’32 Local Firefighters From Nine Agencies Assist With State Wildland Fires,’ Says Arcata Fire

This is a press release from the Arcata Fire:

arcata fire emblem(McKinleyville, CA) – As we watch and hear of the continuing devastation caused by multiple wildfires throughout California, and in particular the northern portion of our state, please be aware of the contributions of local fire personnel combating these fires.

Currently, Humboldt County Fire Agencies are actively assisting areas being ravaged by the seemingly explosive escalation of wildfire devastation. Local fire agencies are contributing personnel and fire engines to assist CalFire in protecting communities suffering severe depletion of fire resources. These agencies are assigned to active incidents in Mendocino and Lake Counties, as well as providing fire station coverage in Del Norte, Humboldt, and Mendocino Counties.

Due to the strong commitment from remaining career and volunteer personnel at their homes stations, local response to emergencies have not been sacrificed.

Mendocino County Incidents:

  • • Arcata Fire Protection District: 2 Fire Engines, 1 Battalion Chief, 8 personnel
  • • Blue Lake Volunteer Fire Department: 1 Fire Engine, 3 personnel
  • • Briceland Volunteer Fire Department: 1 Fire Engine, 3 personnel [and one overhead.]
  • • Miranda Volunteer Fire Department: 1 Fire Engine, 3 personnel

Humboldt County CalFire Station Coverage:

  • • Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department: 1 Fire Engine, 3 personnel
  • • Humboldt Bay Fire: 1 Fire Engine, 3 personnel
  • • Loleta Volunteer Fire Department: 1 Fire Engine, 3 personnel
  • • Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department: 1 Fire Engine, 3 personnel
  • • Samoa Peninsula Volunteer Fire Department: 1 Fire Engine, 3 personnel

The CalFire burn ban is still in effect. Please do not contribute to additional incidents by violating this ban. If you see a fire, please call 911 immediately!  Early notification is vital for keeping fires small.



  • Thank you to our firefighters! This would not be possible without the financial support provided by Measure Z. Please remember to vote YES to continue Measure Z on election day in November 2018.

    • I hear it is proposed this time around to not have an end date, so basically measure Z forever. if so, it will not pass.

    • Walt please. You do know you’re on an informed community blog? Doubtful the initial spirits who escaped the back n forth wars across the continent of the ruling inbred Europeans, could ever have eluded to their same species, a short 150-200 years later, of just so causualy claiming a ‘lesser-than’ life that they gave all they had to imprint those intentions of self-governing. Why do they call it common sense, when it isn’t?

      2% tea-tax coming at them from the leeches they left on shore, ended up as a “No thank you.”

      Rendering more than half of our labor energy to corporate semantic deceit, from the cradle to the casket, is not what was called for, and died for, or is.

  • We wouldn’t need measure Z funding if all the money wasn’t being pissed away on this liberal – social bull shit!!!

  • US Forest Service and National Park Service Fire engines, Crews, and personnel get sent to out of area and out of state fires all summer long and never get any recognition like this. They are the first ones on a lot of these fires and the last ones to go home. They sleep in tents on the ground in Fire camp instead of filling hotels like other agencies. Get paid the least of any wildland fire agency…and get less benefits…THANK YOU USFS AND NPS FIRE…

  • Miranda has 2 engines out 6 personnel FYI

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