Convoy in the Piercy Area

Mendocino convoy

Convoy working near Bear Pen Road on July 25th. [Photo from a reader]

Today, a convoy of law enforcement including several agencies, a helicopter, and members of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department are eradicating cannabis at the bottom of Bear Pen Road near Piercy, according to multiple witnesses in the area.

Another person reported there was a “convoy off of the Rosewarne exit almost at Confusion Hill, white and black trucks, probably 6 total, heavy chopper activity in Red Mt area of Piercy and Confusion Hill area.”



  • The festifarians are not gonna like seeing that kind of thing

  • All this stuff kinda reminds me of the old Cheech and Chong movies, with narcotics officer Stedenko (played by Stacy Keach) slowly turning into a lizard from smoking up too much of the confiscated evidence. Y’know?

  • festifarians smoke to many lizards anyway

    • so now you are hating on them for being stoners AND having money? I can see your kids have ZERO future with that attitude… Didn’t anyone tell you that you can’t get rich by counting other people’s money?

      Bet all of you dissing “rich trustafarian fund kids” wish you weren’t stuck and fuggin broke… stay hating

      • Nonsense. It is very possible to hate overly entitled people creating havoc in your back yard and still be rich yourself. The point is what you do with your money, not having or not having money.

        • The point is maintaining a hatred of people that are visually different than you. That way, you can vote against your own interests and still feel smug.

          • exactly… rich people are rich people… FYI, I’m rich and I’m in the area and not growing, however, I respect folks for entrepreneurship — logging is dead, especially since some politicians think that it’s bad for the environment to manage the land vs. letting it all burn down.

            Too much JUDGEMENT… Un-Christian to judge

          • Maybe it’s not “visually different” but actionally differerent (is that a legitimate phrase?). That is democracy …we, as a majority, determine our future by voting.

          • F$%k rotr..just a meth crack, rape fest, with extremely low attendance at this point. That’s what happens when you sell out to the hard drug crowd..great job!

      • I feel sorry for your kids if that is what you are going to teach them. How about a good education so they can make money the smart way. Looks to me like nobody is getting rich here now. They might need a real job to be able to do anything with there life. Just a thought.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Great Job Guys, keep after them and just maybe they will find another State to grow their drugs, as long as it’s not here in Northern California. Good riddance to all of the vermin that is killing our Young Children.

    • Humboldt Hillsman

      No marijuana growers killed your kids. However we did take your county out of a depression and make it the beautiful community that it is today. You should be thanking us. We have contributed more than you ever will.

      • It’s just a coincidence about so many people who are being sought as missing by families mention that their missing loved ones’ last comment is that they were working on a pot farm?

        As to saving the local economy- that’s delusions of grandeur because of living in the small world of pot. “But most importantly, what reveals the unmistakable connection between poverty and crime is that they’re both geographically concentrated” Humboldt Co is chock full of poverty. It is not saved at all. That’s a self serving allegation where the problems created by illegal pot grows and the people it attracts are not acknowledged, from the suppression of more honest businesses who don’t want to stay here because of the problems with finding sober employees to the corruption of police that pot growers get all righteous about without noticing their own involvement, the low enforcement expenses of the pot hangers on, and sky high land prices pricing out people not flush with illegal money.

        • Well maybe you should look at real estate in del Norte. Seems like more your kind of place. Maybe get a job at pelican bay? Don’t be so negative on my home I take it personally.

          • Then don’t bring crime here. I take it personally. BTW I’ve been here longer than you. Long enough to see the change caused by open pot grows and only someone delusional would think it’s been a good change.

            • pot is legal

              • Then behave as if you are a member of a legal enterprise and express anger with those bringing disrepute to your business by their illegal actions.

                • I’m angry that folks judge others and claim to be Christian right wingers. You can’t hate on pot and be a right winger anymore…

            • this region is the breadbasket of the herb… move to Iowa and whine about corn farmers if you don’t like weed. Otherwise, this fits into the “job killing regulation/anti-libertarian” category… Are you a commi?

              • Sharpen your pencil

                Thinking through an issue? You’re not thinking at all, you are pretending you know, WHICH IS VERY DANGEROUS! [edit]

              • I do hate pot. I hate recreational drugs use including alcohol. But while even alcoholics understand that drinking impairs thinking, pot users never seem to acknowledge it and that makes them very dangerous. Pot apparently coats every foolish action it creates in a protective layer of denial.

                Now to be personal instead of principled, posts like yours are being stuck with a bunch of pre adolescent bullies. Always personal attacks with juveniles insults. Because thinking through an issue is way too hard for them.

                How anyone can be so blind to the contradictions of living a criminal life yet expecting that other criminals will not take their destructiveness to even increasing levels?

            • Wow can’t we all just get along

              Pot is not the problem. Greed from the top government officials to the bottom. Greed from the big illegal grows all the way to the legal grows. Greed from all the hunter gatherers to the logging families. Everyone wants what they want but no one seems willing compromise. Humboldt is a beautiful place to raise a family with many many different people of many interesting backgrounds to add to the uniqueness of the area. The county is big enough for all of ya.

            • Damn, there’s me with all my delusions…

              • who fills the mugshots. enough said.

              • “What other business is such a continuous attraction to correlated crime?”

                Every business that dispenses alcohol.

                “Especially any enterprise that takes advantage of a human fault.”

                Lots of people made mad money during weed prohibition. 😉 Some of the same people don’t have enough cash left on hand to get legal, boo hoo. Spent too much on bling and trips to the Caribbean. Prices falling. Massive legal production in other states. Its called capitalism. Its what we do in these united states.

              • BANKING is a rather bigger business and crime in that industry causes WAAAAY more harm than “pot” ever will.

            • OMG you’re so cool

              • Amen!

                We made real progress here to day on this MB. The first step is to admit we have a problem. The next step is to try and get along…

                These fires unite us, sadly, because they hurt everyone equally… At least Cal-Fire isn’t fining folks $10,000 a day for cutting defensible space around the homestead anymore, and at least folks in the logging industry are losing just as much money as the folks in weed.

                Point is, that the land here is valuable, but not if everyone hates one an other and let’s it all burn down. If it does all burn down, it will be big AG and corporate farming… so thank a firefighter!

                • The problem is not the corruption. The problem is the acceptance of the corruption. Evil can prevail because good men do nothing.

                  The next step is – get on the same page. It’s not about isms, it’s not even about you and me in the flesh. The land, Mother Earth. It’s always about land ownership vs land grab. Private v Public. It’s all been done before many times throughout history. The controllers know but do it anyway. The logical mind hates this much uncertainty.

          • future land auction bidder

            The economic upside of Humboldt County weed has hardly trickled down to the poor. A good chuck of the money leaves California along with the crops. The rest of yall leave income tax to be paid by the folks in the middle. How’s that working?

            Heck Mike Tyson may even buy into Humboldt once the land prices come back to earth.

            • first of all, land prices are cheapest in the country already… Second, scaring off all the people with money is what 64 did and is stupid.

              You are against your own interests.

              Vultures are judged by God, but I don’t judge you.

    • Alt Right For Life

      With you…

      Every day is one closer towards the last grower leaving in a junk car.

      Normal people don’t embrace their shenanigan drama, we just want them gone.

      Happy to tow the last grower stuck into Mendo, we just want them out.

      Plenty of slums waiting, return home growers.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        I love it when people like you think you are the voice of the masses. Try speaking for yourself because there is no “We” in your opinion. It’s your opinion just like my opinion is mine. You don’t hear me saying things like “we think all you robots should try creating your own thoughts instead of being mind fucked by the propaganda you’ve been programmed to believe” do you? No I would say “I” instead of “We”.

          • Sleepy Alligator

            Okay. I respect your rules. Sorry for pushing them. Lately I type my comment, read it, then say what’s the point and delete it. This one slipped by my better judgment.

            • Lost Croat Outburst

              It’s tough, it really is. I mean, people are excited about folding our cards on the Great Experiment and the rest of us are supposed to dance and curtsy over it. Anyway, do it for the Kymster and to get ready for the Truth and Reconciliation phase when the Trump nightmare is finally over. And vote like your life depends on it ’cause it does.

      • Why dump YOUR so called trash in mendo.. you talk bad about growers but your trying to dispose of people and crap vehicles into someone else’s area.. that makes you no better…ruin someone’s area for your own wants hahaha IF YOUR A MAN OF YOUR WORD (alt right for life) I have a vehicle in Garberville I need towed to Laytonville and I have grown some pot in the past year in Humboldt.. sooo free tow?

        • Bud,
          I have a truck stuck in Laytonville. Its mine. Case closed, but Salas teles. the guns and clubs when i go there.

          Need – guy that’s desperately hard-headed, who will go in w/sales receipt -possible tow truck to load it on.

          Wait, i’m getting to your vehicle. Here it is, tow truck takes your vessel to Laytonville -i pay. You go too. Load my truck and bring it back to Garberville.

          Between a rock and a hard place – Humboldt Honsal and Mendo. Allman- not Oathkeepers.

          ~just sayin’

      • Nature can never be transformed by any one into the criminal realm.

    • A lot of good old boy rednecks have had a really nice life for the last 40 plus years. Heck they even got got to stay out on the ranch.

      Don’t forget, the rednecks were the first ones to grow massive amounts using heavy equipment. The hippies just copied them. So who really blew this place up?

      I’ll agree, the young people getting murdered, dying in car accidents, and overdosing really sucks.

      • That is a total load of crap, saying the good old boy rednecks blew this place up starting 40 years back!! That absolutely did not happen. Give me one name of a rancher that did that, just one……..

        The locals did not blow up the scene, the scene was blown up roughly starting in the late 1980’s to 1990’s, it was started by young punks, many from the LA/SD or Bay Area that had come up for HSU or in tow with someone who did to enjoy the Humboldt buds. From there they explored the area, started to invest in land or squatted, or grew on private or Forest Service. The rest is history.

        Throw in a pathetically weak DA that lasted three terms….fuck wad Gallegos, and you have a perfect storm of a situation that got us to the mega grows we see today.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          Punks huh? Not Deadheads?

          • Humboldt refugee

            Wait, were you seriously challenging somebody to start “naming” rednecks? That’s beyond ludicrous, but hilarious for sure. We’re you iliving in Humboldt in the mid 70’s through 80’s? Do you know any rednecks? Or Ranchers, if you care to be non-derogatory. The answer has to be no, unless you were living in Whale Gulch maybe. Oh I get it , You are a redneck!! An offended redneck in denial. Yeah that’s it. Seriously though, claiming that rednecks are ultimately to blame for the whole scene blowing up is …is just stupid . But I think any true local, of 40 years or more would agree that the “rednecks”(ranchers, loggers) were blowing it up way before anyone else, some able to retire with loads of cash when it became obvious that our region was under full scale invasion

            • Yes, Humboldt refugee, I was living here in the 70’s and 80’s. I was born here, I am local. And why not name the folks responsible, if “Still Alive” is knowledgeable and honest about his comment he would do just that. Again, he is anonymous so if he has proof then state it. The fact he didn’t means two things he is a person of character at least and wont state someone’s name in public if he has no proof. So, good for him.

              To your point, having been involved in both the logging industry and the ranching business for the time I have lived here, again since before the 70’s, I know not one person involved in those professions that blew up the scene! Not one!!

              The southern California influence throughout the 80’s and into the 90’s when it was high times up here were the ones that started the blow up, and responsible for the crazy shit going down now.

              • Well you don’t know everyone

              • A common story in my town about the ranchers:
                First year, the equipment and the buildings all got fixed.
                Second year, the debts got paid off and the house got some needed repairs.
                Third year, a beautiful new truck and a winter vacation. . .
                at which point everybody said, “When did old Jackson start growing?”
                Everybody knows the price of beef never got up to 50 bucks a pound.

              • In my 1911 I trust

                Quite a large amount of old time growers were loggers. Once they logged themselves out of a job, they turned to growing pot. At least most of the guys 50 years+. Now no one is going to start naming names because we true Humboldters don’t do that, if you were born here and as local as you say you are, you would know that. In fact I know quite a few of the guys who logged the old growths in Honeydew started growing pot after that. Why don’t you name some names of those supposed punks from SoCal Bill? Cause I don’t know a single person from SoCal who came up here and blew up the scene! Not one! Haha

            • IMO… If you are reading this comment section you are a Redneck. Rednecks grow dope and make moonshine too… It’s just that some rednecks (I am a redneck) unlike myself prefer to judge everyone and whine and moan constantly.

        • and now they cry that they don’t have the cash to go legal. boo hoo. Spend all your money on AR15s and beemers? – go broke.

        • Anzini.

        • My dads been here since 70 and he said the first people to grow weed using heavy equipment were local rednecks.

          I’m not trying start the whole hippy/redneck divide again. But I’m getting sick of everybody hating on pot growers.

          Ya I wouldn’t mind if most of the green rushers to left tomorrow. But pot will be gone soon enough, no point in being rude about it. I don’t feel the need to be like “hey all you straight people who think your so much better than pot growers. Guess what, many of your businesses were built on dope money and now that’s weeds dying you are about to go out of business”. I could go there but I choose not to.

        • Well you asked for 1 rancher logger

          there’s plenty of em but not going to make a huge list.

          Ever see a dreadlock driving a dozer?

          If you don’t know these names you haven’t been here to long!!!

  • Didn’t the trutafarians screw it up for the redwood run?

    • Dear Blue Lake: Lock up your daughters, lock up your wife, lock up your backdoor and run for your life…the HA is back in town, so dontcha mess around!

  • Limitless Federal power and the end of state sovereignty.

    • Elric of Melniboné

      Were these federal agents?

      • Hard to distinguish any difference, as, the localites roll over and pee in the wind whenever the feds glower at them. As long as the people are taking part in the distraction: No consequences, no problem, and due to the massive money involved, today’s terrorists have made sure to place other terrorists into every position that oversees the conduct of the terrorists. Forget just taking the plants, they have leveraged and finagled to take over the plant’s factory; transportation to the market place, the cost of the product of which will now triple, and have passed requirements that require all who comply to bend over and pay for further inspections, or face Public Federal authority in bed with the local Public authority –trespassing onto private land. The only reason they are here is for theft (plants), and EXTERMINATION OF LAND RIGHTS. No arrest, or charges will be made. They do not want to have a paper trail of their terrorist actions.

        The people’s unalienable rights, wealth, liberty, and pursuit of happiness will become a thing of the past.

        • And some rednecks are all for it… Sad… Rednecks (whether loggers or dope growers) should stick together…

          We live in the middle of nowhere and are ALL rednecks.

      • Elric? datchoo? (chortle)

  • let’s see, drive by raging wildfire, check

    find some nature loving doper to harrass, check

    Fine them for removing hazardous trees from their OWN land, check

    Fine them for using their own water, check

    steal a bunch of pounds and flip them to Rohnert Park PD, check


    • Fine and arrest them for poisoning the water check

      Fine and arrest them for killing off the animals in the area to keep them from eating their plants check

      Fine and arrest them for destroying the environment while claiming to be environmentalist check..

      • Two Words: FOREST FIRES…

        You whiners are destroying the environment by trying to “save” it from weed. Lame

  • Home owner or doper

    I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. The 3 of us who don’t smoke dope are homeowners, have a career, 401(k), etc. The 3 of us who smoke dope are renters, not always employed, no savings but always have money to get high. Coincidence? Just saying.

    • Been high since about 17. Bought a house at 18. Sold it. Trucked north w/2 babes and husband. Bought house, started a business, had two more daughters, rented that house and bought another one, bought adjoining land, between the two, for the business shop . . .long story short . . . i ain’t never had too much fun. Thank you very much.

    • The dude abides

      Lies lies lies. Everyone I know uses cannabis not dope, they are all successful upstanding citizen with 401k , retirement plans, health insurance, buisiness owners. So when someone says that dopers don’t own homes that is not correct. Everyone I know who has received a work or play relaited injury and has taken pharmaceutical pain relief has a 50 50 chance loosing it all to the big pharms disease. This disease starts when the doctor takes you off your pain meds and you still feel phantom pain from the injury. The justification system has now kicked in and now you need to get rid of the phantom pain at all costs because the phantom pain is real to you! Cannabis saved my life!

  • For all the haters out there if your so worries about the drugs and money first look in the mirror and think abou the world we live in with Burger King having a Budweiser burger if you drink beer or soda go to the store to buy something unless it’s local organic your a druggy contributing to the Titans of the real killers gmo Coca-Cola gasoline so stop and think y’all really sound like a bunch of hens chattering at each other the world needs everyone to be at peace so we as humans need to find commen ground and find a solution instead of settling for below average lifestyles we all deserve it …. Life’s too short…..Aho

  • I hear there is a huge marketing, grower and dealer hole in the Philippines right now. A good dealer/grower could make a killing in that country .

  • Wat rolls me is the city of eureka is starting there own pot grow ,tbe only reason why there cracking down is cause they dont want competition.humbolt co is world famous for our pot ,the jail was built on pot money as well as our police dept and if you havnt noticed humbolt co people,are going broke because of the legalization and thats why crime is up so much .its all about money ,the cops the courts no of em care about you ,youre kids ,or low income families all they care about is money and if you got a problem with pot ,go back to where you came from ,thats,wat humbolt co does and always has .dont move next to a school and complain about the children thats just stupid and ignorent

    • Maybe some of the people complaining didn’t “move next to the school” maybe the school was built next to them. Also, it’s really a stretch to say that (in more coherent language) Humboldt county is and always has been about growing cannabis. Humboldt (like much of California) has always been a boom and bust economy. Cannabis will remain just as farming, ranching, timber, fishing, etc. just not at the green rush level that made some people really rich, really fast.

    • The City of Eureka is starting their own pot grow? OGG! This is worse than the dancing deputies.

      Eureka’s Freeman’s Charter needs yanked, disband, and return it to the SOS. They aren’t using it anyway.

  • its the economy

    Heirloom tomatoes – 600 square feet can produce up to a ton of fruit, worth about $8,000 to $10,000. How many 5 pounders can you grow in 600 sq ft?

  • I thought this article was going to give us information on the fire.

  • Is there any factual information about the convoy?

  • well, far be it from me to start naming big redneck growers (but there was that judge who had the hippies sharecropping his 1500 acres out east there in the roaring 80’s, just sayin’…)

    • Zenia is a beautiful place. The judge would get very angry if you left anything in the open. Did not want his cover blown!

      • Well then, I guess that…it’s all too clear that we are on our own, so the kids they dance and shake their bones…can’t you all just leave well enough alone while I sit here in my summer home…the green goes south and the white comes north (cocaine, not racist)…yeah, I got mine and you got yours…we all need some cash to feed our jones…now, the heartless powers tell us what to do…the future’s here, we are it and we are……….

  • Meanwhile… in another part of the world…

    The Alaska Dept of Revenue reports having collected more than $11 million in marijuana taxes in fiscal 2018.
    This exceeded the official projection by $2 million.

    The big winner in this scenario is the Recidivism Reduction Fund which gets a solid one-half of the total revenue.


  • Mol deal with It your in the emerald triangle it is what it is weed is a blessing it’s natural ask the state they tested it. The only way to die from weed so far scientifically is to have a bail fall on you.

  • No updates or comments about the Convoy… mmk

    • There definitely won’t be updates until at least Monday as normally PIO’s don’t work weekends. And, the Mendo Sheriff’s Department is fairly overwhelmed with the 14th largest fire in California’s recorded history burning partially in their county so I suspect it will be quite a bit longer.


        not buying it, those are different agencies and nothing is stopping other convoys. It’s Wed, same excuse? 102 gossip blog comments & nothing on the convoy b/c of the fires… lol

  • oh where is hum weed gona go when states are legal? gona be worthless some day soon.

    • That’s what growers are banking on smarty pants. Other states can’t compete with our climate. Think you can grow in Louisiana etc good luck. And don’t come with grow it indoors because the overhead is crazy high. Cali canabis will dominate.

  • we all are screwed

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