North Coast People’s Alliance Endorses Susan Seaman for Eureka Mayor

This is a press release from the North Coast People’s Alliance:

North Coast People's Alliance

The North Coast People’s Alliance has endorsed Susan Seaman for Eureka’s next mayor. “Susan has the knowledge and the skills to bring people together to work for a stronger, more inclusive Eureka that benefits everyone who lives and works here,” said John Frahm, a member of the NCPA Steering Committee.

Seaman serves on the City of Eureka’s Economic Development Commission, and has worked in economic development regionally for over a decade, as program director at the Arcata Economic Development Corporation.

“Many of the challenges in Eureka are a result of generational poverty and growing income inequality.” Seaman said. “I will focus on building a stronger economic foundation for the city by building business and a strong workforce, and by engaging and retaining young professionals.”

Seaman has pledged to promote effective democratic engagement by encouraging people with diverse viewpoints to participate in city committees and commissions. She notes that Eureka has recently seen improvements in the new waterfront trail, progress towards developing the boardwalk, designation of Cultural Arts District including many new arts programs, upgrades in neighborhood parks, and new businesses looking to locate to Eureka. “As mayor, I hope to set a tone for the city that is motivational, solution-oriented and optimistic,” she said.

Seaman has long been an active community member, volunteering for programs from the Children’s Author Festival, to the Humboldt Roller Derby, to Food for People to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Susan Seaman and her husband Richard have lived in Eureka for 27, years where they raised two children.

Voters can learn more on her website,

The North Coast People’s Alliance is a multi-partisan group that works for economic justice, social justice and environmental justice, and helps everyday people get more engaged civic institutions. Since 2016, NCPA has endorsed five candidates in three different local election campaigns in Humboldt County, most recently supporting Steve Madrone for county supervisor. All five won.

NCPA expects to review more endorsement applications during its next general meeting at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 18, at the Labor Temple, 840 E. St., Eureka. Candidates who share the values of social, environmental and economic justice, and who pledge to abide by NCPA’s “People Funded, Corporate Free” policy of declining financial contributions from business, are eligible to apply.

More information is available on the NCPA website at, with endorsement details and applications at



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