CHP Helps Family Get Out of Mendocino National Forest After Tires Pop

From CHP – Garberville:

Just thought I would share this with everyone. Cassie reached out to our page after a scary incident where her families’ vehicle was disabled on a remote road. The other day Cassie’s family of 4 was out exploring the Mendocino National Forest near Hull Mountain and suffered three flat tires. With no cell phone service, Cassie and her husband limped their vehicle along the remote road for almost 4 hours until they were able to get enough cell phone signal to request assistance. Officer Maldonado, from the CHP Laytonville Residence Post, set out to locate them and help them off the mountain. It took about 11 hours from the time the vehicle became disabled but Officer Maldonado was able to safely get them to Willits. Please go check out Cassie’s posts on her Facebook page! Thank you so much Cassie for letting us share this with everyone.



  • Pleased you’re safe. That said, forest roads=10 ply tires or thick soles on your shoes. Three days food and water, first-aid kit, and always let someone know when you’re going over the top. Know where you are, and make it easier for rescuers to find you. (GPS, Map)

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      Smartest thing you ever posted…

    • Tire plug kits and an air pump are essential. Get small plug kit for $5, and a good mini air compressor from the auto parts store. Tire ply applies more to the sidewall thickness and the metal belting, it won’t necessarily help you avoid flat tires in your tread which is where they usually are. Like Divide By Zero said, be prepared with maps and emergency supplies.

  • How in the world did three tires go? How scary.

    • Wrong tires for the task at hand.

      • recipe for disaster

        Sounds like Humboldt County Roads. There are motorists disabled EVERY DAY on Mattole Road with busted rims, oilpans, and tires. Thanks Public Works. Instead of spending any money on public infrastructure, allow us to just pay for repairs. Humboldt County can take those Lonely Planet articles, and shove ’em up their Broadway!
        Just now Beep beep beep vegetation fire Alderpoint Road, and Dyerville loop. should we take bets? flat, dragging rim?busted exhaust dragging? here we go!

        • It’s ways funny hearing growers complain about the roads and schools. If you have an issue with your road and your paying taxes on every dollar earned then it’s time to say something to your neighbors who aren’t. Remember when Humboldt use to mean co-ops, building your own schools and houses and doing road work with your pot money instead of going to Hawaii every winter? You live in an area surrounded by wealthy people who are just now become not so wealthy because their own greed ruined the market and even though they are farmers they think they are entitled to earn five times the average American farmer income and overcharge people who actually need their crop as medicine.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Probably very bad tires to begin with and the unpaved road did the coup-de-grace. D by Z is correct, never go on wilderness jaunts unless people know where you are going; always have c-phones, and food, water, space blankets, TP and shovel for a possible extended stay. Full gas tank and GOOD tires. Great job by government employees.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        Flashlight, Fix a Flat, good inflated spare tire, jack and lug wrench, tire repair kit, lighter, rope, come along or winch, tow strap, ax or hatchet, first aid kit, warm clothes, and the list goes on

  • Since no one else has said it… Job WELL DONE, Officer Maldonado!!!

  • There is some very rugged roads over by Hall Mountain ORV for riding off-road vehicles singletrack’s for motorcycles and Old Forest Service Roads some of the most rugged in the area yes you should know where you’re going if you’re going to be moving around off the pavement and the buddy system works most of the time but everybody’s got to have good equipment and make sure you keep a head count don’t want to leave anybody in open water

  • Sounds like these yuppies didn’t know what they were doing. We haven’t had food since 1130! What kind of mom doesn’t have snacks.

  • I am just glad they are all OK. Thank you CHP! Swine your comment is insulting. [edit]

  • A happy good deed story! 🙂

    Man, what’s it take to NOT bring the nattering nabobs of negativity out? Some people will piss and whine and gripe about anything. Everything.

  • Great job officer…
    Mom, glad youre ok…
    I concur, everything those guys said ⬆ additionally, one of those giant Costco cartons of “Goldfish” crackers (or Annie’s organic cheddar bunnies if you’re one of THOSE moms🙄 ) CAN get up to 6 children through a full on nuclear war and the requisite fallout (it happened to me… scouts honor) and some pre downloaded Revisionist History and This American Life podcasts for your sanity..

  • Firefighters rule

    Don’t forget that can and does start 🔥 fires!

  • The Carr fire was started by a popped tire .They are very lucky they didn’t start a fire.

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