The Carr Fire Glares Down Into Trinity County as It Continues to Grow [Maps Included]

The Carr Fire CLaws towards Weaverville

The Carr Fire claws towards Weaverville. [Crop of a photo taken last night by Jed Medin from Weaver Bally]

Even though firefighters have clawed out 35% containment on the Carr Fire, it has engulfed 125,842 acres of grass, woodlands, and suburban streets. And more land will likely fall beneath the flames of this deadly fire which has already claimed six lives.

“A Red Flag warning is in effect through Saturday,” according to the Northern California Geographic Coordination Center–making the current situation very dangerous.  They warn that trees will likely torch and flying embers will cause spot fires. “[There is an] ongoing threat to the communities of Lewiston, Igo, Ono, and Gas Point with continued evacuations for portions of Old Shasta and Keswick,” they state.

Dozer operator on the Carr Fire captures the rugged area he works in at night.

Dozer operator on the Carr Fire captures the rugged area he works in at night. [Photo by Brian Paula whose father and son are working with him on the fire]

However, residents of some areas have been allowed to return home. But, for many, many others, their homes and other structures have been destroyed. Cal Fire reports that 1,060 residences, 18 commercial structures, and 477 outbuildings destroyed. More were damaged. Click here for a map of which ones Cal Fire has identified as safe and which as destroyed but here’s a sample below.

Carr fire structure map

Map of damage to structures.

The Northern California Geographic Coordination Center notes the following other concerns, a threat remains for the Iron Mountain Mine Superfund site,  three major Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) towers were destroyed which powers numerous Northern Coastal Communities, there is a continued threat to 115kV and 230kV powerlines and Keswick Dam is restricted to minimal electrical output due to damaged power lines.

The Plan: 

Dozer operators consult before moving out for the day.

Dozer operators consult before moving out for the day. [Photo by Brian Paula]

While the City of Redding (Branch I) is relatively safe and firefighters are mopping up the areas nearby, the same can’t be said for the western front of the Carr Fire. “Conditions exist for plume dominated fire behavior,” they state.

Branch II, the southwest of the fire: According to Cal Fire, winds may move the flames southward. Spot fires are a concern.

Branch III, the west end of the fire: The fire is now moving downhill which is normally slower than moving uphill. However, Cal Fire is worried about roll-outs and runs in the drainages. Spot fires are also a concern here.

Branch IV, the north side of the fire: Firefighters are concerned about torching in the trees and fire running from treetop to treetop.

The Weather: 

Fire trucks on the Carr Fire.

Fire trucks on the Carr Fire. [Photo by Brian Paula]

The smoke inversion is expected to continue which somewhat cools the area but the weather is still going to be hot, hot, hot and dry. Cal Fire said, “The atmosphere remains primed for unstable conditions…” They also are concerned that a plume could develop, then the fire can develop its own weather including whirlwinds.

Northwest winds are expected to kick in this evening.

The Roads:

Hwy 299 after the Carr Fire

Charred guardrail posts on Hwy 299 [Photo from Caltrans District 2]

Highway 299, the major east-west route, remains closed in both directions. Caltrans District 2 reports,

We do not have an ETO at this time as we are still assessing the situation while work has begun…we have not regained jurisdiction over the highway. It was taken over by the fire authorities due to the fire emergency and they will not return it to Caltrans until they deem safe and appropriate. Then, Caltrans won’t even partially reopen it or give limited access to the public until Caltrans deems it safe and appropriate as well. Next, it will take months for reopening in full.

The View Over Hwy 299:

Here’s a timelapse of what it looks to drive Hwy 299.



  • Operations Map –to see details either zoom or click on the map and download a pdf.

    Carr Fire Operations Map

    Carr Fire Operations Map

  • KMZ Map–Zoom for detail or for 3D imagery, click on the map and download a file that connects with your Google Earth program.
    Carr Fire Heat Map

    Carr Fire Heat Map


  • Northcoast Horticulture Supply is working with Pay It Forward Humboldt to collect donations for the Carr fire.

McKinleyville 1580 Nursery Way

Arcata 639 6th St

Eureka 852 W Wabash Ave

Fortuna 126 Dinsmore Dr

Note: “Pay It Forward Humboldt has asked us to collect gift cards and N95 respiratory masks only at this time. We’ve tried to be specific about what’s needed at this point in time in our social media because folks tend to drop off random and sometimes heavy items that are not useful until folks can set up temporary housing.  Once they have the donation centers set up over the next days/weeks, they will be accepting clothes, household donations and larger items.”


Redwood Acres Fairground is accepting evacuees for free camping.

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  • My heart breaks. I can’t even imagine what the communities are going thru. Kym thanks for the update.

    • Not just human communities either. An awful lot of animals are losing their homes, and their young ones are suffering too.

  • Thanks for all the great info! It is going to be a long fire season…

  • I hope Lewiston and Igo and others can return home within a week, but really, it seems this beast is going to slowly crawl around in backcountry for another month.

    Thanks for the write up Kym.

    *Thanks also to Brian Paula and family, it’s really awesome to have the shots from the dozer crew. Hard to stop what you’re doing for a pic sometimes but it’s really appreciated.

  • More talk of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) close-by Redding neighborhood. (only 3.5 minutes)
    comments good read.


    This is another 9-1-1 for the history books, as written by the assassins.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      You talking about the ALADIN/ATHENA fiber optic laser weapons systems developed by Lockheed Martin? They’ve been in use on the battlefield for 2 years now. I guess its plausible, wouldn’t be the worst thing our gov’t has done to us.

    • Please stop. You’re so wrong.

      The super tanker is hitting the Carrfire as we type. It had an engine replacement in Mich. that lasted 3 days.

      Talk of DEW is as insane as praying for rain, or thinking Satan is punishing Ca.

      Don’t suffer from idiots HumCo.! You can do better.

      With 9/11 we have video of WTC 7 be demolished in a controlled fashion.

      With 9/11 there is a paper trail of covering for Saudi Royal family.

      With 9/11 there is evidence…

      DEW is disinformation to keep your head in a hole, spread further by paranoid delusionals. Don’t fall for it.

      • I’ve been wrong before. Once back when.

        Got a pix, article, link to share? As Californians we’ll have to mark our calendars, as this is a first.

      • Thanks Brian,
        Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch debunks DEW here:
        Looks like the afternoon plume is up, the wind on the Trinity Side is from the west.
        I have been using this site to track and model wind flow over the burn area:,-122.662,11
        Hat tip to Jed Medin (the guy doing the awesome night shots from Weaver Bally Kym is posting) for turning me on to the wind site, we ran into him on Sunday night up there, he is going up each night and grabbing shots from the same points. I would love to see the progression over time.
        Kym- the link to the .kmz file is broken, it goes to a Mendocino ranch fire pdf.
        Here is a photo I grabbed from Weaver Bally Sunday night:
        Here is one I grabbed from that night

        • For some reason the image didn’t post.
          Here is a nice link to a bunch of carr fire information in one storyline:

          Here is where all the carr fire maps, kmz files and incident plans live, frequently updated:

          • Thank for fixing that Kym, and for everything else you do, digital janitorial work included! For some reason my pic wont post from my work desktop, it’s a sign I better get back to work, lol.

              • Yep, way to big. Doing it in photoshop and wasn’t minding my settings.
                I would love to see Jed’s complete sequence. We both had drones but they would only image the moon, the fire was too dark.

                • I’ve been taking day shots of the plumes from my point everyday, but I skipped yesterday because the smoke never lifted high enough to see so I saved my gas.

                  I think tonight will be better for the view for sure.

        • “Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch debunks DEW here:
” <<misinformation.

          The above link is silent on directed energy weapons. It talks about global Weather Warfare.

          • Try scrolling down the page a bit (that little wheel on your mouse may help) to this section:
            “The commentary below was added to this “Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes” post in response to many sensationalized narratives and conclusions that are being circulated about the creation and / or causes of the recent and ongoing catastrophic California firestorms.”
            He directly addresses DEW and debunks it. That being said, this is a weird fire. I just don’t think DEW explains what we are seeing based on the scientific limitations of light and microwave energy propagation around ground terrain, smoke, etc. and the required energy to run such a weapons platform.

            • Sonoma County fires last year. Thomas fire in ventura and santa barbara counties. Have family and friends who were on the front lines of those fires. Fire characteristics are much more intense than people have seen in the past. Glassification is a term used to describe areas of burn that will never recover.

              There’s so much that we don’t understand and can’t fully comprehend and sometimes just don’t have the perspective to make the all the data fit neatly into one narrative.

              To all those who are practicing cognitive dissonance, I find that researching approved patents is a great way of looking into the science behind the technology used for and against us.


              We will never have all the facts, but if you are good at connecting the dots, and can look at the historicalrecord, you may infer that there’s much more that meets the eye.

              Be safe our there!

            • Erik,

              (that little wheel on your mouse may help).

              I’ve directly addressed BUMS (BAR union members) and debunked them, on the public record, and recorded into the public records. Nevertheless, the master slave mentality still mesmerizes those at the lower end of the gene pool.

              25 million of us Americans are warehoused on any given night in this country. Who could have played a hand in coercing their fellowman into bondage?

              What if your fool’s dream of a “Sanctuary County” is the reason keeping the 747 grounded? 11 days.

          • There is a large number of people who still believe we were attacked by terrorists from the middle east, and now my grandmother gets felt up by the TSA.

            These fires are being weaponized. Environmental tyranny, medical tyranny. EducationAL tyranny, financial tyranny.

            Every year, power is consolidated into fewer hands.

            This is the intersection of preparation and opportunity.

            • Every year more useful idiots peddle dis And misinformation. Congrats, your in their club.

              Here is what you sound like:

              The fire was fake.
              The news is fake.
              Looters were actually the pilots of blue laser 747’s. They were just escorted to safety by PD. And the child actors of Sandy Hook were the ones who chose the targets, you know the critical woods of whiskeytown lake.

              Whiskeytown lake was actually built over Atlantis, in order to keep us peons away from the truth that could empower us over our slave masters.

              Cal fire is actually a grey alien race trying to impregnate us with spider-goats.

              If people can’t understand these simple dot connections they are stupid.

              You are of the few higher powered free brains left on the planet, so please help us all with your super duper fancy blue-light-spider-goat-sandy-hook factoids.

              *Or Just go back to racist bigot Alex Jones and tell him you failed at making us stupid.

              • Haha, epic 🙂
                Maybe jus’ put a bigger battery in one of these:
                I can see it now:
                “sorry officer, i was just getting my kitten to chase my new laser pointer and I accidentally vaporized exactly one half of my neighbors 2 story house, my bad.”

              • Like I said, my fellow neanderthal, have a good look at the patents. No name calling needed or desired. We are all humans here, we only want a safer, happier , and healthier future for our kids.

              • Do you really think water fluoridation is for our better health?
                I’m willing to be wrong, and still have the desire to understand that history is written by the winners. Evidence can difficult to come by, especially when there’s an inherent interest on keeping people confused.
                One question.
                Do you believe JFK was shot from the book depository?

                • Oswald in the book depository? Ah. No. I watched a new vid. earlier this year. A guy drew everything to scale, went to Dallas, had what he needed to measure and mark. There’s a man-hole in the street with a quick escape tunnel. Whatever the insanity is bleeding thru, you can rest assured the bumbling inbreds put the plan together.

                  For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.


                There’s a great term used by people with something to hide.

                Plausible Deniability.

                We were taught Columbus discovered America in school.

                History is full of conflicting accounts.

                Do you buy drinking water or do you drink from the tap? If you trust, then I may assume you think locally grown good from farmers market can’t compete with the multinational food corporations for taste and overall nutritional value.

                What is happening might be more evident if you understood Agenda 21.

                Good day sir

                • History with any truth to it, is being changed and/or deleted. Or flat out, just plain lies when it is first published. I remember seeing books about 9-1-1 not long after the problem was presented for reaction and solution. What was written wasn’t fact. Of course not. Couldn’t ride it for all its worth for 17 years if the infant-try clued in.

                  I think we’ve passed Agenda 21. Might be 30 by now. Agendas today are, well, not Agendas. When did we fall so fast so far off course?

                • I’m a published author on 9/11.

                  But THE shit your peddling is Disinformation. I’ve done my research.

                  I also have patents for items I’ve not fabricated. What don’t you get about that?

                • Read my (comic) book, here’s a review:


                  My 10 yr anniversary gift.

      • Agenda 21 is akin to the Royal Dutch Shell Corp.

        You have no idea what the board members are actually thinking, they all are working for the same beast.

        you can only pump their gas in your car because ol JP Morgan didn’t want energy to be free, but monetized like every other thing in the natural world. Tesla wanted us to have freedom…he died broke in a hotel room, albeit on a mattress.

        • I have no idea what the Supes. are thinking during a Board meeting, they are all working for the same beast. Estelle once answered one of my questions with, “My hands are tied.” That was my last one-on-one conversation w/her.

          Everything in the natural world monetized -or destroyed. There’s a big ditch spot that’s always filled with Calla Lillies, in Hydesville. Last year for the first time they were chemical sprayed to death. I couldn’t believe it. They were all brown. This spring, they were pulling thru with signs of wrinkled leaves. Wasn’t long until the annual “Suspension of Humboldt’s Nuclear Free Zone” was on the Agenda (this is a Jeff Dolf/Ag. Comm. item). Did you know that ol Jeff is also Del Norte and Trinity’s Ag. Commish? Triple dipping. Anyway, the Calla Lillies can’t possibly survive this years’ black blanket of death.

    • The idea that Hitler was just amother foot soldier, might help you understand that those on the front lines were and will always be inconsequential past their “expiration date”

      Were you aware of the civil case held in Memphis TN in 1999?

      “The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

      A good friend, retired history teacher, had no idea what happened there. I’m grateful for people like James Douglas, and others, like yourself, who serve as both a witness and fellow student in this journey.

      The truth is a journey, not a destination.

      • Witness and fellow student – i like that, and good to come upon another of the same heart/mind, Tavistock. How hard could it be to gather three percenters and hold a thought til it materializes?

        Civil case 1999? I’m aware of it. It concluded in King’s favor, but no reconciliation. No remedy. No blood was shed. That’s what “Civil” does. Common Law trial juries on the land leave nothing to be wondered about how it ends.

        The moral arc is what’s missing in today’s disconnected corporate government. You can’t legislate morality. So, the corporation, coming from the word corpse, must die (that’s what corpses are DEAD) and return to the grave. Aren’t we done playing with dead things?

        Justice? Did you notice the Lady Justice that was inlaid in the District A’s foyer floor, is gone? Who cares, really? Without justice, there’s just us.

        This is the one that blows my socks off:

  • unbridled philistine

    My sympathy’s and best wishes to all involved in this mess of a fire!

  • Kym,
    You have the wrong link for the heat signature map. It goes to the Mendocino complex instead.

  • Lots of planes hitting carrfire. Went for view at 3:00. The inversion lifted early with the winds, looks like some good fire/plume growth on the Lewiston front.

  • I highly recommend watching this; Cal Fire has a “sand” sim table…. I’ve never seen it before.

  • “…They warn that trees will likely torch …”

    Or… trees will remain green, and standing, while vehicles nearby are melted and homes adjacent are reduced to ash .

    • You ain’t never been involved with fighting a fire, you’ve never interviewed fighters, you don’t study it – so why pretend you know anything?

      • Why pretend that green grass, shrubs, and entire fir trees, as well as unblemished plastic trash cans seen plainly within inches to the pulverized 1″ layer of ash that was once a home makes sense ?

  • Thank you so much kym for taking the time to include us in your write up, so far so good it’s been a quiet night here in Weaverville our little neighborhood town Lewiston we’re hoping is surviving the night being born and raised in this area we’re always getting hit with fires every year we are all absolutely heartbroken and devastated with this one this is like the Beast Within we pray everyday that it subsides we couldn’t be more thankful to the firefighters around here and all the volunteers that have put their heart and soul and lives on the line into saving our area they are our heroes we want to thank all of those in the surrounding outside areas that are praying for us and helping us out God bless you we couldn’t do it without you please stay safe everyone and again thank you God bless you Kym

  • Thank you Kym! Is there any more information about the iron mountain mine site? I know the fire burned through there because I just read this article Iron mountain is a federal Superfund site with high concentrations of heavy metals! They publicize it as acidity but I feel like that is down playing the real risks here! I’m just wondering if there are any risks of containment failure (on the ground or in the air)(now or in the future) due to the pipeline fire or crirical infrastructure loss from the #carrfire? Also I can’t help but cringe thinking about what was released into the air ewwwwww!
    The public needs to know! Air pollution is a silent kiler.

  • James attended Shasta College Head Start with my son and we had the pleasureof sharing the year with them and I’d like to help Ed! Please share and or Donate. Let’s help Ed put his family to rest.

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