Eureka Man Arrested with ‘Suspected Methamphetamine’

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On July 31, 2018 at 12:15 pm, officers with the Eureka Police Department’s newly formed Community Safety Enhancement Team (CSET) contacted a subject at the corner of 2nd and A Streets.

The subject was identified as Andreas Sala McDaniel (58 years old of Eureka). A records check of McDaniel revealed an active warrant for his arrest for giving false identification to a peace officer. An incident to arrest search of McDaniel led to the seizure of over 5 grams of suspected methamphetamine and items consistent with possession for sales.

McDaniel was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of sales and the active warrant. He is being held on $55,000 bail.

This is an ongoing investigation and further details will be released if appropriate.



  • The 1 some people refer to as baby raper or studders.

  • Good job now , get some heroin off the streets too!!!

  • Omg! He’s been dealing for so long! Keep him please!

  • One more poison dealer getting what he deserves 🥊🗡💣🍆

  • Alt Right For Life

    I personally never trust bald people and drug dealing bald people is even worse for communities.

    Marijuana openness has brought all the other drugs and once weed is pushed out the other drugs and drug users will follow.

    Every day is one day closer to a drug and liberal free North Counties.

    • I personally don’t trust people that don’t trust bald people. That kind of bias isn’t good for communities.
      Hard drug users are hard drug users and “marijuana openness ” has nothing to do with drug preference.
      You’re constant habit of turning every article into a chance to hate on “liberals” is getting old.
      Every day you can live your life without attaching political bias to everything and everyone will make things easier on the community.

      • Alt Right For Life

        Libs do drugs, nothing to do with politics because being a Lib is a lifestyle choice.

        Maybe it’s genetic, but I believe it’s a choice they make and forgo the argument they are born libs.

        Marijuana will be gone and the libs along with it.

        A long list of libs have wrecked the PNW.

        • Are you just trolling? Do you know how many of your “conservatives” and “liberals” do drugs? Perscription drugs are still drugs. Go smoke a joint.

          • Anti troll league

            The self prescribing drugs of any kind is the main problem, not the political leanings of the user. Hitching together political labels with bad behavior is typical of a person whose desire to stir up hate overwhelms their good sense.

            If you don’t like the troll, stop accepting their invitation to walk over their bridge. After all they have labelled it very clearly. Or at least have a self deprecating sense of humor about it.

        • Case in point being the massive drug fest occurring this weekend in Cook’s Valley.

          • 3,000 miles to our east they are still arguing over who gets to grow and sell. one town is requiring mandatory local charity distributions on a quarterly basis to open a cannabis store and this is the Headline of the news this morning.
            “A Yarmouth police officer was stuck with a used hypodermic needle during an alleged assault”.
            same town a young officer was shot at point blank recently while search an attic for a perp. the perp had 111 priors and was from Somerville, an old low income blue collar mill town.

            • Somerville’s news headline this morning.
              “Police are trying to figure out who is abandoning kittens in Somerville.”
              Somerville is well known for corruption in a big old school way so I would assume they will put every detective on this one, its not like any organized crime is going on.

      • Someone who judges someone on appearance not actions, (methpox aside) is someone who’s opinion probably wouldn’t really matter anyways.

    • the opposite of that is going to occur. crank and the PNW go hand in hand. all of the towns have been plagued by it. I have seen every color made.

  • Two words China Town,good Nicklson imitation!! Watch the movie!

  • Damn Gandolf looks hard up!

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