SoHum Chamber’s Featured Destination of the Week: Drury-Chaney Loop

Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce

Every week the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce will be featuring a destination of the week. We’ll be sharing their posts here to celebrate our community.

Traveling along the Avenue of the Giants going northbound, your eyes scan the scenic drive, searching for a hiking trail that will lead you into the depths of the beauty that surrounds you. Glancing up ahead you see a sign that says “Pepperwood.” Coming out of the shaded woodland into the sunlight, you spot a pullout to the right and a clearing on your left. As you put the car in park and step out observing the clearing across the way, informational signs come into view. Taking a brief moment to read the words, you look up to see the entrance to the Drury-Chaney Loop just ahead. At a distance of 2.4 miles and climbing about 30 feet in elevation, the trail immediately enters a thick, dense area of the redwoods. With your backpack secured and a camera in hand, you begin the journey into this area of our enchanting redwood forest!

The Drury-Chaney Loop is a softer dirt trail, perfect for families and children or for the avid trail runner. With thick patches of redwood sorrel, luscious ferns and bushes that line the path, it’s easy to lose the sound of traffic on Hwy 101 while you are among the giant redwoods.

Over time, some trees have fallen leaving climbing platforms for the curious and adventurous type. You will also discover trees that have openings in them, perfect for capturing that Kodak moment!

The footbridges you walk across tell a story of their own about the history of the area. Looking below at the channel that’s dry throughout the summer makes one wonder how beautifully it flows in the middle of winter.

Located in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, this well-known popular trail is just one of many that can lead you into the majestic redwoods we have in Humboldt County California! If you are searching for the perfect hiking trail or to capture the beauty of nature we have here the Drury Chaney Loop is a must see!

So add this to your bucket list and plan an unforgettable trip to our area! We have plenty of food and lodging options available in Southern Humboldt!

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Note: Redheaded Blackbelt is a member of the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce.


  • One of our favorites!

  • I love this hike because it’s stroller friendly too

  • Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce (Kym), great highlight of a local attraction. However, it seems a disservice to your readers if you do not mention the local organic farmers and roadside farmers market stands just to the north in Pepperwood. No summer hike of Drury-Chaney is complete without a blackberry popsicle from the farm stand. They really go hand in hand. Besides those local business opportunities are the ones that could use all the support and notoriety available.

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