 30 years been part of Reggae movement Rod deal [ideals Mateel in 1990’s( Micheal D onefullness from Oregon Ras No heal sins if Nevis Roots Mountain Reggae Family OneLive traveling family Jack Herer hemp and legalizing herb from Voter power and b Reggae friends of mine Ras Cannon Joseph Hill culture) Keith portert Itals r I Toots s hibbert Mayrals the list goes on and on my tribe my bredren my sisteren and mothers of the Reggae family. and the mateel Reggaeon river never even offer Ras Eye Kennedy avfamily vip pass to the river for my family The Kennedy So family at that . Should I even have to ask or will your security just throw us out befire we can even get to the will call question vip line . .just might as well inot even bother going to my favorite reggae gathering in the world. Thanks for not caring about your real bredren. And keeping us out if the entire picture Jah Rastafari from Ras “”Eye Kennedy R.A.W.#1569

  • Reggae on the River lost the family vibe years ago.

  • …….yawn.

  • I was once a young girl excited to attend the festival, and distinctly remember how aggressively it changed from a family event to what we called “Date rape on the river” about 20 years ago when all the wanna-be gangstas from the bay started spilling in. Too much drugs, not safe for young ladies; DEFINITALY would not bring my children. Sad how times have changed, and even sadder the state the river is left in for the community afterwards:/

  • Just read some of the comments and I didn’t know the reputation of rote was not what it was when I last attended. Then some of my friends performed and some were vendors, but then I would have recommended rote for families. I don’t know if that’s such a good idea anymore. The same thing happened in Sac to “Jah Make It Right Night”, at the Hilton. Big Up Productions!

    • It makes you wonder if Assemblies of God (Richardson Grove Campground & RV) that leases its operation and property to the Mateel for the ‘Volunteer Village’ during Reggae on the River, approves of ROTR? Since later this month, they will have what’s called “Jesus Rocks the Redwoods”. I guess the book, is not always the hook…

  • And so here we are, the event is over, nothing bad happened to the river or any people. I’m sure High Times lost money but I’m sure they knew they were going to before it started.

    The only question is what about next year? Is High Times going to do this again? walk away? if they walk away will Mateel pull it back together?

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