More Evacuations as Both Fires of the Mendocino Complex Plow Deeper Into Lake County

Mendocino Complex pyrocumulous cloud

Mendocino Complex pyro cumulous cloud and lenticular clouds as observed by NWS Imet. [Image tweeted by NWS Sacramento]

Residents of Nice in Lake County along with those in Upper Lake have been given mandatory evacuation orders. “Leave immediately,” is the terse warning sent out by the Lake County Sheriff to Nice Residents.

That warning followed the Mandatory Evacuation for Upper Lake an hour earlier.

“Upper Lake is under imminent threat from the Ranch Fire,” the alert from the Lake County Sheriff said. ” Leave immediately via Hwy 20 Southbound. Shelters established at Lower Lake High School and Twin Pines Casino in Middletown.”

The Ranch Fire is now at 16,300 acres and only 5% contained. The River Fire is 14,200 acres and only 5% contained.

In the video below, Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman warns residents to evacuate if told to do so as he drives past building burning on Hwy 20 which is still closed. (According to the CHP, it is now closed at Potter Valley Road and at Hwy 29.)

UPDATEThe Two Fiery Claws of the Mendocino Complex Squeeze Clear Lake and Its Communities (Maps, Photos)



  • Christine Rogers

    I have been experiencing technical difficulty for a few days with your posts Kym. I click on the video and the picture turns black. I get audio, no video. Bummer. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem……could be me. Half my contacts have disappeared too, so could just be my iPad.

  • Link not playing Kym. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Not even a link for a video here!!!

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      Hey I had problems too. They I noticed if I clicked on the icon first ,at the bottom right corner of the video screen (Facebook icon for instance) the video played perfect… Worked first try on all videos offered on this site… 🤘💪✌️

      • Things that make you go hmm

        I had the same issue. Sound, but no pic 😞 I tried the F icon trick, took me a few times but I figured it out ❣️ thanks for the help 😄

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  • Where are the designated places we go if in the event the wildfire turns on us. I live in Garberville.

    • I’m opting towards water! But there are a lot of miles and terrain between those fires and us here in Garb. Not to say it couldnt happen, but we’re more likely to have a separate fire start up then that one touching near us.

    • Benbow golf course
      River bar at Toby park

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Damn! We’re surrounded.

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